Brexit Was Sold as Taking Back U.K. Control. Post-Brexit Is Out of Control.

Brexit Was Sold as Taking Back U.K. Control. Post-Brexit Is Out of Control.

LONDON — As the new year made Brexit a reality, Tony Hale encountered the pitfalls of Europe’s redrawn geography. Specifically, he confronted the need to extricate 53 tons of rotting pork products from administrative purgatory at a port in the Netherlands.

For more than two decades, Mr. Hale’s company had shipped pork to the European Union without customs checks, as if the United Kingdom and the continent across the water were one vast country. With Britain now legally outside the bloc, exporters suddenly had to navigate inspections, safety regulations, and a bewildering crush of paperwork.

For Mr. Hale, incorrectly prepared documents meant sending five containers full of pork to an unplanned final destination — the incinerator.

“It’s a new game, and we have got to learn the rules,” Mr. Hale said. “We are having to double- and triple-check every document.”

In the early days of the post-Brexit era, Britain is struggling to adapt to its new position in the global economy — its fortunes still tethered to the European Union; its companies on the outside. The trade deal Britain struck late last year with the European Union stopped tariffs from being imposed on goods exchanged across the English Channel, but did not prevent the revival of customs procedures, health and safety checks, value-added taxes on imports, and other time-consuming, commerce-limiting hindrances.

Businesses across Britain are now contending with paralyzing confusion and unfamiliar bureaucratic hurdles. Paperwork snafus, customs horrors and other expensive disruptions are intensifying the strains on an economy that was already reeling from the pandemic.

On Friday, the Office of National Statistics announced that Britain’s economy contracted by nearly 10 percent last year, the worst plunge in centuries. Economists have anticipated a robust expansion later this year, as Britain’s vaccination campaign — among the world leaders — yields a return to normalcy, but Brexit-related mishaps are likely to limit the upside.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a Brexit champion, has portrayed Britain’s independence from Europe as a strength in allowing the government to move quickly on its vaccination drive. Administration officials have minimized Brexit troubles, describing them as “teething problems” that will subside once businesses master the intricacies of the new procedures.

But many companies — especially small- and medium-sized firms — lament what feels like a new normal.

The European Union has traditionally purchased nearly half of Britain’s exports. The volume of exports crossing the channel in January collapsed by more than two-thirds compared to the previous year. Some producers of fish, shellfish, meat and dairy have been cut off from markets in Europe, suffering a catastrophic plunge in sales.

Transport firms are so wary of the complexities of sending goods from Britain to Europe that many are avoiding the business. Roughly half of all trucks bringing goods from the French port of Calais to the English port of Dover are now returning empty, transporting nothing but thin air.

Britain’s lucrative finance industry has seen trading in the stocks of European companies shift abruptly to the continent, as Amsterdam has displaced London as the primary market for such shares. Growing volumes of the exotic instruments known as derivatives — especially those denominated in euros — are abandoning London for New York.

Manufacturers are contending with grave disruptions to their supplies of finished products, components and basic materials.

And the changes imposed by Brexit are only beginning, as London and Brussels continue to renegotiate the rules governing future commercial dealings across the channel.

“We are going to be living with Brexit for the rest of our lives,” said Jeremy Thomson-Cook, London-based chief economist at Equals Money, an international money manager. “The coronavirus is an acute condition. Brexit is chronic.”

During the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign, those in favor of leaving Europe promised businesses liberation from the suffocating regulations and time-sucking bureaucracy that supposedly prevailed across the Channel.

James Wilson was dubious. He harvests mussels from the seabed of the Menai Strait in northern Wales. Traditionally, such mollusks are unloved by Britons, making him dependent on Europe for 98 percent of his sales.

Mr. Wilson anticipated extra paperwork. He was unprepared for the shock he received last month while on a Zoom call with the Shellfish Association of Great Britain: Under European rules, imports of live mussels were permitted from outside the bloc only if harvested in waters deemed of highest quality. The Menai Strait fell short — and not because of European perfidy, but under Britain’s own classification system.

He was locked out of his sole market.

“It was like somebody had kneed you, unexpectedly, in the groin,” Mr. Wilson said.

A couple of hundred tons of mussels that would have previously fetched about 160,000 euros ($194,000) now lie in the muck, not worth harvesting. Mr. Wilson has furloughed three of his six workers.

