Iranian Official Says Iran May Be Forced to Seek Nuclear Arms

Iranian Official Says Iran May Be Forced to Seek Nuclear Arms

Iran’s intelligence minister raised the possibility on Tuesday that his country would be forced to seek nuclear weapons if American sanctions were not lifted, an attention-grabbing break from the country’s pledge that its atomic energy program would always be peaceful.

The remarks by the intelligence minister, Mahmoud Alavi, were reported on state television and added new pressure on the three-week-old Biden administration to avert a new crisis with Iran.

They came against the backdrop of an escalating standoff between Iran and Mr. Biden, who has said the United States would rescind the sanctions if Iran first returned to commitments it made under the 2015 nuclear agreement. Iran has said the sanctions, imposed by President Donald J. Trump after he withdrew from the accord in 2018, must be rescinded first — and that Iran must be able to verify that they have been rescinded.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the final word on military and security matters, issued a religious edict, or fatwa, in the 1990s proclaiming that nuclear weapons are forbidden. That is still Iran’s official position.

But Mr. Alavi said that American sanctions that have devastated Iran’s economy could force a change of plans.

“Our nuclear program is a peaceful program and the supreme leader clearly said in his fatwa that producing nuclear weapons is against religious law and the Islamic Republic will not pursue it and considers it forbidden,” he said. “But let me tell you, if you corner a cat it might behave differently than a cat roaming free. If they push Iran in that direction, it would not be Iran’s fault but the fault of those who pushed Iran.”

Mr. Trump’s pressure campaign against Iran has led to increasing talk among commentators in Iran’s hard-line media that nuclear weapons should be considered as an effective deterrent against enemies.

Mr. Alavi’s remarks brought that discussion out in the open at a senior level. His voice carries some weight, Iranian analysts said, because he is one of the cabinet members appointed by the supreme leader.

Analysts of Iran’s posturing with Mr. Biden said the intelligence minister’s remarks were part of an orchestrated crescendo of threats. They include a Feb. 21 deadline, under a new Iranian law, that would bar international nuclear inspectors from visiting Iranian nuclear sites if the sanctions are not rescinded by then.

Such a move would be a significant new violation of the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, that Iran negotiated with major powers six years ago. Since Mr. Trump withdrew from the agreement, reimposed old sanctions and added new ones, Iran has been systematically disregarding elements of the accord, including limits on its nuclear-fuel stockpile.

“I think this is part of a strategy Iran is pursuing right now to put as much pressure as possible on the Biden administration to get back to the J.C.P.O.A.,” said Mehrzad Boroujerdi, director of the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech.

“This is the first time someone in the hierarchy is making such an overt threat,” Mr. Boroujerdi said. “This guy is saying, ‘if you push us, we will go there.’”

64 Things People Do That Hairdressers Find Pleasant Or Annoying

64 Things People Do That Hairdressers Find Pleasant Or Annoying

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutMy wife is a stylist. Her main complaint is when clients, mostly men but some women, start spouting their political beliefs for all to hear. It’s as if they think when they sit down in that chair, all conversational etiquitte gets thrown out the window and there are no consequences to what is said.

FixFalcon Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutThis is important, do not moan while we wash your hair. Just don’t.

aria1220 Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutMake-up artist here, so not a stylist but I’ve worked with scores of them and here’s what I’ve heard: Try to find images of hair similar to yours. If you have super thick curls, a pic of someone with fine straight hair won’t do you any good. Similarly, go in with your hair close to your natural texture if you’re dealing with a new stylist. Also, if you like a cut on a model, cover his/her face with your finger and make sure you like the hair and not the face. Mention if something bothers you, “I hate blow-drying” “I need to be able to put it up” “My forehead looks weird” the best stylist I’ve ever worked with is also super honest with me “I can do something similar, but this exact length will give you fat face”. Finally, ask questions. “How do I style this?” “What products should I use?” “What does the upkeep look like?”

Theemperortodspengo Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutBE 100% HONEST WITH YOUR COLORIST OR COSMETOLOGIST. I cannot stress this enough. Your hair will melt off if chemicals don’t sync. Virgin hair will react differently than chemically treated hair.

_meeps_ Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutA big no-no: don’t cross your legs while I’m cutting! That can lead to a very uneven haircut. It’s sometimes hard to catch you with the cape on.

catsclimbstufflots Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutDo NOT come to the stylist in a raging fit because your boyfriend hurt your feelings so now you’re going to cut your long hair into a pixie to show that you have control over your life.

No matter how awesome it looks, you WILL hate it, you WILL cry, and you will HATE us for allowing you to do it.

This is why stylists will always try to talk you down off that ledge, and many will offer a slower transition (“Let’s try a shoulder length bob!”) or refuse you completely. It’s not that we hate you. We want you to love us and come back, but if you hate your hair you’ll hate us by extension.

megferno Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutYou don’t have to talk, you don’t have to be silent, just know that we are stylists first and not necessarily therapists, if you tell me you are suïcidal I’m not equipped with helping you with that. We can have a good chat, I can tell you about my struggles and you can tell me yours, but really talk to someone who actually knows how to help and deal with that. It can be a very hard thing to hear for us too.

sukiepoekie Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutHave realistic expectations. Just because Sally was able to go from black to blonde in one appointment, doesn’t mean you can. Your hair isn’t Sally’s.

wakaflockaday Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutLifting your head in the shampoo bowl! Don’t do that.. That’s how we end up soaking the back of your shirt!

MainE0990 Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutMy friend is a hairdresser and her biggest complaint is unrealistic expectations. People want to go from dark brown to platinum in one session, bright pink hair that never fades, amazing rainbow hair from a heavily filtered photo on Instagram….

It’s mostly about expectations e.g. if you want blue hair then expect bleach damage and split ends, be prepared to spend money on colour safe shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, maintain it regularly, change your pillowcases, etc. Don’t blame your hairdresser if you go swimming for hours and your hair turns green.

manlikerealities Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-Haircut(responding for my mother, who is one)
Have a picture of something like what you want done, descriptions don’t do a justice
Be 100% honest about what you’ve done to your own hair

Don’t bring filtered pics or ones that are wigs (just don’t have unrealistic expectations) Don’t move your head when you’re in the chair, only move when your stylist says so Stop insisting babies and toddlers have hair cut- it’s traumatic

DaleJrFan_62 Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutYay! I can finally answer one of these! Went through cosmo school, finished, assisted at a salon and decided I HATED it.
I got a couple that I tell all my friends. 1. Please know what 6 inches actually looks like on a ruler. Sometimes you think you want to cut that much but you’re not aware of what it actually looks like. 2. If you want blonde hair and you’ve colored lately or its very dark, expect to start with just highlights, more and more until it’s all blonde, or you can start slow but you will be rust/yellow for a little bit. TRUST THE PROCESS!! 3. We love to talk and hear about your life but make sure you can stay still while you talk.

And last but definitely the most important

Don’t cross your legs or arms while getting a hair cut. You will end up with a lop sided haircut.

ambersavampire Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutNot a hairdresser but someone who cuts my own and friends/family hair because I got tired of not being listened to by professionals :

Curly hair should not be cut wet. I used to not mind the way it looked right after being cut (when they blow dried / straightened the crap out of it) but then I’d go home, shower, and discover it was too short and badly shaped when curly again.

A good hairdresser will cut curly hair dry or slightly damp so they can see the shape and real length.

feileastram Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-Haircut99% of the time, I can’t hear you when blow drying, and it’s bloody impossible to have a conversation when blow drying now we all have to wear masks.

wakaflockaday Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutDon’t switch how you’re sitting halfway through the cut! Even crossing/uncrossing your legs can make a difference in how the cut turns out!

ffkzm Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutPeople who are willing to spend 6 hours and $400+ on a fantasy color such as pink, blue, purple etc. Only to not buy professional salon products. I only recommend to my guests what they absolutely need! The shampoo and conditioner that we have at the salon is made for specific types of hair with special ingredients. If you use herbal essences, Pantene, or tresemme (basically 90% of any shampoo you can find at the grocery store) on a color like that, it will completely wash out the first time you shampoo your hair. They have a higher pH and will strip your hair. Also they have waxes and silicones that will deposit onto your hair strand to make it feel soft, but really it’s preventing any type of moisture into your hair strand.

hopecreech Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutYou’d be shocked at how just washing your hair can make a huge difference between a good haircut and a great one.

TerminusFox Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutPlease don’t keep your eyes open when washing, it’s kinda akward if you know someone is staring right up your nostrils.

sukiepoekie Report

Please remember we are human, we have lives and families too, so sometimes we are a little less happy, it’s not that we hate you, maybe we lost someone close to us or are going through a break up. Working when you know that any moment now you’ll get a call saying someone died is making it hard to be super cheery. We don’t have to share those things.

sukiepoekie Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutStylist here.


-Pictures! Keep in mind, not every picture can be done with YOUR hair. For example, many bridal/special occasion styles have hair pieces added or the girl already has thick, luscious hair. If you have short and or soft/fine/thin hair, you probably can’t get the same effect. Same thing with certain cuts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get something somewhat similar, but not all pictures can be done exactly.

-Honesty. Don’t lie about the box color you’ve put on your hair (including henna) or products you use. The stylist WILL find out one way or another (like when your “virgin” hair turns orange instead of yellow in foils) and it just makes it harder and more expensive to correct it later on. It doesn’t matter if you tell the truth, the truth will come out. But it will save everyone a lot of heartache if you’re just upfront about it. We don’t care if you put box dye on your hair— we just need to know because the course of action will be different depending on your history.

-Referrals. If you like your stylist, take some business cards and pass them out, tag them on social media, and refer your friends. Chances are, you might get some $ off for the referral, and it will help out your stylist more than you know— especially if they are newer and don’t have full books yet.


-Moving around a lot at the shampoo bowl (do NOT lift your head— limp neck is best) or while getting your hair cut/styled. Unless you want water down your back, an uneven haircut, or a burn, stay as still as possible and don’t talk with your hands or try to look around at the stylist.

-Arguing about what you think can be done in the allotted time and within your desired price range. The stylist is the professional, not you. We go to school for a long time to learn about all different hair types, the chemistry of hair color, and how long things will take and how expensive they will be. Maybe your mom’s friend who went to cos school 70 years ago says that a full head highlight can be done in 20 minutes on your black box dyed hair for $60, but that doesn’t mean it’s true and it doesn’t mean I will do it for that price. So save yourself the argument and go to homegirl and let me know how it turns out for you! It’s a lot more expensive to fix fucked up hair than it is to do it right the first time around. Also, if you have super thick/long hair, it will be more expensive. More hair = more product/time = more money. Remember, you get what you pay for. This is especially true for hair services.

iliketostilst Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutComing in with clean hair, NO HAT, and no product. You will cut the work in half if we aren’t spending time trying to blend out a line created by a hat. Pictures? Totally great! But have them saved already- I don’t want to watch you with phone face during the consultation. STOP getting your hair done after the gym! It is disgusting.

Cynthia_NotCyndi Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutDON’T WEAR A HOODIE or a turtleneck, if you can take it off, fine but they both Get in the way a lot if I’m trying to cut/color your hair. Also your hair doesn’t need to be dirty for me to style it. In fact I would REALLY prefer if it was clean. And it also doesn’t need to be dirty/clean/covered in coconut oil for me to color it. Just come in with normal dry hair.

Leidylike Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutDon’t come in with nasty hair. Sure, it gets washed, but no one wants to run their hands through your day 5 hair.

