1 HOUR Evening Meditation | Healing Yoga Sounds, Ambient Music for Reiki Therapy

1 HOUR Evening Meditation | Healing Yoga Sounds, Ambient Music for Reiki Therapy

#HOUR #Evening #Meditation #Healing #Yoga #Sounds #Ambient #Music #Reiki #Therapy

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Spend the next Hour in Total Relaxation and Serenity Listening to this Healing Ambient Sounds and Instrumental Zen Songs perfect for some Yoga Exercises, Meditation Practice and Reiki Therapy.

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Meditation Relax Club is not only a simple free relaxing music provider on YouTube. It’s overall the most famous and prepared music stream of instrumental meditation music to bring harmony and peace combined with balance in your life, once you choose which music you want to play. We have a wide selection of songs for relaxation, deep meditation, yoga exercises, study and concentration, restful sleep and dreams, music to de-stress, healing music and much more.

Some of our best videos are for:

►Classical and Holiday Music◄
When that time of the year comes, Meditation Relax Club provides traditional music, celtic music, piano songs, classical and non-classical folk music to enlighten the listener’s holiday moments. May it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter or other calendar holidays, here you will always find the best instrumental music soundtrack to create the perfect atmosphere, chill out and release your stress.
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►Spa & Massage Music◄
Meditation Relax Club has some wonderful music video playlists for spa and beauty centers. You can also play this spa massage music while having a spa day at home with some beauty treatments. Our light and peaceful spa music is a wonderful soundtrack for sauna and spa thermae for massage therapy. Oriental music is used to create a zen atmosphere, perfect for ayurveda, thai spa and relaxing healing massages.
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►Binaural Beats and α, β, γ, δ, θ brainwaves◄
Binaural beats and isochronic tones are special sounds emitted at specific ranges of hertz. These healing frequencies are often barely audible by the human ear, but their vibrations are synchronized with the same frequency at which our brain operates. Discover the full range of audio brainwaves: delta waves, gamma waves, alpha waves, theta waves, beta waves, each one with a specific use respectively. Sleep better, concentrate, relax and chill, improve study and memory, meditate better and free your mind. Look also for Solfeggio Frequencies and Schumann Resonance to complete this powerful set of very effective sounds.
#binaural #relaxation #ASMR #relaxmusic #whisper #chill #meditation #study #concentration #brainwaves

Meditation Relax Club is also a world wide music label, mother of hundreds of top selling albums across countless nations, which can boast a proud catalog capable of satisfying the musical needs of the most avid and demanding New Age enthusiasts. More Youtube channels have stemmed from the main one, each one of which was tailored to suit a specific need from our public:

☮ Meditate lost in the asian vibes of Buddha Tribe
♫ https://www.youtube.com/buddhatribe

✿ Fall asleep with the gentle notes of Sleep Music Relax Zone
♫ https://www.youtube.com/sleepmusicrelaxzone

? Enjoy 8 hours or more of sleep with Sleep Music Lullabies
♫ https://www.youtube.com/sleepmusiclullabies

? Relax with soft music and nature sounds on RelaxRiver
♫ https://www.youtube.com/relaxriverofficial

? Lay back through the enticing ambience of Chillout Lounge Relax
♫ https://www.youtube.com/chilloutloungerelax

? Live your most intimate moments with Sensual Music Club
♫ https://www.youtube.com/sensualmusicclub

All together these channels reach the amazing audience of more than ❤ 1,5 million ❤ of subscribers (and counting…)! Be part of our success… subscribe now!

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