10 Memorable Mariah Carey Moments That Saved 2020 For Her Lambs

10 Memorable Mariah Carey Moments That Saved 2020 For Her Lambs

2020 has been a miserable year that will go down in world history. It has been a year of pain for many around the world.

However, for Mariah Carey fans, also known as “lambs,” there has been plenty to enjoy this year as well.

2020 was the year Mariah Carey reclaimed her power with her memoir, delved into her back catalog, and gave us much to be merry about during Christmas. Here are the top 10 moments that saved 2020 for the lambily!

10. “The Live Debut”

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Carey’s debut album. Thus, marking 30 years of Carey’s career. To celebrate, Carey kicked off the #MC30 campaign. To begin this celebration, Carey’s 1990 performance at the Tatou nightclub in Manhattan was released. Two performances from this show were previously released on Carey’s 1991 home video, “The First Vision.”

9. “Anytime You Need a Friend” unreleased remix video

During her #MC30 campaign, Carey uploaded a previously unreleased music video to her YouTube channel. The video was for the Soul Convention Remix of “Anytime You Need a Friend.” The clip included unreleased behind-the-scenes footage never before seen!

8. “Underneath the Stars” unreleased music video

Ever since Carey revealed on Twitter that she filmed a video for the “Daydream” track, “Underneath The Stars,” years ago, lambs have been anxious to see it. For a while, it seemed like the footage was lost forever, but Carey surprised fans by releasing the full video this year!

7. Vinyl Reissues

One of the nice things to come from the current music-buying public is the comeback of vinyl. Carey took advantage of this and reissued her entire discography (minus the “Glitter” soundtrack) on vinyl. Several stores have exclusive colored versions, allowing fans to add even more to their collection!

6. #MC30 Digital Remix EPs

While Carey has a vast library of music available on iTunes and streaming services, there was a lot missing pre-2020. Through the years, Carey has collaborated with hip-hop and dance producers to create remixes of her hits. From David Morales to Junior Vasquez, these remixes were mostly out-of-print. Then, when Carey began her #MC30 campaign, many of these remixes were made available for the first time.

5. “Glitter” soundtrack finally coming to streaming services

Due to the commercial and critical flop of the film, the soundtrack to “Glitter” has been a project Carey wanted to forget. Thus, the album was nowhere to be found on Spotify or other streaming services. That is until the lambily got the soundtrack to number one on iTunes as part of the #JusticeForGlitter campaign in 2019. Carey pleasantly surprised her fans this year by finally making the album available on streaming services for the very first time.

4. “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special”

Carey is the undisputed Queen of Christmas. It’s a title she wears proudly and that couldn’t be more apparent than in her Christmas special. Released exclusively to Apple TV+, the special features musical performances, and special guest stars. Everyone from Billy Eichner, Tiffany Haddish, and Snoop Dogg helped make this a festive holiday celebration. A soundtrack of the special was also made available.

3. “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”

Through the years, Carey’s troubles were always documented, yet still shrouded in mystery. That all changed when “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” was released this year. In the book, Carey not only shares the creative process behind some of her songs, but reveals the issues that have troubled her. From her turbulent childhood to her first marriage to her downfall during “Glitter,” this memoir offers a candid look at these times from Carey’s perspective.

2. “Oh Santa!” (feat. Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson)

What was perhaps the most speculated and anticipated collaboration of 2020, a new version of “Oh Santa!” arrived just in time for Christmas. The song, originally released in 2010, was updated by adding Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson to the track. Carey teased fans with an image of their initials on social media. All three ladies packed a powerful holiday punch. Plus, Grande and Carey’s double whistle notes made this moment well worth the wait. The performance was part of Carey’s Christmas special.

1. “The Rarities”

The best moment for the lambily in 2020 was when Carey released “The Rarities.” It’s a double album that includes a disc of previously unreleased songs and B-sides. The second disc features her 1996 concert at the Tokyo Dome from the “Daydream Tour.” The album is a perfect way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Carey’s career and the 25th anniversary of the “Daydream” album simultaneously. A highlight of the album was when fans finally got to hear the original version of her song “Loverboy” from the 2001 “Glitter” soundtrack.

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