Even those who can reach European markets have discovered that the promised bonfire of regulations is actually a burning hell of paperwork.

In the southwest of England, a few miles from the village that gave its name to Cheddar cheese, one cheesemaker, Lye Cross, anticipates spending an extra £125,000 ($173,000) a year to comply with the administrative requirements that have accompanied Brexit. A transaction that last year entailed seven steps, including paying and invoicing, now runs to 39, said Ben Hutchins, the company’s sales and marketing director.

During the first week of January, Hartington Creamery sent about 40 small packages of its Stilton cheese to Europe. Collectively, they were worth about £1,000 ($1,383) The courier affixed a post- Brexit surcharge of around £5 each, or about £200. Customs authorities in Europe rejected the shipments, primarily because they lacked required health certificates. Preparing such documents entailed hiring a veterinarian for about £180 per shipment.

Hartington refunded its customers, and paid the courier again to return the cheese to England.

“You feel pretty sick,” said Robert Gosling, the company’s majority shareholder. “When you’ve got it back, you have to throw it all away because it has taken five or six days to get there and come back.”

Before Brexit, a truck loaded with 25,000 liters of cream from a dairy plant in northern Wales could travel overnight and reach France by morning. Now, that same journey can take five days, complained Philip Langslow, director of County Milk Products.

The dairy must alert the authorities of the export at least 24 hours before departure, and must supply a weight — something it cannot know for sure until the tanker truck is loaded. If its weight differs from what is reported on the paperwork, the shipment may be rejected on arrival. Mr. Langslow’s company has cut its exports by half.

“Antigua is easier than Amsterdam,” he said of some export orders.

Before Brexit, Fashion Enter, an e-commerce business with a pair of factories in Britain, could place an order for high-quality thread made in Germany and receive it in perhaps five days.

A recent order took more than three weeks. It also incurred a handling charge of £44 pounds (more than $60) to cover the preparation of customs paperwork.

Without the thread, the company had to postpone work on a crucial order — 10,000 protective gowns for frontline medical workers at the National Health Service.

The thread supplier now imposes a minimum of £135 ($185) on orders from Britain, cognizant that a lower amount would require it to register to pay British value-added taxes, said Jenny Holloway, Fashion Enter’s chief executive officer.

Like many fashion businesses, her company aims to keep its inventory lean, allowing it to adapt to changing customer demands. But the new minimum order has forced the company to stock up more, lest it run out of something that it cannot quickly replenish.

“It’s going to tie up our cash,” Ms. Holloway said. “This is the new business that we find ourselves in.”

The auto industry is especially vulnerable, given that parts frequently cross and recross the Channel multiple times for specialized processing before landing in finished vehicles. Factories must now fill out paperwork delineating the origins of what they are sending.

Nearly two-thirds of small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies in England have suffered increased costs for imported components since Brexit took effect, according to a survey to be released on Monday by the South West Manufacturing Advisory Service.

In the industrial suburbs of Birmingham, a company called Brandauer presses sheets of metal into precision parts for cars and home appliances. The company recently developed a prototype for a British automaker that is developing an electric vehicle. It contracted with a factory in Switzerland, which is not an E.U. member, to handle a key piece of the work.

Before Brexit, Brandauer would have received the part back from Switzerland in a day or two. This time, crossing E.U. territory in both directions, it took more than three weeks.

“The route through from Switzerland to the U.K. is just jam packed with these problems,” said Rowan Crozier, Brandauer’s chief executive officer.

Though the trade deal struck between Britain and Europe averted tariffs on goods, it left exposed the bulk of the British economy — the service sector, and especially finance.

In recent decades, multinational banks and asset managers have clustered in London, turning the city into a global financial center rivaling New York. Brexit put that status in play. In exiting the European market, companies in Britain lost the right to handle transactions for clients in Europe. Many companies have already moved staff and investment to European capitals like Frankfurt, Dublin and Paris to ensure they could continue to handle business there.

“They have seen this car crash coming toward them in slow motion,” said William Wright, founder of New Financial, a research institution in London. “Most large firms and all national regulators and E.U. regulators have been working furiously on this for the past four-and-a-half years.”

