Figment VR Pocket Smartphone

A new pocket virtual reality viewing system called Figment that recently launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website, has already blasted past its required $75,000 pledge goal in just the first 48 hours after launching. The Figment VR pocket sized virtual reality viewer has been designed by Quantum Bakery and was available to back at[…]

szimple All-In-One Media Centre Launches

A new fully featured all-in-one media centre has been launched via Kickstarter this week in the form of the szimple, which is looking to raise €150,000 over the next 44 days. Watch the video below to learn more about the features of this tiny set-top box which offers a powerful multimedia centre with its own[…]

Transform Your Childs Teeth Brushing Into A Game With Playbrush

If your children find brushing their teeth a little boring and mundane, you might be interested in a new device called the Playbrush that transforms your child’s toothbrush into a game controller, that can then be used to control characters in smartphone and tablet applications. The Playbrush system has today launched in the US, Canada[…]

World’s First Fully 3D Printed Revolver Gun Created By Engineering Student

A new 3D printed gun has been created by Mechanical engineering student James Patrick which takes the form of the world’s first fully 3D printed revolver. A new YouTube video has been published showing the fully functional PM522 Washbear .22LR revolver inaction after being completely 3D printed. Check it out in the video below. The[…]

New AMD Radeon Crimson Software Offering Increase Performance And Stability

AMD has this week released its new and completely redesigned graphics software suite in the form of Radeon Software Crimson Edition, that brings with it a wealth of new enhanced features as well as providing users with a 20 percent increase in graphic performance over previous software. The new Radeon Software Crimson Edition also provides[…]

Tech Tats Are Temporary Tattoos That Can Monitor Your Health

A Company called Chaotic Moon has announced a new type of wearable called Tech Tats, which are temporary Tattoos that can be used for health an fitness monitoring. The video below gives us a look at these new Tech Tats and how the technology works, the Tattoos are used to create circuits on you skin[…]

MeegoPad T08 Windows 10 Mini PC With Built-in Projector

A new Windows 10 mini PC has been unveiled this week in the form of the new MeegoPad T08 which has been created by the Chinese hardware manufacturer responsible for the MeegoPad line of systems. The MeegoPad T08 is powered by an Atom x5-Z8300 or x5-Z8500 processor that can be supported by up to 4GB[…]

Infinity Modular Laptop Computer For Children Hits Indiegogo

A new modular laptop computer called Infinity has been launched over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website this month looking to raise $50,000 to take the concept into production. Infinity has been specifically designed for children and to provide a powerful sustainable and robust laptop computer that will allow children to upgrade or repair parts without[…]

Dux MMO Gaming Mouse For MMORPG Gamers Offers 19 Buttons And Two Scroll Wheels

A new gaming mouse designed for MMORPG gamers has been unveiled this week by Elecom that comes equipped with 19 buttons and to scroll wheels all of which can be programmed to create in-game shortcuts. The new gaming mouse is also fitted with a high speed sensor for quick mouse movements and is priced at[…]