Be realistic about how bleach and color work.

If you are going through a rough patch, try not to do something too drastic to your hair.

KSmegal Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutFormer hairstylist, don’t ask to have an inch off all over and then “we can go from there if I want more.”

That’s asking me to do two haircuts, come on.

daximuscat Report

Not a hairdresser, a client.

I came to a guy with a particular image saved on my phone.
He furrowed his brow as if digging for an old memory.
“Wait… is that f**king STALIN?!”
“Well… yes… but young Stalin looked damn good!”
“I… can’t argue with that…”
And so, he made me kinda look like young Stalin.

Compodulator Report

Most stylists aren’t making bank, in fact it’s a very low paying job, we are on our feet all day dealing with chemicals and work in positions that aren’t always good for our backs/hands/wrists/shoulders. Its not unusual if we don’t have time for the bathroom or to eat. Many times I have been busy from the moment the door opens until it closes, and still won’t have eating anything. It’s very very hard work, and after we’re done, every single person in my team is done talking for the day and need some winding down time. we are perfectionists and passionate in our jobs. We do it because we love it and the people, but a lot of us are struggling. Especially now, so be kind to us.

sukiepoekie Report

If your child either hates having his hair cut or moves a lot. dont expect a fantastic hair cut. if you really wish your child who does hate having his haircut get it done by a stranger, have something in mind that isnt a lot of work. tell the hairdresser / barber that they dislike having it done. and ask for advice on what haircut can be done that is quick and easy. and then listen to them and take the advice.

TenebriRS Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutAlways clean your ears before a haircut you don’t want someone up that close to you with waxy manky ears.

Bennydoubleseven Report

Please for the love of god, come with clean hair. Idc what you’re having done. If you haven’t washed your hair in a week or more and come to the salon, you’re an asshole. Also, I shouldn’t have to say this but: DON’T COME TO THE SALON WITH LICE. We cannot service you or treat you. No we won’t shave your head. I’ve mostly had this happen with parents where their child has lice and they fully know it and want us to thin their hair so it’s easier to remove. Lice is highly contagious and it is not ok to come to the salon if you have an infestation.

idohair91 Report

Please be realistic when it comes to hair. Good hair isn’t cheap and cheap hair isn’t good. We need to work with what you have, and if you want the impossible, it’s impossible. Its not about not being able to. It’s being realistic. “But she can go from red to blond in a week” no babe, that’s a wig, and your hair won’t make it. Pick something else, either lay down Some serious money and follow the exact care and time instructions, or stop arguing.

sukiepoekie Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutDon’t keep moving around your head in the shampoo bowl. We can move the water spray head around we don’t need your help hha also please tip the shampoo girls/assistants! A lot of them are usually licensed cosmetologists that are in the assisting program post school bc everyone has to start at the bottom. So they are busting their asses all day everyday for minimum wage when they actually could be doing your hair but salons make people start at the bottom as shampoo girls

asant1627 Report

16 years in the industry and over 10 have been teaching for cosmetology schools…

I always teach guests and students to have pictures of what they’re either thinking of doing or going toward. Cover up the face. People don’t realize they instinctively will choose a style because they think the person is attractive, and not the hair. Strange, I know… but very true.

Less is more when you’re wanting to transition to something new. If you jump in on a new look you’ll likely be in shock and hate it before you can get used to it. Sometimes baby steps are best. Especially with drastic cuts or colors. When committing to a retexturizing service (relaxer/perm) that’s an even bigger decision because you’re chemically restructuring the hair bonds and you can’t go back to your natural hair until it grows out and gets cut off. Also, be honest about your hair history. Every single chemical and non chemical you’ve applied to your hair. It all matters. Same with shampoos, conditioners, and other products. We need to know it all.

Ask the stylist how to recreate the look at home that they’ve given you. But don’t be shocked when it takes tools and products to achieve the look.

Last, understand that it’s an investment to look certain ways. If it’s high maintenance the annual budget can be up in the thousands. How often would you need it done, etc.

I could legit discuss this for hours and sometimes do with students.

twinola Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutWhen I had my stint as a hairdresser, several customers would tell me they need a change and I had total artistic freedom to modernize their style. 99% of the time they cried and yelled at me. 85% of the girls came back and apologized, it took them a month to get use to change; I thought I lost a regular, she came back after 6 months and said she loved it. That was my first year as a stylist, I wised up and advised them to give me examples of what they like.

My helpful tip, wait a month after break ups, before you take the plunge to change your look. Girls always, want to chop off their hair after a break up.

kazphantom Report

Dos: be as specific as you want to be trust me I won’t get annoyed. Show me pictures preferably with a lot of angles. Come with your natural hair texture so I know exactly what I’m working with. Please be honest with what’s been done to your hair I won’t judge if you dyed your hair or put a relaxer but I need to know because I can end up really damaging your hair. Don’t: Move around I know you want to see what I’m doing but trust me you’re not going to like how your hair looks in the middle of everything. Force babies or children to get a haircut. I’m a mother and I love children but sometimes those poor babies end up traumatized and never want to get a haircut again. Rush me. If you’re getting a new color and you have long thick hair don’t expect me to finish in half an hour. No matter how fast I am hair still has to finish processing. Change your mind. So many times people change their minds because they see how their hair is looking and they think they won’t like how it’ll turn out. LET ME FINISH PLEASE. Trust the process.

tbhno_ Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutIf we are done with a cut, please don’t “help” with removing the hair, your not removing it you are actually making it worse by patting it into your clothes, sticking to your skin and letting it fall into your shoes. We know how itchy it can get when you do that.

sukiepoekie Report

dont move your head with us, we move for a reason dont move your head unless we tell you to. angles are very important, if you move while we are doing something that angle is now wrong.

TenebriRS Report

It’s always helpful when you bring in pictures of styles you like, and just as helpful when you have an idea of styles you hate.

wakaflockaday Report

Mum’s a hairdresser and her #1 is making sure people know that hairdressers prioritize healthy hair over hair length/style. So they’re literally taught to cut dead ends, etc.

So that’s why you often hear people complain that a hairdresser has cut off too much hair. Her #1 tip is always “If you’re adamant on keeping the length the way it is, you have to let them know! Otherwise they’ll just cut what they think is dead!”

I stopped going to my mum once I moved cities years ago, and now all my new hairdressers I say “Hey so I’m looking for X but keep as much length as possible, please!” And have never had an issue.

AntipatheticDating Report

Previous hairdresser here: I had a client named Frieda. She was 90. Every week she came in with a picture of Jessica Biel and said “make me look like her”. And goddammit I tried, but she always looked mildly disappointed.

pugthug_ Report

Please come on time! I usually book my whole day down to minutes, and one late client makes my whole day run late.

Realize that when you show me a picture of Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s beautiful blonde hair, I can’t make you look like Rosie Huntington Whiteley. All I do is hair.

I’d say the most important thing is to COMMUNICATE with me! I’m a professional, and I won’t take it personally if you don’t like how something is working. You’re the one living with your look every day, not me! If something is wrong (or just not quite right), tell me! I can make adjustments SO easily. Even if you don’t notice until after you’ve lived it in for a while, let me know when you come back. I love to make my guests happy, and I want you to feel comfortable giving me feedback!

friendsforfood Report

Don’t blast off at the stylist who tried to ‘up-sell’ products. They hate it just as much as you do. Just be polite and say no if you don’t want it. They aren’t trying to spike up your bill. They have to follow selling guidelines; otherwise, they’ll get marks on their reports for not selling enough.

TAJobReviewer Report

Be clear in what you want, preferably already know what you want before you sit down in our chairs, having the “do I want pink or do I want blond oh I just don’t know” conversation is really annoying because it takes time we could use in a better way and honestly I’m down for both and it’s not my head so I’m not going to make that decision for you.

sukiepoekie Report

Hairdressers-Share-Things-Customers-Shouldnt-Do-During-HaircutMine loves when I research a hairstyle so long I have an idea of what it is ie “medium shag” “long bob” etc

Then I collect a ton of pics of basically the same haircut on different people

This way I have a reference of “This is what I want, but like this and not like that” ie wispy but not chunky etc

Ladyughsalot1 Report

When I have a haircut I like, I usually take a picture of myself and bring it in. I’ve been told that’s helpful. One time I brought in a 3D model of myself with a haircut I liked. That was a real winner.

My other haircut tip is to get a haircut right before getting your driver’s license or passport photo taken and to tell them that’s what you’re doing. Pretty easy way to get a good photo.

fingwingler Report

show a picture of david beckham and are disappointed that you don’t look like david beckham even when you now have his exact haircut

thinjester Report

Keep your freaking head still! Learn to speak without bobbing your head around. Warn me (if you can) if you’re about to sneeze or something. Some people move their heads to much while I’m working on them I swear I get motion sickness.

SnailMassacre Report

I have no problem talking about some more ‘controversial’ topics with clients who can discuss politely. But I do have to remember that there are other clients within earshot and I have to be appropriate for them, too. So just because my client and I are comfortable, I can’t get too into these topics because I could still get a complaint from my neighbor’s client.

space_elf_ Report

If they notice anything off about your hair (mostly lice or something very hazard-like), they have to deny service due to protocols. DO NOT scream at them and demand them to do it. They have to be careful with certain things that could possibly be transmitted home to their loved ones or other customers.

TAJobReviewer Report

Washing hair is important. if you cant its not the end of the world. especially if its apart of the service you are about to get. a washed head of hair puts all hair in its natural state makes it so much easier to cut and get a better end result (this also applied with hats if you wear a hat and take it off your hair has been pushed into an unnatural position and a clipper and our combes wont be able to make it go normal)

TenebriRS Report

Just CHILL. Relax, don’t try to pick up everything that may fall, let me do it. It always seems to end in an awkward up n down from both ends.

When your head is in the shampoo bowl, lay it down completely and let our hands move you where you need to be & let US do the work.

Also, conditioner is absolutely NEEDED for healthy hair. I know it’s weighing sometimes, but there ARE products that help with lift. Always condition your hair, always water your plants.

Honest_Garlic_3447 Report

From my wife:

1: Don’t cross your legs in the chair. Makes your hair un even.

When she is washing you hair, don’t move your head, let her do it.


Jmunnny Report

Stop putting your head down. Like chin to chest. Just stop it, unless I ask, don’t do it. It’s literally like I’m chasing your head to do your hair. Stop.

Aligee21 Report

I was a barber for 7 years- every haircut must be faded. Please do not sit down and ask for a “fade” and for the love of Christ, don’t ask us “do you know how to fade”. The answer is yes and we will judge you.

aria1220 Report

Know what number you get on the sides, #2, 4, etc. Its a lot easier for you to remember your number than it is for us to remember everyone’s. Please don’t say “like last time” unless you know us well and come in very often. We do not remember. Know if you like your hairline squared off, rounded, or tapered (tapered usually looks best). Pictures do help, but not if it’s a photo of you and 10 other people, bad quality and all we can see is the front of your head. Google haircut styles and find one you like, it will be easier for both of us. An inch is almost always less than what you think it is, we have a ruler on our comb, ask to see it if you aren’t sure. Close your eyes when we’re lining up your beard/ eyebrows, less awkward for everyone.

aria1220 Report

Please don’t talk with your head, it’s frustrating trying to keep the tension on the hair, on a client that moves their head just as much as their mouth lol.

wakaflockaday Report

I’m not a hairdresser but I was told by one that if you have thicker hair (like I do), if you shower prior to getting your hair cut, hygiene aside, it makes it easier and cleaner to do.