The first day of trading in 2021 revealed one key change: In response to European requirements that investors inside the bloc trade stocks of publicly listed companies on European exchanges, shares worth 6 billion euros ($7.3 billion) shifted from London to markets on the continent.

European regulators will require, beginning next year, that derivatives priced in euros are settled inside the bloc — a business now dominated by London.

For one London-based brokerage firm, TP ICAP, Brexit and the pandemic have combined to stymie some of its operations.

Three years ago, the company set up a subsidiary in Paris to ensure that it could continue to do business on the continent after Brexit. By the beginning of the year, it had 230 brokers within the European Union, but 100 more were still required to move.

Last month, the company disclosed that its relocation plans had been delayed by the pandemic. The firm beseeched French regulators for extra time. The French said no, forcing TP ICAP to temporarily halt some transactions for European clients while it scrambled to get its people in position.

In the midst of the pandemic, Brexit has forced the company to move scores of employees and their families across a channel that suddenly seems wider.

146 Jokes That Programmers Will Definitely Relate To, As Shared In This Online Group

146 Jokes That Programmers Will Definitely Relate To, As Shared In This Online Group

A big portion of the miscellaneous cake we call the Earth is sitting in front of their computer screens at this very moment. The pandemic life has made us all largely dependent on computers, electronics, and whatnot.

And while some of us are still sorting out how not to turn up as a cat for your next Zoom meeting, others are totally nailing their inner tech nerds with Starcraft benders.

So this seems like the perfect moment to introduce you to a comedy genre in its own right called Programmer Humor. In fact, there’s a whole powerhouse on Reddit dedicated entirely to that—”humor and jokes relating to programmers and programming.”

Sounds niche? Well, I wouldn’t be so sure. 1.4 million members are totally swearing by humorous puns, jokes, and memes that feature everything from coding, cookies, browsers, IT depts, CSS, Java, Python, and you name it.

George Wallace Jr. slams campus removal of father’s name

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — The son of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace on Wednesday criticized a move to strip his father’s name from a campus building over his support of racial segregation.

George Wallace Jr. said the recent decision by trustees at the University of Alabama at Birmingham reflected only one part of the life of his late father, who apologized publicly for his racist stances and won his fourth and final term as governor with the support of Black voters in 1982. Wallace died in 1998, and multiple buildings around the state still bear his name.

While university trustees said the Wallace name remains a symbol of racial injustice to many, Wallace Jr. said in a statement Wednesday that his father devoted the later years of his life to “promoting understanding, healing, brotherhood, and a recognition of our common humanity.”

“The action by the UA board of trustees offers solid evidence that even a deeply conservative state like Alabama is not immune to the dangers of the present-day ‘cancel culture’ and its efforts to view complex history and individuals in the most simplistic, one-dimensional terms,” he said.

A resolution unanimously approved by trustees last week said Wallace rose to power by defending racial separation and stoking racial animosity. A UAB building that was named after Wallace in 1975 is now called simply the Physical Education Building.

Wallace, who began his political career as a racial moderate, vowed “segregation forever” at his 1963 inaugural. He is often blamed for helping create a climate of racial animus that led to violent incidents including the bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963, when four Black girls were killed by a Ku Klux Klan bomb that went off on a Sunday morning.

The elder Wallace helped UAB become a top-notch medical school following the 1968 cancer-related death of his wife, Lurleen Wallace, who was elected governor in her husband’s place in 1966 when he was barred by law from serving another term.

“The UAB campus that stands today was built largely through the efforts and vision of Gov. George Wallace, and no amount of sign-changing on building edifices can erase that irrefutable fact,” his son said.

HOW TO DRAW LIKE A PRO || Easy Drawing Tutorials And Tips

HOW TO DRAW LIKE A PRO || Easy Drawing Tutorials And Tips

You, Will, Learn The New Lifehack that could help you in a more critical stage view and share the article with your friends.


