10 Less Basic Things To Do This Fall

10 Less Basic Things To Do This Fall

Here are some less-than-basic fall activities to try this season.

1. Listen to “BRIGHTSIDE” by The Lumineers.

I am kind of obsessed with this song, but it has excellent fall vibes and makes me feel at peace.

2. Make your own homemade applesauce.

Get yourself over to a fruit farm or even just the grocery store for some fresh apples and turn those bad boys into a delicious warm snack.

3. Learn to knit.

It is the start of sweater weather, so what if you could figure out how to make your own? Or at least a blanket or hat to stay warm!

4. Go hiking.

Now is arguably the best time for hikes because the colors are changing and the leaves are falling, so you will have the loveliest views and a great temperature as it starts cooling down.

5. Watch “Sweet Home Alabama”.

I love Reese Witherspoon with my whole heart and soul, and this is a great movie to put you in the fall mood!

6. Read outside or by a window.

Something about cozying up with a good book while taking in the weather just screams fall to me.

7. Play cards on a weekend afternoon.

I feel like the vibes of weekend afternoons in the fall just hit different. Find a good and fun way to spend it!

8. Go thrifting.

This could be a great chance to pick out some new fall fits or maybe plan ahead for other seasons.

9. Spend a day with your best friend.

Life gets so crazy so fast, it’s important to take time to spend with those so significant to us.

10. Take a break.

Finally, this time of year can be brutal. Especially when you’re in school, things really start to pick up. it’s important to not get too caught up in it all and to take care of yourself. Take a step back and a deep breath, do something to relax, and remember that you’re doing great!

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