OverlordWaffles Report

– “Do whatever you think will look good”
– Keeping your eyes open while I shampoo your hair
– Letting your head go all wobbly during the blow dry
– Moaning while getting a head massage

ddduummmppp Report

15 year Hairstylist here 1. A trim and a haircut are in fact the same. 2. Quit moving your head!! 3. Be realistic, dont expect miracles. 4. Buy salon quality products. Not Amazon/Walmart. 5. If you’re late, we may have to reschedule.

I could go on. Just be kind and respectful. We love what our jobs and our clients.

But1stCoffee Report

dont come in when you have a product in your hair that isnt suppose to be in your hair.
i had a client once who came in wanting a 0 fade and he said i dont want anything done to the top (when he said i had a sigh of relief). why? he seem to have styled his hair with some kind of glue. there was no way the stuff he had in his hair was for hair. even so i finished the fade didint do anything on top, i asked him all is good, he said yes all is good, but can you take some off the top just a bit? i said no there is no way thats possible with whats in your hair. he insisted that i tried, so i wet down his hair knowing it wasnt going to work (but to prove a point) and it rolled odd his hair. i did this a fair amount, and said i cant even attempt to try. and ended up telling him if i was to try it would be a lot more expensive to cover the cost of new scissors.
(also bear in mind this was during covid lockdown and at the time we werent allowed to wash peoples hair either so that was out of the question)

TenebriRS Report

I’m a hairstylist. Please hold still but be loose enough to allow me to move you into position as needed. When telling me how much to take off, realize that “medium” is not a length. If I tell you before we start that we’re going to go wash your hair it’s because you’re gross, so just let it happen. Be honest about your products and routine. Be honest when I ask how the cut looks, this is your opportunity to have me make adjustments. Recognize that certain haircuts require more maintenance than others and it’s up to you to keep up with it. And if you get had a cut you really love, takes pictures of it from multiple angles and bring those in next time so I can easily recreate the cut.

Yourmothersbahonkus Report

i dislike the hair dressers solely as i have to stare at my face for the appointment in the massive mirror the whole time and i’m trying to look any where else, i don’t want to see my face its old and pale i just want a hair cut




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Art Therapy is a perfect way to reduce the level of stress if you are exhausted. Drawing is a therapeutic and creative process. You don’t have to learn fundamental drawing techniques. You can learn the easiest drawing technique – doodling and zentangle art. If you love doodling try to draw simple kinds of ornaments to relax. Zentangle as a type of art therapy consists of a series of repetitive strokes — straight lines, curves, and dots drawn on a small square of paper. Besides, all the ideas you will find in the video will encourage your creativity.
Moreover, you will find easy tutorials on how to draw different parts of the human body: nose, eyes, brows, hair, lips, hands. Check out our instructions on how to draw an eye: start with drawing an almond shape, after that add shading around the eye and add eyeliner. Draw eyelashes and remember that they should have a different length. Shade inner corners of the eye and enhance the realism effect by adding shades and make it look sparkly.
Have you ever known how to draw lips? It’s very easy to draw realistic lips if you know some easy tips we share. You can draw beautiful and beautiful lips, start from 3 circles: 2 circles for bottom lip and one in the middle for the top lip. Watch the video and we will show you how to shade the lips. Check out how to draw a portrait without special drawing skills. Another step by step tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic curls. Draw two parallel lines and keep shaping the curls as we show you. As a final step, add shading to show the volume.

00:09 How to draw a nose
01:54 Ho to draw a dress
11:51 Zentangle art
06:59 Portrait tutorial for beginners

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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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The Power Balance Is Shifting in London’s Commercial Real Estate

The Power Balance Is Shifting in London’s Commercial Real Estate

LONDON — For years, landlords have had the upper hand in London’s real estate market, pushing up rents as businesses clamored for prime locations near offices, tourism hot spots and transport hubs and as the city’s population grew and grew. Restaurants were often locked into leases with clauses that allowed the rent to only go up. Retailers faced increasingly exorbitant rents.

Over the course of a year, the pandemic has brought a halt to this arrangement, shifting the power balance between commercial property tenants and landlords.

Confronting the alternative of having empty properties, some landlords have loosened their terms, with offers of rent holidays or other concessions. But in other cases, changes have been forced on property owners by struggling tenants who, in increasing numbers, have turned to an option in Britain’s insolvency law known as a company voluntary arrangement. The result has been slashed rents or a switch to leases that fluctuate based on the tenant’s earnings.

Seeing their prospects dwindle, some property owners are saying the leasing system is outdated and are calling for more transparency and cooperation with their tenants. And a coming legislative review by the British government could bring more change.

The relationship between tenants and landlords “has definitely become more fraught because of the pandemic,” said David Abramson, the founder and chief executive of Cedar Dean, which specializes in helping businesses restructure leases. “Landlords are not used to being in business with one hand behind their back. Generally, they’ve been the more dominating force, and it has been quite aggressive.”

Landlords had to have “a complete change of attitude,” Mr. Abramson said. “A lot of them are still getting their heads around it.”

The changes are playing out slowly, especially for small businesses. Dhruv Mittal, a 29-year-old chef, came to a heart-wrenching decision last summer: He closed his restaurant in central London’s Soho neighborhood after lockdowns had made it impossible to continue.

He had opened the restaurant, DUM Biryani House, four years earlier in a basement space with pop art-inspired posters on the walls, pumping out hip-hop music and serving biryanis in the traditional style of Hyderabad in south-central India, where his father is from.

Despite government measures to help business survive the pandemic, the quarterly rent due on Mr. Mittal’s restaurant, about 25,000 pounds ($34,000), proved to be an insurmountable burden without revenue coming in. He tried to switch to a smaller site, but his landlord company didn’t have anything, and negotiations to reduce his rent weren’t successful.

“Our landlords were quite strong on the fact they would prefer an empty site where then they could charge whatever rent they want to a newcomer than to provide a discount to the current tenant,” Mr. Mittal said.

In August, the landlord came up with an offer: Mr. Mittal could defer paying one quarter of rent — the amount he owned — until 2021. But by then, he had laid off his staff and couldn’t reopen because central London was still deserted. In October, he liquidated his company, still owing tens of thousands of pounds in rent and money to other creditors.

The property still doesn’t have a new tenant; the DUM Biryani House sign hangs above the locked doors. The landlord declined to comment.

Mr. Mittal would not have been evicted immediately for not paying his rent. Last year, the government put in place a moratorium on evicting business tenants, which has been extended until the end of March. Many businesses have taken advantage of this arrangement, but most unpaid rent will just accumulate as debt that can be demanded as soon as the ban is lifted.

A more contagious strain of the coronavirus and a winter surge in cases have shuttered Britain’s restaurants and shops again. By the time many of these businesses will be allowed to reopen, their doors will have been shut for at least half of the past year. A recent survey found that only about half of retail rents had been collected for the last three months of 2020.

Many tenants urgently need more help.Cedar Dean surveyed 400 leading hospitality companies last month, and three-quarters said they were considering restructuring or insolvency and would need help from either the government or their landlord. Some businesses won’t get enough help and will be forced to close.

Pret a Manger, the coffee and sandwiches chain with nearly 400 stores in Britain, turned to its landlords for concessions after lockdowns crushed its income. It now has 65 percent of its locations on turnover leases, at least temporarily, compared with about a quarter before the pandemic. Turnover rent arrangements, sometimes known as percentage rents in the United States, vary but can include a company’s paying a base rent lower than market rates and topping that with a percentage of gross income.

“We’ve got about 75 to 80 percent of our landlords so far in the U.K. into a good supportive position,” Pano Christou, Pret’s chief executive, said.

Last spring, several landlords were quick to offer temporary discounts to their tenants. But in the summer, Hammerson, a large property development company that owns shopping centers in Britain, went further by saying it would introduce a new leasing system with more flexible agreements, rents revised at cheaper levels and a new rent review system.

“The U.K.’s historic leasing model has served its time,” said David Atkins, the chief executive of Hammerson at the time. “It is outdated, inflexible and needs to change.”

In Britain, the government has traditionally been reluctant to get involved in these commercial contracts, relying on a 1954 law governing the relationship between commercial tenants and landlords.

“When commercial occupiers take a property, it’s a business-to-business contract,” said Catherine Hughes, an associate professor and head of real estate and planning at Henley Business School. “And that has influenced the way they’ve been seen and the way they’ve been regulated — or not regulated.”

But that may be about to change. As government ministers have found themselves intervening deeper in the economy, the department that deals with communities and local government said in December that amid a “profound adjustment” in commercial property, it would review “outdated” legislation.

It’s unclear how broad the coming changes may be. But Mr. Abramson has suggestions: He said long leases that mandate rents must rise at regular review periods — so-called upward-only rent reviews — should be abolished. Clauses that allow tenants to leave if the rent in their area becomes too unaffordable should be introduced, he said.

But, he added, companies also shouldn’t be able to use a company voluntary agreement to change their lease terms.

There were fewer insolvencies in 2020 than in the previous year, thanks to billions of pounds in government support, but there has been a jump in company voluntary agreements for large retail, hospitality or leisure companies: 29 businesses started such a process in the second half of 2020, compared with only four in the same period of 2019, according to data by compiled by PwC.

For big companies paying rent at numerous properties, these insolvency agreements have become an increasingly common way to shut down sites and cut rent. Unlike entering administration (Britain’s near-equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy), a company voluntary agreement allows a business’s directors to stay in charge as they restructure the company’s debts. It can be a useful tool for a company that has a path back to profitability.

PwC found that from June to November, 17 large retail and hospitality companies with nearly 3,000 locations started company voluntary agreements, and at two-thirds of the leased properties the businesses reduced their rents or switched to a turnover rent model through the agreement.

Recently, popular names such as the coffee chain Caffè Nero and the healthy fast-food chain Leon have begun company voluntary agreements to reduce their rent debt.

Critics point out that some of the larger companies to fail recently, including Debenhams and Arcadia Group, first went through company voluntary agreements, suggesting the process didn’t lead to a proper restructuring of the business.

The British Property Federation, which represents landlords and developers, said the system was being “abused,” especially by companies backed by deep-pocketed private equity firms. Despite the frustrations about insolvency agreements, Melanie Leech, the chief executive of the group, is still recommending to landlords that the best way out of this crisis is to work more closely with their tenants.

“Landlords’ options are diminishing,” she said. “The longer this goes on, the more economic damage there is.”

140 Adorable Dogs Before & After They Grew Up (New Pics)

140 Adorable Dogs Before & After They Grew Up (New Pics)

“Valentine’s Day is all about love, and the best way to show our cats love is by helping them feel like the wild cat they were born to be. Get out a wand toy and help them hunt and catch the dangling prey on the end. Your cat will love you forever for that,” Samantha Bell, cat expert for Best Friends Animal Society, told Bored Panda in a statement. “After feeling satisfied with themselves from the hunt, they’ll be ready for cuddle-time.”

Dogs, on the other hand, bring something a little different to the table, according to Marissa Sunny, CPDT-KA and senior dog lifesaving specialist at Best Friends Animal Society. 

“Dogs are the best dates ever. There is no need to get all dressed up because they love you unconditionally and are the best cuddlers,” Sunny explained. “Just keep in mind your dog’s energy and tolerance level for certain activities. Ask yourself, ‘What would my dog’s perfect date be?'”