Stress may cause various health issues and we know a cool way to reduce the level of stress without pills. Try art therapy if you are exhausted and stressed out. Drawing is a very therapeutic and creative process. Art therapy helps to balance your emotions and forget about everyday problems. If you love doodling try to draw simple kinds of ornaments to relax. Besides, all the ideas you will find in the video will encourage your creativity.
Some people think that it’s very hard to draw parts of man body like eyes, hair, lips. You may think that you will need some special drawing skills or even study in art school. Watch the video and you will learn the easiest ways to draw things that look really difficult at first glance. Follow our instructions on how to draw an eye: draw an almond shape, add shading around the eye and add eyeliner. Draw eyelashes and remember that they should have a different length. Shade inner corners of the eye and enhance the realism effect by adding shades and make it look sparkly. You can draw beautiful and realistic lips, start from 3 circles: 2 circles for bottom lip and one in the middle for the top lip. Watch the video and we will show you how to shade the lips. Another step by step tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic curls. Draw two parallel lines and keep shaping the curls as we show you. As a final step, add shading to show the volume.
You don’t need to study fundamental painting techniques, watch our video and develop your drawing skill and creativity! Don’t forget to repeat your drawing exercises daily!

00:09 How to draw eyes
01:44 How to draw a braid
06:50 Portrait tutorial for beginners
10:02 Quick ways to draw lips

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Advocates for Homeless Sue New York City’s Subway System

Advocates for Homeless Sue New York City’s Subway System

Advocates for homeless people in New York City sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Friday over a series of Covid-19 rules that the suit says unfairly target people who shelter in the city’s subways.

The rules prohibit people from staying in a subway station for more than an hour or after a train is taken out of service, and ban carts more than 30 inches long or wide. They were enacted on an emergency basis last April and made permanent in September.

Last spring, the pandemic and shutdowns emptied the subways of regular commuters, and dozens of transit workers died of the coronavirus. Images of trains half-filled with sleeping homeless people accompanied by the sprawl of their belongings became a symbol of a city in crisis and helped prompt Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to shut down the system every night for cleaning.

The rules’ stated purposes were to “safeguard public health and safety,” help first responders get to work and “maintain social distancing.” But the rules exempt so many activities from the one-hour limit — including public speaking, campaigning, leafleting, artistic performances and collecting money for religious or political causes — as to make it “clearly apparent” that their real purpose is to exclude homeless people from the subways, the suit says. The lawsuit was filed by the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project and Picture the Homeless, on behalf of a homeless man named Barry Simon.

Mr. Simon had been ordered out by the police “dozens of times” while resting in a station and threatened with arrest on several occasions, according to the lawsuit. Mr. Simon, 54, was ejected from stations at least 10 times because the cart he wheels his possessions in was too big, the suit says.

Because those experiencing homelessness in New York City are disproportionately Black and Latino and people living with disabilities, the rules violate state human and civil rights law, the suit says. It also says that the rules were enacted without proper review. The M.T.A. did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the suit.

Homeless people’s use of the subways as de facto shelters, long a fact of life in New York, has become a hot-button issue. Many homeless people now avoid the city’s barracks-style group shelters for fear of contracting the coronavirus. While the city is adding hundreds of private rooms in hotels to the shelter system, the contested rules and the nightly shutdown have left some people to choose between sleeping outdoors in winter and taking their chances in the group shelters.

Calls have grown in recent days to end the nightly shutdown.

Wendy’s Is Celebrating National Roast Day By Roasting Companies And People Who Asked For It, And Here’re 40 Of Their Most Savage Posts

Wendy’s Is Celebrating National Roast Day By Roasting Companies And People Who Asked For It, And Here’re 40 Of Their Most Savage Posts

Wendy’s continues celebrating its favorite, albeit totally made up, holiday, National Roast Day.

The company’s social media team, notorious for savage posts, asked if there are any willing volunteers who wanted to be dissed by them on Twitter. And while this may not seem fun to some, many feel that being roasted by Wendy’s is an honor and accepted the challenge.

Famous brands, ordinary people, everyone is getting in line, and Wendy’s is serving them exactly what they wish for.

Continue scrolling to check out the ferocious insults, and when you’re done, fire up Bored Panda’s article about the earlier National Roast Day celebration.

