April 18, 2021

20 Squarespace SEO Tips for your Website – SEO Squarespace tips

That’s why we created The Ultimate Guide to Squarespace SEO in 2020.

To answer all of your big Squarespace SEO Questions like:

“What are simple ways to do SEO on Squarespace?”

“How can I improve my SEO on Squarespace?”

“Is there a checklist?

To help empower you to make some minor tweaks that could lead to search engine domination! 

But first – let’s start at the beginning – how does Squarespace work for SEO?

Squarespace’s platform has built-in SEO tools allowing the user to optimize content with components needed.

Here’s what You need to know about how to use SEO On Squarespace.

1. Simple ways to do SEO on Squarespace

When it comes to SEO on Squarespace, you have access to many, easy to use tools that Squarespace has built-in to the platform.  No need to worry about updating plugins. These tools are available on pages, blogs, events, products, images and galleries.

2. Squarespace SEO Page Content Best Practices

Check the SEO settings:

  1. title tag

  2. Page description

  3. Update your Social Image

3. Write your content using keywords strategically. Make sure you aren’t only writing for Google though. Your content should include the search keywords that your audience would use to find you. Every piece should be engaging and provide value to the reader.

4. Use Heading tags. This helps the reader skim through the content. When you are adding content to your website make sure you use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc.) These also allow search engines to navigate the content better. 

5. Name your image’s descriptive titles.  This helps increase accessibility for users that utilize assistive screen readers. Alt text also helps search engines identify the image content. 

6. Update the SEO Meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are a small snippet that summarizes what the page is about. Search engines like Google show the meta description when the key search phrase is in the description so make sure you include these powerful keywords in the description when optimizing for SEO.

7. Add social sharing image and descriptions – This image will be featured when your website link is shared on social media. By default, your logo is used.

8. Add tags and categories – By organizing your blogs, products, gallery images and other content, you allow users to navigate your site easier.

9. Add on-site links to connect to other pages on your site when appropriate. 

10. Double-check your URL slugs – As you add pages and collection items, ensure their URLs are appropriate for the content of the page.

11. Keep your pages fast – To help keep your pages nimble, try to keep your images under 500KB and overall page sizes below 5MB. 

12. Site map: with their built-in a sitemap.xml generator, Squarespace has allowed user’s sites to be indexed by search engines. Make sure you submit your sitemap to Google through the Google search console.

13. SSL certificates: SSL certificates are included on Squarespace websites.  

14. Clean HTML Markup: Squarespace websites are built with indexable HTML code which search engines love! This may not mean much to you, but it is very important for your website indexing.

15. Automatic Image tagging: Simply title your images with descriptive names and alt and title tags are added automatically. 

16. Clean URLs: web pages have static URLs that are indexed by search engines. This is why it’s important to double-check your urls. If your page is called services make sure your URL is /services not /asdfhoauy0y34284h which can happen!

17. Automatic redirects: You can create 301 redirects through Squarespace, plus the platform will redirect users and search engines. A 301 redirect means the URL from an old page is redirected to a new page with a new URL.

18. Search engine and page descriptions: When adding pages, galleries, products, events etc. use Squarespace’s built-in SEO Optimization tools. These allow you to update the title tags, SEO Meta description. Make sure you add your Meta descriptions.

19. Mobile Responsiveness is built it! AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages, allows for the faster load times on a mobile device.  Built-in mobile optimization: no need to write code or build a separate mobile site. When adding new pages, editing old ones or even just adding some pictures, Squarespace automatically makes your site mobile friendly. No need to add any extra code!


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