With that in mind, below you will find 14 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet, compiled exclusively by Best Friends.

Yankee Stadium becomes mass vaccination site

NEW YORK (AP) — Yankee Stadium was opened as a COVID-19 mass vaccination site Friday by officials trying to boost inoculation rates in surrounding Bronx neighborhoods hard hit by the pandemic.

The megasite is being restricted to residents of the New York City borough with the highest percentage of positive coronavirus test results. Mayor Bill de Blasio called it “a different kind of opening day” hours after a long line formed outside the stadium on a damp morning.

“This is about protecting people who need the most protection because the Bronx is one of the places that bore the brunt of this crisis of the coronavirus,” he said at a stadium-side news conference. “The Bronx has suffered.”

De Blasio, a Red Sox fan, donned a Yankees cap in gratitude to the team and declared himself a fan of Boston’s archrival “for one day only.”

The site established with help from the city and state has registered about 13,000 of the 15,000 appointments available in its first week, officials said. It will initially be open seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Goldie Albergottie said it was a simple process of showing her identification and getting a shot.

“It’s not so easy sometimes to get an appointment. I was registered around town and nobody called me,” she said, but her doctor “was on the ball, and found out as soon as Yankee Stadium got the vaccine.”

Youtube video thumbnail

Not everyone had a smooth experience. Lawrence Francis, who was told to come 15 minutes before his appointment, was discouraged from getting a vaccine by a long wait.

“Look at this line, and it’s raining and it’s cold and I’m elderly,” he said. “So, you know, it’s an issue.”

Plans to provide COVID-19 inoculations at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, the New York Mets’ home in Queens, were delayed by a shortage of vaccine doses.

No opening day for vaccinations at Citi Field has been announced.

Officials encouraging people to get vaccinated enlisted former Yankees star relief pitcher Mariano Rivera to help. Appearing at the news conference with de Blasio, the Baseball Hall of Famer said he wanted the support the people who supported him for so many years.

“We saved so many games here,” he said, “but now it’s about saving lives.”


Associated Press writer Michael Hill in Albany contributed to this report.

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Download Free Bollywood Love Mania | AUDIO JUKEBOX | Romantic Hindi Songs 2021 Download

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Check out gluten-free banana pancakes you can cook in just 5 minutes! Mash 2 large bananas with a fork until it resembles a thick purée, add 2 eggs and stir. And cook for 1-2 mins each side! Enjoy! Cheese pops look incredible and could be a perfect party appetizer! Follow our instructions: stick skewers or popsicle sticks through cheese pieces, cover each one with flour and coat with egg wash and crumbs. Put in boiling oil for a couple of minutes and super delicious snack is ready! One more crazy recipe is cheese sandwich made using an iron. Take two pieces of bread cover with butter and place a piece of cheese between them. Wrap the sandwich in a piece of foil and place an iron on a sandwich.
Baked camembert will be a hit and your friends will adore this appetizer. Cut off the top of the bread loaf, make a hole large enough to fit the camembert. Cut the top of camembert and place into the hole in the bread. Make incisions on bread and fill with the mixture of rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes.
Tornado potatoes look so cool that this recipe became viral recently. Take a potato and push a wooden skewer through the center. Using a sharp knife carefully cut in a spiral motion from one side to other. Now divide the potato slices to give them some space and use the spices you want. Bake for 40 minutes.
Check out more recipes that you can cook for the party! Potato roses, apple, rolls, chocolate pancakes and a lot more!
Share your favorite recipes in comments!

00:09 Cooking tips
02:11 Cheese pops
03:38 Baked Camembert
06:30 Tornado potatoes

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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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‘The Death Market’: Oxygen Shortage Leaves Mexicans to Die at Home

‘The Death Market’: Oxygen Shortage Leaves Mexicans to Die at Home

‘The Death Market’: Oxygen Shortage Leaves Mexicans to Die at Home MEXICO CITY — Children call him begging for oxygen for their parents. Grandparents call gasping for air in the middle of the night. People with no cash offer him their cars instead. Juan Carlos Hernández tells them all the

‘The Death Market’: Oxygen Shortage Leaves Mexicans to Die at Home

‘The Death Market’: Oxygen Shortage Leaves Mexicans to Die at Home

MEXICO CITY — Children call him begging for oxygen for their parents. Grandparents call gasping for air in the middle of the night. People with no cash offer him their cars instead.

Juan Carlos Hernández tells them all the same thing: He has no oxygen tanks left.

After surviving his own bout with the coronavirus and then losing his job, Mr. Hernández began selling oxygen tanks out of his car. Then a second wave of the coronavirus slammed into Mexico this winter and demand for oxygen exploded, spawning a national shortage of devices that deliver the lifesaving resource.

Prices spiked. A black market metastasized. Organized criminal groups began hijacking trucks filled with oxygen tanks, or stealing them at gunpoint from hospitals, according to media reports. And for a growing number of Mexicans, the odds of survival were suddenly in the hands of amateur oxygen sellers like Mr. Hernández.

“We are in the death market,” Mr. Hernández said. “If you don’t have money, you could lose your family member.”

The resurgence of the pandemic in Mexico left more people infected than ever — among them the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. With packed hospitals and a distrust of the health care system pushing many to face the disease at home, the number of casualties shot up. In January, Mexico recorded more than 30,000 deaths, the highest monthly toll to date.

Mexico’s total number of deaths from Covid is now the third highest worldwide, higher than India’s, a nation 10 times more populous.

Part of the reason so many more people are dying now, doctors and government officials say, is the shortage: There are simply not enough oxygen tanks.

“Oxygen right now is like water,” said Alejandro Castillo, a doctor who works at a public hospital in Mexico City. “It’s vital.”

New outbreaks across the globe have stretched the supply of oxygen in hospitals from Los Angeles to Lagos, but in Mexico, the scarcity is being felt inside people’s homes.

Eight in 10 hospital beds are full in Mexico City, the epicenter of the outbreak, and emergency rooms have been turning people away. Many patients refuse to seek medical care at all, driven by a fear of hospitals that runs deep in Mexico.

To survive at home, the sickest patients need to get purified oxygen pumped into their lungs 24 hours a day, sending friends and family members scrambling, often in vain, to find tanks and refill them multiple times a day.

David Menéndez Martínez had no idea how oxygen therapy worked until his mother became ill with Covid-19 in December. Now he knows that the smallest tank in Mexico can cost more than $800, up to 10 times more than in countries like the United States. The oxygen to fill it up costs about $10 — and can last as little as six hours.

Mr. Menéndez had a few tanks on loan from friends, but still spent hours waiting to refill them in lines that stretch across city blocks and have become a fixture in certain Mexico City neighborhoods.

“You see people arrive with their tanks and they want to get in front of the line and they end up crying, they’re desperate,” he said, recalling the pleas he heard: “My father is at 60 percent oxygen saturation. My brother is at 50 percent saturation. My wife can no longer breathe. She’s turning blue, her lips are blue, help me.”

Mr. Menéndez only thought of his mother. “I imagined my mom suffocating,” he said.

The outbreak in Mexico City began to flare in December, after the authorities delayed shutting down nonessential businesses for weeks, in spite of figures that, according to the government’s own rules, should have triggered an immediate lockdown. Officials eventually tightened restrictions in the capital, but then came the holidays, and many Mexicans defied government pleas to stay home.

In the first three weeks of January alone, demand for at-home oxygen nationwide rose by 700 percent, according to Ricardo Sheffield, head of Mexico’s federal consumer protection office.

As need spiked, prices tripled. Scammers proliferated online.

“The surge came out of absolutely nowhere,” said Mr. Sheffield, who noted that the price gouging worked only because people were so desperate. “If these people do not receive oxygen in time, they die.”

After his grandmother fell ill after Christmas, Miguel Ángel Maldonado Hernández borrowed about $800 from friends to pay an unlicensed seller $1,600 for an oxygen concentrator — a machine that takes in air and pumps out purified oxygen. It didn’t work. Then he paid a $100 deposit to a seller on Facebook for a concentrator that never arrived.

Mr. Maldonado, who lives in a poor neighborhood just outside the city limits, is still in debt to his friends after the shady deals.

“You’re in a stressful situation, in anguish for your family,” said Mr. Maldonado. “You run out of options and well, you fall for it.” His grandmother died in her bed.

The government has sent the Mexican National Guard to protect trucks transporting oxygen tanks and required suppliers to prioritize oxygen produced for human consumption over industrial oxygen used by companies. Mexico City opened several stations where people can refill tanks free.

But Mexico doesn’t produce oxygen tanks and can’t import them from the United States right now. “It’s impossible,” Mr. Sheffield said. “The demand is very high in the States.” Orders from China will take months to arrive.

So Mexicans are left to jostle for the limited supply of oxygen tanks being passed from household to household by entrepreneurial types like Mr. Hernández.

A former tractor-trailer loan salesman, Mr. Hernández is conflicted about his present line of work. He readily admits he has “no training” and no license, but justifies doing the work because “it saves lives.”

Mr. Hernández stopped selling tanks in December, when the distributors he buys from raised prices so high that he couldn’t stomach passing on the cost to his clients. Now he sells concentrators, which are more expensive and draw a more affluent customer. On a good week, he makes double his old salary selling loans.

“You shouldn’t be profiting off other’s pain, it’s inhuman,” he said. “But at the end of the day, I’m doing it, too.”

Mr. Hernández got so many calls on a recent Thursday he had to put one on hold while he answered another. He finds it hard to shake the memory of how people’s voices sound when he tells them he has no tanks available.

“You hear the desperation, the resignation, when they thank me just for answering,” he said.

“I’m not doing what makes me happy — I’m taking advantage of an opportunity to make money,” he added. “I have to eat.”

For people stuck navigating the chaotic market, finding someone — anyone — with oxygen is a relief. In the time he spent scouring the city for oxygen, the only happiness Mr. Menéndez remembers was when he got to the front of the line and left with a full tank.

“It didn’t matter if I had eaten,” he said. “It didn’t matter if it was cold. It didn’t matter if I felt tired, or sleepy, if it was 3 in the morning. It was all worth it: I had a way to keep my mom breathing, to keep her in this world.”

When he found a seller who would rent him a concentrator for $100 a week, he felt a spark of hope. “It was a blessing,” Mr. Menéndez said.

The machine kept his mother alive — for a while, until her lungs gave out. She was intubated on Christmas Eve, and died before the New Year.

Someone Is Editing Celeb Pics To Fit Today’s Influencer Beauty Standards And People Have Mixed Feelings (80 New Pics)

Someone Is Editing Celeb Pics To Fit Today’s Influencer Beauty Standards And People Have Mixed Feelings (80 New Pics)

Even the abundance of cat pics and wholesome posts isn’t enough to hide the fact that the internet isn’t just about making people smile. When you enter the realm of beauty on social media, you have to prepare not just for artistic and aesthetic photos but also for what lies beneath the surface—society’s barely constrained desire to look ‘perfect’ at all times and how damaging unrealistic beauty standards can be.

Case in point—the popular ‘Goddess Women’ Instagram account with 319k followers whose founder photoshops already beautiful-looking celebrities to make them fit social media influencer beauty standards. Have a scroll through some of their latest photoshops and let us know what you think, dear Readers, because the internet’s divided into two camps about this content.