More info: Twitter

Image credits: Wendys

SWAG SE SOLO Remix: Salman Khan | Remo D'souza | Sachet Tandon, Tanishk Bagchi Vayu | Bhushan Kumar

Download SWAG SE SOLO Remix: Salman Khan | Remo D'souza | Sachet Tandon, Tanishk Bagchi Vayu | Bhushan Kumar Song

#SWAG #SOLO #Remix #Salman #Khan #Remo #D39souza #Sachet #Tandon #Tanishk #Bagchi #Vayu #Bhushan #Kumar Continue Reading SWAG SE SOLO Remix: Salman Khan | Remo D'souza | Sachet Tandon, Tanishk Bagchi Vayu | Bhushan Kumar

Bill would allow firing of striking West Virginia teachers

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia lawmaker has renewed an attempt to punish teachers for striking in a state where work stoppages have occurred in two of the past three years.

Senate Education Committee chairwoman Patricia Rucker, a Jefferson County Republican, introduced a bill Wednesday on the first day of the regular legislative session that would allow striking teachers to be fired.

Under the bill, county boards of education could instead order the prorated salary or hourly pay of a public employee to be forfeited for each day of their participation in a strike. County superintendents also would be barred from closing schools in anticipation of or to facilitate a strike.

While the bill’s prospects of passing are uncertain, the November election produced a supermajority for Republicans in both chambers of the legislature. Having a two-thirds majority gives the GOP the ability to advance bills without Democratic support.

Rucker’s bill “doesn’t surprise me,” said Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association. “I think they can pass anything they want to pass.”

Similar anti-strike provisions were removed from an education bill that passed the Legislature in 2019.

Several states, including West Virginia, already ban teacher strikes, but that does not keep them from occurring. A 1990 state Supreme Court ruling declared a strike that year illegal.

If the current legislation would allow teachers to be fired, “that would be up to a legal challenge,” Lee said. “We haven’t had the right, so to speak, to strike the last two times we’ve had a work action. Our people understand that.

“If things get bad enough, they’re willing to take the risk.”

In 2018, West Virginia teachers and school service personnel went on strike statewide after balking at an initial bill signed by Gov. Jim Justice to bump up their pay 2% in the first year as they also complained about rising health insurance costs. West Virginia teachers, some of the lowest-paid in the country, had gone without a salary increase for four years.

The nine-day strike ended after the Legislature eventually agreed to 5% raises. The strike also launched the national “Red4Ed” movement, which included strikes in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Washington state, Los Angeles and Denver.

In 2019, West Virginia teachers went on strike for two days over a broad-based education bill that was killed hours after the walkout started. The bill had included a proposal to allow the state’s first charter schools. The Legislature then waited until after the school year concluded to pass the charter schools proposal that was signed by the governor.



You, Will, Learn The New Lifehack that could help you in a more critical stage view and share the article with your friends.


Henna has been used for centuries to decorate the body, for example, in India. Henna tattoos have a long history and you will find some easy tutorials in our video. Henna tattoos are a perfect choice for summer! These tattoos look very beautiful, all-natural and the best thing is that they are temporary. Moreover, you can create a marvelous look for a party. Before drawing you can practice on a sheet of paper firstly. You can create various patterns on different parts of the hand. Remember that palm tends to take the color very quickly and the tattoo looks a bit lighter. The best thing is that if you made a mistake or if the picture doesn’t look so good, you can quickly correct a mistake. Check out easy tutorials on how to create cute henna leaves using a comb and cool spiral pattern that looks awesome!
If you don’t want to create a tattoo you can make fake freckles that look so cool! Mehdi cone is the best tool for it. By the way, henna is extremely popular now and used for brows. Eyebrow henna has a lot of benefits like the fact that it’s a natural product and safe for health, it stays well on the skin and stays on eyebrows for three weeks.
Another cool way to make a temporary tattoo if you don’t have henna at home is to use an eyeliner. Take a small piece of parchment paper and draw any picture you love using a pencil. Clean oil from skin and cover with the picture and cover with the wet cloth. Remove the cloth and paper and trace the lines using eyeliner. Sprinkle some baby powder over your new tattoo. Enjoy!

00:09 Henna tattoos
01:14 Use henna for brows
01:35 Surprising use of henna
03:10 Cute temporary tattoo

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The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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‘We Need a Circuit Breaker’: Victoria Enters Lockdown

‘We Need a Circuit Breaker’: Victoria Enters Lockdown

new video loaded: ‘We Need a Circuit Breaker’: Victoria Enters Lockdown



‘We Need a Circuit Breaker’: Victoria Enters Lockdown

After multiple new cases of coronavirus were identified in Victoria, Australia, officials placed the region under lockdown, despite the tennis tournament currently taking place there.