The content they put out raises some very interesting questions about beauty standards, how much is too much, and to what extent trying to replicate these digitally-altered photos can be damaging. After all, research has shown that unrealistic beauty standards can have powerful negative consequences. You’ll find part 1 of Bored Panda’s article series about the ‘Goddess Women’ IG page right here.

El Salvador kept paying DC lobbyist after claim he was fired

MIAMI (AP) — Washington lobbyist Robert Stryk continued working for El Salvador’s government even after the country’s president claimed he had annulled a $450,000 contract that had caused a wave of criticism in the poor Central American country, according to newly filed foreign lobbying records.

The reports that appeared Saturday show that Stryk’s Sonoran Policy Group continued making calls to congressional offices and collected $214,000 in payments from El Salvador’s state intelligence agency even after President Nayib Bukele’s office told The Associated Press in August that it backed away from the deal.

Stryk was one of the most successful lobbyists during the Trump presidency, racking up clients facing sanctions or with bruised reputations in Washington that white-shoed firms stayed away from like the governments of Venezuela and Somalia and backers of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Sonoran reported in the new filing that in the final quarter of 2020, it arranged video and phone calls with six Republican legislative aides, all but one of them attended by Peter Dumas, the country’s spy chief. Those it contacted include the national security adviser for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and an adviser to Rep. Rick Crawford, who serves on the House intelligence committee.

A day after the Oct. 6 phone call between Sonoran’s Mario Duarte and a senior aide to Crawford, the Arkansas congressman sent a tweet in Spanish saying the U.S. will continue supporting “friends and partners” like Bukele in the fight against corruption and inequality.

The tweet was widely shared in El Salvador. Crawford’s comments also drew praise from then-U.S. Ambassador Ronald Johnson, a Trump appointee who was a big booster of Bukele at a time the Central American leader was facing increasing criticism, mostly among Democrats, that he was taking El Salvador down an authoritarian path.

Bukele’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment.

In August, it told the AP that the president had never approved the six-month contract, which is dated Aug. 15, and had it annulled when he learned of its existence. Bukele’s office and two senior aides wouldn’t say when the contract was canceled or what led to the abrupt reversal, but insisted no funds had been disbursed.

“He didn’t approve the contract and it was canceled. You can verify with Sonoran Policy Group,” Bukele’s office said at the time in a written statement

Stryk at the time wouldn’t comment on the contract’s status but never filed additional paperwork indicating it had been cancelled.

The firm, which recently changed its name to Stryk Global Diplomacy, received a total of $214,000 in contract payments in the final quarter of 2020, the last one in late November, according to the Justice Department filing, which details the firm’s foreign lobbying activity in the final six months of 2020.

The 39-year-old Bukele took office in 2019 as an independent vowing to rescue El Salvador from the deep divisions left by uncontrolled gang violence and systemic corruption in both right- and left-wing governments that followed the end of a bloody civil war in 1992.

Polls show that an overwhelming majority of Salvadorans approve of his tough approach and his allies are expected to win a majority in this month’s congressional elections.

But human rights activists and some business leaders complain he has trampled on the country’s constitution, most famously in February, when he sent heavily armed troops to surround the congress to pressure lawmakers into approving a loan to fund the fight against gangs.

He faces a challenge winning support from the Biden administration, which has backed away from Trump’s hardline immigration policy, which Bukele embraced by signing a deal to allow the U.S. to send asylum seekers from other countries to El Salvador.

Stryk, a winemaker and former Republican aide who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Yountville, California, rose quickly in the highly competitive influence industry in Trump’s Washington.

A former unpaid Trump campaign adviser on the West Coast, his firm had no reported lobbying activity from 2013 to 2016 but has billed upward of $18.4 million to foreign clients since the start of 2017, according to the new filing and data from the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

More recently, Stryk teamed up with another DC firm, Rational 360, which is run by veteran Democratic operatives including Joe Lockhart. El Salvador in October hired Rational 360 for $65,000 per month. Bukele’s government has also awarded a $780,000 contract to a newly formed U.S.-based entity called Invest El Salvador.

Stryk’s firm in the final six months of 2020 also collected $700,000 from Kenya’s foreign ministry. It also received $200,000 in payments from a Portuguese-based company to advocate in the U.S. and U.K on behalf of Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former president who is often described as Africa’s richest woman. Dos Santos is fighting charges in Angola that she used her position of influence to embezzle more than $1 billion from the state oil company.

Last year, Stryk registered as a foreign agent to open doors for Venezuela’s socialist government. But the law firm that had hired him as a consultant later terminated the $12.5 million contract with a close ally of President Nicolás Maduro amid an outcry from Florida Republicans, who accused them of shilling for a “dictator.”

Stryk was also recently hired by an Australian non-profit organization to seek a presidential pardon for Assange, who is in custody in the U.K. fighting an extradition request from the U.S.


Follow Goodman on Twitter: @APJoshGoodman

Ultimate Bollywood Love Songs 2018 | Valentine's Day Love Songs | New Romantic Songs Audio Jukebox

Download Free Ultimate Bollywood Love Songs 2018 | Valentine's Day Love Songs | New Romantic Songs Audio Jukebox Download

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Did you know that you can use ketchup to clean metal surfaces? Ketchup work perfects when you need to clean a brown layer on your stainless-steel pots. Apply a layer of ketchup on a stainless steel surface and let sit for 30 minutes. After that remove the ketchup using a cloth. One more incredible idea is that you can clean silver jewelry using Sprite. Pour Sprite into a glass and place your jewelry inside for a couple of minutes.
Add salt to the milk and it will stay fresh longer and store it in the refrigerator. The next lifehack sounds crazy but a slice of bread keeps fresh cookies in a jar. Keep strawberries fresh using white vinegar. Take a container with water and add vinegar (3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar). Place strawberries into the container and leave for a couple for minutes. After that place berries in a colander and rinse them with water. Dry and store in the refrigerator.
Apples from grocery stores are usually covered with wax that keeps them shiny and fresh for a long period of time. Before eating apples wash the wax off apples under lukewarm water. Check out how to check if the honey is natural and how to distinguish butter from margarine.
We have one more selection of food secrets that will reveal the secrets of professional food photo sessions. Professional food photographers and marketing specialists work hard and have different tools and tricks on how to make a beautiful picture of a burger or sandwich. Watch the video till end and you will learn how to make perfect pictures of French fries, cakes, and ice-cream. A lot of shocking facts are waiting for you!

00:51 White strawberries
01:12 Clean pots using ketchup
02:47 Vegan caviar recipe
04:39 Food secrets

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Peter Madsen, Killer of Kim Wall, Is Sentenced for a Jailbreak

Peter Madsen, Killer of Kim Wall, Is Sentenced for a Jailbreak

A Copenhagen court on Tuesday handed down a 21-month prison sentence to Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor convicted of murdering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall in 2017, for an attempted escape from jail last year.

Mr. Madsen had already received a life sentence in 2018 for the killing and dismemberment of Ms. Wall aboard his submarine, a gruesome murder that shocked Denmark.

Last October, Mr. Madsen escaped from Herstedvester Prison, on the western outskirts of Copenhagen, an attempt captured in sensational images on live TV. Using a mock gun and wearing a fake explosive belt, he threatened prison staff, and made it about half a mile outside the prison walls before being captured by armed police officers.

At the sentencing on Tuesday at Glostrup City Court, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Mr. Madsen was also ordered to pay about 20,000 kroner, or about $3,200, to a psychologist whom he threatened to kill during the escape attempt, according to Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid.

Mr. Madsen accepted the outcome, the court said. Local news media present at the sentencing also reported that Mr. Madsen said he had decided to escape because he found the conditions in prison intolerable.

Prisoners who are sentenced to life in prison can be eligible for release on probation after 12 years. The sentencing of Mr. Madsen on Tuesday will probably figure in future considerations for early release.

Ms. Wall, 30, disappeared after boarding Mr. Madsen’s homemade submarine to interview the inventor in August, 2017. Her torso was later discovered on a beach in Copenhagen and Mr. Madsen eventually admitted to dismembering her. He was later charged with Ms. Wall’s murder.

A TV series, “The Investigation,” which fictionalizes the work by the police and detectives on the case, was released last year.

Trump’s Senate trial matters regardless of outcome

WASHINGTON (AP) — This matters.

The outcome may seem preordained in the unprecedented second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Democrats prosecuting the former president for inciting a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol will struggle to persuade at least 17 Republicans to convict Trump and bar him from office. Forty-five of the 50 Republican senators backed a bid last month to dismiss the trial, essentially telegraphing how the final vote will play out.

But the trial set to begin Tuesday is ultimately a test of whether a president, holding an office that many of the nation’s founders feared could become too powerful in the wrong hands, is above the law. Senators will be forced to sit still, listen to evidence and wrestle with elemental questions about American democracy. There will be visual, visceral evidence, and the American people will also be sitting in their own form of judgment as they watch.

The verdict and the process itself will be scrutinized for generations.

Youtube video thumbnail

“For historians, what that trial does is to provide additional evidence and documentation under oath,” said Carol Anderson, a professor of African American studies at Emory University. “It also gives us a sense of the strength, or the weakness, in American democracy as the senators are confronted with this evidence.”

That record is certain to be grisly, a reminder on a human level of the horror at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Senators will review Trump’s call that morning to “fight like hell” before the mob of loyalists showed up to Capitol Hill to do just that. Senators will be reminded of the rioters’ chants calling for then-Vice President Mike Pence’s hanging. House prosecutors could resurface the image of a police officer crushed between doors, blood trickling from his mouth, as the violent crowd moved in. There might be additional evidence of how another officer, Brian Sicknick, died defending the building.

If that’s not enough, senators will be reminded of their own vulnerability as they fled the mob entering their chamber — one of the most rarefied spaces in Washington — in fear of their lives.

And then they’ll have to decide whether there should be consequences. But the potential of an acquittal doesn’t mean the trial should be abandoned before it begins, said Rep. Val Demings, who was an impeachment manager in Trump’s first trial.

“The jury not convicting is always a possibility,” the Florida Democrat said, recalling her previous career as the chief of the Orlando Police Department. “But decisions are never made solely on that.”

Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe Trump bears at least a moderate amount of responsibility for the riot, according to a poll released last week by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That includes half who say Trump bears a great deal or quite a bit of responsibility.

Most Republicans absolve him of guilt, but about 3 in 10 think he bears at least a measure of blame for the events.

Of course, Congress has more on its plate than another fight over the previous president. In the early days of his administration, President Joe Biden is pushing a $1.9 trillion package to confront the coronavirus pandemic. He’s also pressing lawmakers on immigration, health care and climate change.

Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic congressman from Indiana who served during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, said a trial could be a “distraction” from larger priorities. He suggested censure could be a better use of time and that the historical record could be achieved through the creation of a commission like the one he helped lead to investigate the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

But, he said, that only works if Congress is united on the need for a thorough investigation of what happened during the insurrection and provides the resources to back it up.

“If you’re going to do it, do it right,” Hamilton said.

As much as the trial is about history, the implications are just as powerful in the present moment. Leaders in capitals across the world are watching what happens in Washington to assess whether the U.S. remains committed to democratic principles. Steadfast American allies, including Germany and the United Kingdom, expressed shock at the insurrection.

U.S. foes seized on the violence to say that the United States could not now lecture others on the sanctity of democracy.

“American democracy is obviously limping on both feet,” Konstantin Kosachev, head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia’s upper house of parliament, said after the riot. “America no longer charts a course and therefore has lost all rights to set it — and even more so to impose it on others.”

It’s telling that Republicans aren’t going into the trial with a robust defense of Trump. Few are publicly defending his behavior in the runup to the insurrection, whether it’s his baseless insistence that the election was “stolen” or his more specific — and troubling — calls to supporters to rally on his behalf.

Instead, the GOP is narrowly focused on a more technical constitutional issue, arguing that a president can’t face an impeachment trial once out of office, a path they believe is easier to defend than trying to rationalize Trump’s actions.

Anticipating that posture, Democrats filed a pretrial brief noting there’s no “January exception” in the Constitution.

“Presidents do not get a free pass to commit high crimes and misdemeanors near the end of their term,” the House impeachment managers wrote.

The trial comes as the GOP is struggling with its future.

Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has flirted with the possibility of purging Trump from the party. If Trump is convicted, the Senate could vote to bar him from seeking office again, a notable punishment for someone who has dangled the potential of a 2024 presidential run to keep bending the party to his will.

McConnell hasn’t yet said how he’ll vote, and, so far, only a few moderate Republicans seem certain to convict. They’re running into the reality that Trump’s supporters remain a dominant force in the party.

The trial “really will only reinforce what we already know about American politics,” said Brendan Buck, a top adviser to former House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. ”And in that, I mean we are so tribal and divided that there’s really no question where people will fall down on something that should generate thoughtful discourse and reflection about a fundamental democratic principle.”


EDITOR’S NOTE — Political Editor Steven Sloan has covered politics for The Associated Press since 2018. Follow him at

New Job in Arkansas City, AR – Flatbed Truck Driving Job Rider Policy Available – Central Oregon Truck Company

New Job in Arkansas City, AR – Flatbed Truck Driving Job Rider Policy Available – Central Oregon Truck Company

#Flatbed #Truck #Driving #Job #Rider #Policy Continue Reading New Job in Arkansas City, AR – Flatbed Truck Driving Job Rider Policy Available – Central Oregon Truck Company



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We share cool ideas on how to recycle old toys. There are a lot of ways to repurpose old toys: make planters, dresser handles, curtain holder clips and more. You will love the cool idea of how to renew an old dresser and replace boring handles with plastic toys. You will need plastic toys and spray paint. Take plastic toys that will replace handles and apply 2-3 coats of spray paint. Drill holes in toys and attach to the drawers. Ready! Check out more ideas to reuse plastic toys, for example, you can make creative door stopper. This project looks really cool! You can make a curtain holder clip out of stuffed toys. You will need a ribbon and a button. Check out the full tutorial! If you have a collection of plants, we have a crazy idea on how to make planters from a doll’s head. Be creative and watch our tutorial.
You will be surprised how you can use toothpaste at home. Check out brilliant toothpaste hacks: remove scratches from CDs; clean faucet; polish headlights using toothpaste; remove stains from the iron; toothpaste perfectly removes unpleasant odors; clean silver jewelry using toothpaste and a toothbrush. You will find more handy cleaning lifehacks that you should share with your family and friends. Clean your silver using a foil ball. Boil a pan of water, add baking soda and put your jewelry inside. After that place foil ball inside. Baking soda perfectly cleans greasy stove filter. Wash your cups from coffee stains using baking soda.
As a bonus, we share a tutorial on how to make a door closer from a plastic bottle!

00:38 Inexpensive phone case
01:44 Quick way to clean headlights
04:48 Remove stains from your iron
09:50 Repurpose old toys
13:51 Creative planters for succulents

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Aleksei Navalny Supporters Wear Red

Aleksei Navalny Supporters Wear Red

Between the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, red is something of the color of the moment. A week ago, however, it began to take on an entirely different meaning, as a growing number of Russians began to post pictures of themselves on social media wearing clothes in all shades of crimson in support of Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny. Red is known to be Ms. Navalnaya’s favorite color, and she wore a bright red top to her husband’s trial on Feb. 2.

As of Monday, there were 13,300 posts on Instagram of women (and a smattering of men) in red dresses, parkas, turtlenecks — pretty much any garment that could be enlisted for the cause — along with the hashtag #негрустивсебудетхорошо or “don’t be sad, everything will be OK,” which is what Mr. Navalny is reported to have said to his wife after being sentenced to more than two years in prison for a parole violation.

In the wake of the yellow vests in France, the wall of moms in yellow at the social justice marches last summer, the pro-democracy activists in black in Hong Kong, the congresswomen in white at President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union, and the women’s rights marchers in their pink pussy hats, this is yet another example of the way visual statements have become a powerful — and growing — tool of protest in the age of social media.

The literal picture of an enormous united front is among the fastest, most efficient ways to demonstrate solidarity with a cause during a time when photographs have increasingly become the currency of global communication. And nothing conveys the idea of a united front more than a mosaic of individuals in one single, bright, impossible-to-miss color.

The pro-Navalny red movement was started by Katya Fedorova, a 38-year-old fashion journalist who has worked for Russian Vogue, Interview and other outlets, and who also has a popular channel called “Good Morning, Karl!” on the Telegram messaging app.

“We’ve all been watching what was going on since Aleksei came back on the 19th,” Ms. Fedorova said by phone from Moscow. She was referring to Mr. Navalny’s return to the country after medical treatment in Germany for a poisoning that he and Western officials have described as a state assassination attempt. (It was Mr. Navalny’s time in hospital in Berlin that prompted the state’s claim of a parole violation.)

“We all knew what was going to happen, but in our hearts we still hoped,” Ms. Fedorova said. “So when it happened, I went from despair to anger, and the next morning I woke up and knew I had to do something.”

Though she had considered joining a protest, she was afraid, she said, “of being beat up or put in jail, but I have been watching what had been going on in America.” She had been particularly struck, she said, by the pictures of all the congresswomen in white, standing together against President Trump. So, Ms. Fedorova said, “even though it felt sort of stupid to use fashion, and I thought people might dismiss me, I thought an image could matter.”

Though red has certain complicated connotations in Russian history, specifically to the Communist regime, Ms. Fedorova said that to her, its significance went much further back, to the creation of Red Square and a heritage of passion and beauty.

In addition, Ms. Fedorova said she had been struck by Ms. Navalnaya’s appearance during her husband’s trial and how strong she had looked. So, after taking her daughter to school, she went home, she fished an old ribbed red sweater out of her closet and put a post up in solidarity.

“I didn’t expect more than 50 people to join me,” Ms. Fedorova said. Instead, she got thousands. Many of the posters note that while they have never wanted to be involved in politics or to speak out before, this gave them an opportunity to stand up for what they believe.

One woman, who posted a snap of herself in a burgundy polka-dot shirt, wrote: “I suggest curious people take a walk through this hashtag. It’s not about politics, it’s about solidarity and indifference.”

Another, who took a selfie in a red hoodie, wrote: “I’m a coward, I was too scared to go out into the Moscow streets on the day of the protests. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I would be ashamed if I was indifferent about what is happening. I’m not indifferent. This post is in support of everyone whose spirit is brave and strong.”

A third, wearing a red plaid jacket, wrote: “Yes, my blog is about fashion, but I cannot stay on the side and stay silent. I don’t not care. I have been watching what is happening with horror. This photo in red is in support of @yulia_navalnaya, as well as for all who are detained and convicted, because they weren’t afraid to go out and state what they believe.”

The Navalnys’ daughter, Daria, who uses the nickname Dasha online, also posted a photograph of the whole family with herself in a red dress, in acknowledgment.

Though there has been some backlash to the red movement online, and Ms. Fedorova said she had started walking her daughter to school with her boyfriend in case something were to happen to her, she also said she was heartened by the reaction.

“To see all of us together in the same way, to open my phone and see everything red, is such a feeling,” she said. “It gives me some hope again.”

30 Before And After Pics Of Women Who Got Hollywood-Like Transformations From This Makeup Artist

30 Before And After Pics Of Women Who Got Hollywood-Like Transformations From This Makeup Artist

However, if you are doing your own makeup, celebrity makeup artist Sir John—who has worked with Beyoncé— said Instagram is a great place to find inspiration. That’s where he gets new ideas too. “I just save [my favorite Instagram posts] to the backend, and that’s kind of the mood board at the moment,” he explained to ELLE.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that skincare should become a priority, and doing a mask at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday is totally OK, if not necessary. “I think in terms of makeup trends, what will be huge is more approach to skin,” SJ said. “There’s going to be an ease and maneuverability around owning your skin and loving the skin that you have and not having to lacquer it from forehead to chin—not having the baking and the contouring and so many different dramatic ways to change oneself.”

13-year-old girl dragged by stolen vehicle dies

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A 13-year-old girl in Kansas died after being dragged for several miles by her family’s SUV that had been stolen outside of a restaurant, police said.

The girl was sitting in the back seat of the running vehicle while her family went inside to get food on Saturday when Kevin Palmer, 34, got into the driver’s seat and took off, Wichita police said in a news release.

The teen tried to get out of the vehicle while it was moving but was caught in the seat belt and dragged, police said. Someone saw the SUV, called 911 and followed the vehicle.

Palmer stopped the SUV and ran away, then was captured by arriving officers. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

“This is one of the saddest cases I have been associated with in my over 28 years of law enforcement,” Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said in the release.

The girl was not immediately identified.

Palmer is charged with felony murder. It was unclear whether he had an attorney who could comment on his behalf.



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Today you will be surprised how useful salt could be. Yes, you can use salt not only for cooking but also solve such problems as cracked egg mess, coffee stains and more. If you are going to fry vegetables or chicken sprinkle some salt on the pan with oil before frying to keep the oil from splattering. Make crystals from salt at home. All you will need salt, water, and food coloring. Watch the tutorial in our video. If you want to check the freshness of an egg, take two high glasses, pour water and add a tablespoon of salt. An addled egg will be on the top of the glass. We share the clever way to clean very dirty makeup sponge: take a bowl with water, add 1 tbsp. of salt and place a sponge inside. Microwave for 2 minutes. If you dropped an egg on the floor, clean a sticky mess with salt. Sprinkle salt on a broken egg and clean with a cloth. Check out a cheap way to whiten teeth – mix salt with apple vinegar and clean teeth using a toothbrush. It’s the best way to save some money. Clean a kitchen sink with a lemon half covered with salt. Moreover, lemon half covered with salt will help you to get rid of bad odors in the fridge. You can easily clean the iron using a salt: cover the cutting board with parchment paper, pour salt on paper and iron. Your iron will look like new again! Clean a French press from coffee stains using ice cubes and 1 tbsp. and water inside and shake.
As a bonus, try to cook tornado potatoes with our easy recipe. Push a wooden skewer through the center of each potato. Using a sharp knife carefully cut in a spiral motion from one side to other. Now divide the potato slices to give them some space and use the spices you want.

00:09 Surprising lifehacks with salt
00:29 Homemade crystals
02:40 Clogged sink?
04:43 Clean your iron using salt
11:01 Tornado potatoes

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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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Before Uttarakhand Flood, India Ignored Warnings

Before Uttarakhand Flood, India Ignored Warnings

NEW DELHI — Long before the floods came, washing away hundreds of people and wiping out newly constructed dams and bridges, the warning signs were clear.

The Himalayas have been warming at an alarming rate for years, melting ice long trapped in glaciers, soil and rocks, elevating the risk of devastating floods and landslides, scientists warned. Nearby populations were vulnerable, they said, and the region’s ecosystem had become too fragile for large development projects.

But the Indian government overrode the objections of experts and the protests of local residents to blast rocks and build hydroelectric power projects in volatile areas like the one in the northern state of Uttarakhand, where disaster struck.

Officials said Monday that bodies of 26 victims had been recovered while the search proceeded for nearly 200 missing people. On Sunday a surge of water and debris went roaring down the steep mountain valleys of the Rishiganga river, erasing everything in its path. Most of the victims were workers on the power projects.

Villagers said the authorities overseeing the expensive development projects had not prepared them for what was to come, giving a false sense of confidence that nothing was going to happen.

“There was no program or training in the village about disaster management by the government,” said Bhawan Singh Rana, head of the Raini village, hit by some of the worst damage. “Our village is on a rock, and we fear that it may slide anytime.”

Security forces focused on one tunnel where they said 30 people were trapped. Food was airdropped to about 13 villages where the roads have been cut off, with roughly 2,500 people trapped.

The devastation of the Uttarakhand floods has once again focused attention on the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas, where millions of people are feeling the impact of global warming. The World Bank has warned that climate change could sharply diminish living conditions for up to 800 million people in South Asia. But the effects are already felt, often in deadly ways, in large parts of the Himalayan belt from Bhutan to Afghanistan.

The region has about 15,000 glaciers, which are retreating at a rate of 100 to 200 feet per decade. The melting feeds or creates thousands of glacial lakes that can suddenly break through the ice and rocky debris holding them back, causing catastrophic floods. In Nepal, Bhutan, India and Pakistan, a large number of glacial lakes have been deemed imminently dangerous by The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, an intergovernmental group.

Nepal has been particularly vulnerable, with climate change forcing entire villages to migrate to lower lands for survival from a deepening water crisis. Deadly flash floods, some caused by glacial lakes bursting, have also become more frequent.

Scientists have warned repeatedly that development projects in the region are a deadly gamble, potentially making matters worse.

Ravi Chopra, the director of People’s Science Institute in Uttarakhand, said a 2012 expert group appointed by the government had recommended that dams should not be built in the Alaknanda-Bhagirathi basin, including on the Rishiganga. He was part of a scientific committee appointed by India’s highest court in 2014 that also advised against building dams in “the para-glacial zone,” what he described as an area where the valley floor is more than about 7,000 feet above sea level.

“But the government has gone ahead and chosen to build them,” he said. Both of the hydroelectric projects hit by Sunday’s flood — one obliterated and the other badly damaged — were built in that zone, he said.

D.P. Dobhal, a former scientist at the government-run Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, said, “When we develop such projects in the Himalayas such as hydro projects or roads and rail, in detailed project reports the glacier study data is never taken into consideration or included.”

The government is building more than 500 miles of highway in Uttarkhand to improve access to several major Hindu temples, despite environmentalists’ objections to the massive forest clearance required, which can hasten erosion and raise the risk of landslides.

A scientific committee appointed by India’s Supreme Court and led by Dr. Chopra concluded last year that the government, in building the highway to the width of 10 meters, about 33 feet, had gone against the advice of its own experts at the Transport Ministry. The government had argued a wider road brought more economic dividends and was needed for potential deployment of large-scale military equipment to the disputed border with China.

The Supreme Court sided with one faction of the scientific committee and ruled that the road should be limited to 5.5 meters, or about 18 feet. But by that time, hundreds of acres of forest and tens of thousands of trees had already been cut, a report in the Indian news outlet The Scroll said.

“When you have your own ministry experts telling you the Himalayan region roads should not have a tarred surface of more than 5.5 meters, and then to go against your own experts’ recommendations, then that is a serious matter,” Dr. Chopra said. “Unless the courts look into the issue of the sanctioning officials and the executing officials personally accountable, I don’t think the situation will change.”

Trivendra Singh Rawat, the chief minister of Uttarakhand, warned against seeing the flooding as “a reason to build anti-development narrative.”

“I reiterate our government’s commitment to develop hills of Uttarakhand in a sustainable manner, and we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the achievement of this goal,” Mr. Rawat said on Twitter.

Exactly what caused the latest flooding was not clear as of Monday night, with the Indian government saying a team of experts would visit the site to investigate. Ranjeet Rath, the head of India’s geological survey, said initial information suggested a “glacial calving at highest altitude.” Calving is the breaking of ice chunks from a glacier’s edge.

Scientists studying satellite imagery from before and after the flooding said it was likely not caused by a glacial lake bursting, as no such lake was visible in the images.

They said the disaster most likely began with the collapse of a rock slope that had become unstable from thawing of ice in recent summers, and such a landslide could have broken up part of a glacier.

An avalanche could have dammed the river temporarily, creating a lake which then broke free, said Umesh K. Haritashya, a scientist who studies glacial hazards at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Avalanches also generate heat from friction, which can melt ice that lies in its path or is in the tumbling debris.

“Basically it’s a landslide that is some fraction rock, and some fraction ice,” said Dan Shugar, a geomorphologist at the University of Calgary in Alberta. “A lot of the ice melted. And it might have picked up a lot more.”

The Raini village was in one of the areas hit hardest on Sunday, where the 13-megawatt Rishiganga hydro power project was completely washed away. Afterward, roughly 100 of the village’s 150 residents spent the night in the open.

“We did not sleep in our houses out of fear that more water may come, rocks may shift, something more dangerous may happen,” said Mr. Rana, the village head. “We took our bedding up in the forest, lit some fires, and somehow passed the night.”

The area was the site of a well-known environmental protest against deforestation in the 1970s. Protesters, a large number of them women, would hug trees to stop loggers from cutting them, in a movement that became known as “chipko,” or embrace.

Mr. Rana said local residents also held protests against construction of the Rishiganga power project, which began generating electricity last year, and they even filed court cases, but to no avail. They feared that the blasting of rocks would cause deadly landslides.

“We used to hear blasting and see the rocks shift,” he said. “When this project was under construction, half of our village slid. We requested to be shifted from here to another place. The government said they would do it, but it never happened.”

Bhadra Sharma contributed reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal, and Henry Fountain from Albuquerque.

Whale-Shaped Marine Observatory Will Let Visitors Take A Look Under the Sea

Whale-Shaped Marine Observatory Will Let Visitors Take A Look Under the Sea

Aquariums are a timeless concept. Many love to have them at home and when we want something more extraordinary, there are the museums and observatories that we can visit (and try to spot a shark or two!). However, sometimes the same old tired square block can become less of a novelty and more like a chore. And that’s exactly what this observatory center in Australia would like to avoid.

Recently, it commissioned a unique building design meant to both astound people and fit the specific utility requirements. Out of all the hopefuls, one concept stood out and made a giant splash in terms of public perception.

A London architecture firm designed a whale-shaped building for Australian Underwater Discovery Centre

Image credits: Baca Architects

Baca Architects, an architecture firm in London, designed a wonderful building going by the name of Cetacean Design, shaped like a whale. The design was meant for Australian Underwater Discovery Centre. The building will be a new observatory, replacing the old one, and will be partially submerged in water off the coast in Western Australia.

The submerged design will allow visitors to better view the marine life

Image credits: Baca Architects

It will allow the visitors to see what’s happening beneath the waves in real time! Additionally, the building will also be bigger than the existing one (in fact, the “whale” might even become the biggest building of its kind!) because there’s been an increasing demand to see the sea creatures in their semi-natural environment.

There were three potential designs in the race to become the next observatory

Image credits: Baca Architects

The design of the building is not accidental—there has been a contest for the design of a new building. All three potential designs had to follow a marine theme. One of them was a partially-submerged cave known as the Rock; another was an abstract ship design known as Voyage.

The winning design had to be attractive enough to entice the tourists

Image credits: Baca Architects

But the Cetacean won, appearing as a whale’s head peeking out of the water. Richard Coutts, director of Baca Architects, said, “The brief set out the client’s spatial needs and a requirement to deliver something iconic which will draw tourists in.”

Visitors will have a chance to look through the “whale’s eyes”

Image credits: Baca Architects

The interior of the observatory will have enough space to accommodate crowds. Additionally, there will be windows set in place to imitate the eyes of the whale, through which the visitors will be able to see the open water and the marine creatures in it.

The new observatory should open its doors in December 2022

Image credits: Baca Architects

The predicted opening date for the new Australian Underwater Discovery Centre is set for December of the next year. Within the building, the architects reserved some space that’s meant for exhibitions or to display artwork as a way to present interested guests with background or cultural knowledge before they come face to face with the marine animals.

People online were quick to embrace the unique concept

Mississippi trial delayed for friar accused of sex abuse

GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — A trial has been postponed until April for a former Franciscan friar accused of molesting students in the 1990s at a Catholic school in Mississippi.

Paul West had been scheduled for trial in February. His case was delayed so he could undergo a mental evaluation, The Greenwood Commonwealth reported, citing dockets on the local district attorney’s website.

A Leflore County grand jury indicted West in August on two counts of sexual battery and two counts of gratification of lust. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

This is the second time the case has been postponed since West pleaded innocent in September.

West’s attorney, Wallie Stuckey, said in November that he had not received all the information he’s legally due from the Mississippi attorney general’s office about witnesses and evidence.

The indictments accuse West of molesting cousins Joshua Love and La Jarvis Love when they were students at St. Francis of Assisi School in Greenwood. West worked as a teacher and later as principal at the elementary school.

West also faces a charge in Wisconsin of second-degree sexual assault of a child.

The Associated Press reported in 2019 that the Catholic order of Franciscan Friars settled sex abuse cases by secretly paying Joshua Love and La Jarvis Love $15,000 each and requiring them to keep silent about their claims. The cash payments to the men, who are Black, were far less than what other Catholic sex abuse survivors have typically received since the church’s abuse scandal erupted in the United States in 2002.

“They felt they could treat us that way because we’re poor and we’re Black,” Joshua Love told the AP about the settlements he and his cousin received.

An official with the Franciscan Friars order denied the men’s race or poverty had anything to do with the size of the settlements.



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It’s uncultured and ridiculous!

It’s uncultured and ridiculous!

Ngan 98 has always been a name associated with thi phi, scandal from shocking speech to offensive dress. Referring to Ngan 98, people refer to a hotgirl specializing in bold, revealing her body in many different ways.

Over the past time, Ngan 98 is considered to always know how to make people pay attention to themselves by shocking moves and never “collide”. Still know the taste fashion Ngan 98 likes to be bold and shows off her body, but the fact that she deliberately shows off her body to “like” in a defiant manner, made many people extremely frustrated.

Events - Ngan 98 Highway 1 collapsed next to Tet 2021: It's cultural and ridiculous!

Ngan 98 deliberately showed off round 1, making everyone bored.

Most recently, on the morning of February 6 (25 Tet), Ngan 98 posted on a personal page showing the image of a newly-made nail to celebrate Tet. However, what makes people pay attention is the very daring outfit of hotgirl thi phi.

Accordingly, Ngan 98 wore a pink croptop, a part in the middle of the first round, revealing the breasts as if it was about to pour out. Her shirt creates a feeling of “insecurity” for the opposite person because it is too brazen and obvious. Even some netizens commented that Ngan 98’s beauty in this photo is very beautiful and lovely, but her first round is too sagging because of its enormous size.

Because she often chooses low-cloth outfits, comfortably shows her breasts in front of the camera, Ngan 98 has repeatedly made netizens “bored” and rude comments on her sagging first round. Responding to the disparaging words of the netizens, Ngan 98 bluntly declared: “My gu is a sagging round 1. You guys are free of criticism because I don’t think it’s ugly at all. “

Talking about intentionally revealing the first round of Ngan 98, artist Kim Xuyen to the Legal News Reporter or: “Young people now have strange thoughts, they want to reveal a lot to attract attention but that is How does anyone become famous because of her shocking speech and showing off, if she is famous, it is just being famous, what kind of glory? It’s sad that she goes against the standard Social ink. Looking at the images on the internet, I found that it was cultural and ridiculous. It was necessary to boycott young people who wanted to enter the showbiz but wanted to take this “shortcut”.

Cultural expert Le Ha shared his opinion: “No matter how modern the society is, young girls want to be noticed by” showing off their bodies “is also unacceptable. I know how to keep the image, then later on, when those people become wives and mothers, how will they teach their daughters? Don’t say Facebook is a personal page, whatever you want to give. I feel people like Ngan 98 pitiful because of thinking “wrong standard” … “.

Events - Ngan 98 Highway 1 collapsed next to Tet 2021: It's cultural and ridiculous!  (Picture 2).

Ngan 98 was criticized by many people for wearing offensive clothing.

Ngan 98’s real name is Vo Thi Ngoc Ngan (SN 1998, hometown Pacify). This girl emerged as “hot girl” because of the hot photos showing her breasts.

Although participating in some recreational activities such as filming Inn in paradise, filming the music video for singers, participating in The Face contest … but it seems this girl is famous in another way.

Ngan 98 was criticized by the public for its extremely open photos, controversial acts and many shocking statements. But perhaps, the most noisy in the private life of this 21-year-old girl is the love affair with singer Luong Bang Quang. At first, Ngan 98 and Luong Bang Quang both denied, after a while they officially officially fell in love. This hot girl-singer love also received many criticisms from social networks when both had many shocking images and statements when they met each other.

The Trial Begins – The New York Times

The Trial Begins – The New York Times

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Donald Trump has long used a speaking style that seems deliberately murky. His supporters hear him delivering a clear message even when he stops short of explicitly delivering that message.

A classic example came during his first debate with Joe Biden last year, when Trump told the Proud Boys, a violent far-right group, to “stand back and stand by” — and then quickly added that “somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left.” The Proud Boys celebrated the message as an endorsement, while Trump could claim he was not encouraging violence.

Today, the Senate will begin Trump’s second impeachment trial, and his speaking style will be at the heart of the legal arguments.

The House members prosecuting the case against Trump will say that he is responsible for the message that his supporters heard from him. Trump’s lawyers will argue that he cannot be held accountable for anything he did not say. “Notably absent from his speech,” the lawyers wrote in a pretrial filing, referring to a Jan. 6 rally near the White House shortly before many of the attendees stormed the Capitol, “was any reference to or encouragement of an insurrection, a riot, criminal action, or any acts of physical violence whatsoever.”

(They will also claim that the Senate cannot try a former officeholder, a position mostly at odds with history.)

The key dispute will be about the Jan 6. rally, where Trump spoke for more than an hour, telling repeated lies about the election and urging the crowd to “fight much harder” to prevent Biden from becoming president.

Trump praised Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer, for being tougher than many other Republicans. (A few minutes earlier, Giuliani had urged the crowd to conduct a “trial by combat” to resolve the election.) Trump went on to describe congressional Republicans who were objecting to the results as “warriors.”

“Republicans are constantly fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back,” Trump said. “And we’re going to have to fight much harder.”

If you watch the rally again now, it seems clear that Trump was urging his supporters to fight in some tough, new way that they had not yet tried. That’s clearly how many of them heard him — and they violently attacked the Capitol about an hour later, threatening physical harm to members of Congress and killing a police officer.

“Videos of the crowd eliminate any doubt that President Trump’s words in fact incited the crowd to commit violence,” the House impeachment managers wrote in their legal filing. “Immediately after President Trump told the crowd that ‘you’ll never take back our country with weakness,’ and that ‘[y]ou have to show strength,’ supporters can be heard loudly shouting ‘take the Capitol right now!’ and ‘invade the Capitol building!’”

Still, Trump did not tell them to attack the Capitol. He was ambiguous about what exactly they should do. One moment, he said, “You’ll never take back our country with weakness.” The next, he said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Once the attack was underway, he continued to use the same indirect style of communication. At 2:24 p.m., when television networks were showing rioters in the Capitol, Trump sent out a tweet in which he said nothing — positively or negatively — about the violence but continued stoking the crowd’s anger. “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify,” Trump wrote. “USA demands the truth!”

When a president’s supporters are attacking the Capitol — and believe they are carrying out his wishes — should he discourage them? Or has he defended the Constitution merely by not issuing an explicit call for violence? That’s the issue before the Senate.

Mushrooms are magic: Fungi are a kingdom of life all their own, closer to growing animals than plants, but not quite either. Read all about them.

From Opinion: Tennessee executed Sedley Alley in 2006 for a decades-old murder. Now his daughter thinks DNA testing will clear his name, The Times’s Emily Bazelon explains.

Lives Lived: Mary Wilson was a founding member of the Supremes, the trailblazing group from the 1960s known for hits like “Where Did Our Love Go?” and “Baby Love.” With Florence Ballard and Diana Ross she helped develop Motown’s legendary sound. Wilson died at 76.

Joe Allen parlayed a modest pub on the edge of the theater district into an empire that included two successful New York restaurants and stretched as far as Paris. Allen died at 87.

When George Shultz — who died Saturday at 100 — was secretary of state under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, he developed a weekly ritual. He closed the door to his office and sat down with a pen and a pad of paper. For the next hour, Shultz tried to clear his mind and think about big ideas, rather than the minutiae of government work.

Only two people could interrupt him, he told his secretary: “My wife or the president.”

Shultz told me that story when I interviewed him a few years ago, and it has stuck with me, because it’s even more useful advice today than it was four decades ago. These days, we are constantly interrupted by minutiae, via alerts and text messages. They can make it impossible to carve out time to think through difficult problems in new ways or come up with creative ideas.

Letting your mind wander, Sandi Mann, a British psychologist, has said, “makes us more creative, better at problem-solving, better at coming up with creative ideas.” The Dutch have a word for this concept: niksen, or the art of doing nothing. (And here’s a GQ interview in which the journalist Manoush Zomorodi argues that boredom could open the mind to creativity, problem-solving and more ambitious life goals.)

Shultz’s biggest accomplishment in government was precisely such a fresh idea: a recognition — which most other Reagan advisers lacked — that Mikhail Gorbachev was serious about reforming the Soviet Union.

The pangram from yesterday’s Spelling Bee was thoughtful. Here is today’s puzzle — or you can play online.

Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Dave of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana (five letters).

If you’re in the mood to play more, find all our games here.

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To The New Britney Spears Documentary (30 Tweets)

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To The New Britney Spears Documentary (30 Tweets)

Turns out, one of the most famous pop culture icons, Britney Spears, for years hasn’t been able to hold full control of her own life. Ever since 2007, Britney’s been under a conservatorship helmed by her father, Jamie Spears, which means that all of her personal finances have been managed by her father and a lawyer. The legal guardianship has been put in place following Britney’s public breakdown back in 2008. A few years ago, concerned fans have launched the #FreeBritney movement, hoping to help restore Britney’s autonomy and raise media awareness about the whole situation.

A few days ago, the New York Times released a new documentary called Framing Britney Spears focusing on the pop star’s guardianship. In addition, the documentary showcases the misogyny and media scrutiny Britney has been facing throughout the years of her career, which left many viewers absolutely shocked and disturbed, resulting in the topic trending on Twitter. With that being said, Bored Panda invites you to look through some of people’s reactions after watching the documentary.

Nindaraan Diyaan Video Song | Blackmail | Irrfan Khan | Amit Trivedi | Amitabh Bhattacharya

Download Nindaraan Diyaan Video Song | Blackmail | Irrfan Khan | Amit Trivedi | Amitabh Bhattacharya Song

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WVa lawmaker faces fresh criticism for discrimination stance

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A Republican lawmaker in West Virginia who resigned after posting an anti-gay slur but then was re-elected is drawing fresh criticism for an extended online diatribe opposing protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

House Delegate John Mandt said in a now-deleted Facebook post last week that he opposed the proposal known as the Fairness Act.

“Oftentimes evil cloaks itself in pleasant sounding terms, and that is exactly what the Fairness Act does,” Mandt wrote. “There is nothing fair about it.”

Republican Delegate Joshua Higginbotham has said he would be the lead sponsor of the legislation, which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public spaces. Similar protections exist in 22 states and the District of Columbia.

Mandt said the proposal “falsely claims to be a civil rights bill about fairness in employment and housing” and “forces people of faith into a position where they must choose between faith or unjust government persecution.”

Mandt also said that “every person deserves to be treated with dignity, but not all behavior is dignified.”

While the proposal “ignores biology, it favors gender-confused males and it places our state’s women and girls in harm’s way, especially in intimate spaces previously reserved for females,” Mandt wrote.

Mandt’s comments drew immediate criticism from at least one other delegate, the state Democratic Party and from Fairness West Virginia, an LGBTQ advocacy group.

“This is why I walk with my head held high and my Gay Pride flag on my desk in the House Chambers,” Democratic Delegate Cody Thompson, an openly gay man, wrote on Twitter. “So others like me know they have a representative in state government.”

State Democratic Party chairwoman Belinda Biafore said Mandt’s comments were “disturbing and dangerous.”

Fairness West Virginia executive director Andrew Schneider said “words have power, and Del. Mandt’s words only encourage the discrimination and prejudice that LGBTQ people experience on a daily basis.”

The proposal has picked up more support since Senate Majority Leader Tom Takubo co-introduced it in 2019. Republican Gov. Jim Justice said in a candidates’ debate last year that he would sign the bill if it passes.

Mandt stepped down as a House delegate in the heat of his reelection campaign last October after screenshots emerged of him using an anti-gay slur in a Facebook Messenger group. It had been the latest in a series of discriminatory remarks the state delegate had made about gay people and Muslims.

Then the conservative small business owner reversed his decision to bow out of the race, going on to win re-election to represent Cabell County. The November election produced a supermajority for Republicans in the legislature after several upset victories over Democrats. Lawmakers open a 60-day session on Wednesday.

In October, Republican House speaker Roger Hanshaw declared bigotry has no place in the state and said Mandt had taken the “the best course of action” in resigning.

But after Mandt won his seat back, Hanshaw named him vice chair of a committee on small businesses and economic development.

“I don’t know what I can say, beyond Delegate Mandt does have committee assignments,” Hanshaw said Wednesday.

The owner of a hot dog vendor popular in Huntington, Mandt had a first term marked by controversies.

In 2019, he took to Facebook to attack a vigil honoring the victims of a mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand. Hundreds denounced his comments in a petition calling on Marshall University to cut ties with the restaurant Mandt owns, Stewart’s Original Hot Dogs. The university’s food contractor dropped his business.

Screenshots of Mandt using a gay slur in a Facebook Messenger group chat in early October prompted his resignation. He first claimed his comments were fabricated, then said he meant them as a joke.

In November, he finished third among six candidates in a contest that gave the top three vote-getters seats in the 16th District.