I am sad to have to report it is the advice to me that we must assume that there are further cases in the community than we have positive results for, and that it is moving at a velocity that has not been seen anywhere in our country over the course of these last 12 months. Because this is so infectious and is moving so fast, we need a circuit breaker. Therefore, I’m announcing on advice from the chief health officer and after a meeting of relevant cabinet committees and the full cabinet, that from 11:59 p.m. tonight, Victoria, all of Victoria, will go to Stage 4. These restrictions are all about making sure that we respond appropriately to the fastest-moving, most infectious strain of coronavirus that we have seen. I know this is not the news that Victorians want to hear today. I know it’s not the place that we want it to be in. However, we’ve all given so much. We’ve all done so much.

Recent episodes in International

International video coverage from The New York Times.

International video coverage from The New York Times.

Person Explains How You Can Spot A Bad Boss Or Manager By Looking For These 10 Things

Person Explains How You Can Spot A Bad Boss Or Manager By Looking For These 10 Things

Great leaders in the workplace help their employees become the best versions of themselves: skilled, passionate, and yearning to improve themselves and invest in their jobs. On the flip side, bad bosses and managers can snuff out any passion you have and make you wonder whether the money’s worth feeling anxious and stifled all the time (it’s often not).

Brigette Hyacinth’s post about the 10 worst bad boss behaviors has been going viral on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Imgur, and a lot of people are relating to it—at some point in their careers, plenty of people have had to deal with at least a handful of these. And anyone with a few entries on their CV knows that a manager can make or break your motivation to go the extra mile.

From micromanaging and overworking employees to being unable to give clear direction and constantly competing with their colleagues, and more, these are all the things that anyone in a position of power should avoid like Covid-19.

In order to learn more about good leadership and management, Bored Panda reached out to Eddy Ng, the James and Elizabeth Freeman Professor of Management at Bucknell University. Professor Ng said that a strong leader in the workplace is someone who is moral, principled, and “does the right thing,” instead of someone who dithers or aims to do only those things that make them popular. Read on for the rest of his insights below.

More info: | YouTube

Brigette detailed the behaviors that bosses and managers do that make employees lose their passion and motivation for their jobs

“The notion of servant leadership is gaining attention in the workplace. Although it is associated with many of the strong leadership traits such as empathy, selflessness, and humility, the focus is on the leader’s propensity to serve (or support) their followers. Servant leaders empower and lift up followers (employees) to motivate and fuel their passion,” Professor Ng gave Bored Panda his take on current management tendencies in the workplace.

The professor stressed that leader-follower relationships are based on the principle of exchange. “Employees can manage that relationship to have work satisfaction. In this instance, employees need to communicate what they need (tools) or work conditions (autonomy) in order for them to perform optimally when working with a controlling boss. Employees need to convey what they can and are able to perform,” he explained what colleagues can do to ensure that their workplace is optimal for their skills to flourish.

There are many different styles of leadership, however, and they all have their own place: one company might function better with a collective that focuses on compassion and calmly getting the work done while another might need an energetic manager who’s always motivating and inspiring others.

However, there are still certain traits that high-quality leaders share, explains Western Governors University. In other words, you can’t be a good boss if you lack these, no matter what other awesome qualities you might have. Being competent in your professional field doesn’t automatically make you a good leader. No matter how we spin things, not everyone is able to manage people well: they can be good leaders, but not everyone will be.

According to the Harvard Business Review, some of the top traits that great workplace leaders share include having strong ethics and high moral standards, great self-organizational skills, and being efficient learners. What’s more, they’re people who nurture growth in employees and foster connections and belonging.

Or, to rephrase things, good bosses unite their employees, are very flexible and orderly, and are (not to sound too cheesy) good people. Leaders all around the world find these traits to be the most important. And this leads to encouraged, inspired employees who see themselves as part of a greater collective, a unified mission that helps change the world, not just a drive toward a weekly or monthly wage. Good bosses help their coworkers thrive, not just make them survive.

HBR explains that the vital thing is to create a “safe and trusting environment” that’s fair for everyone. That involves clearly communicating expectations so that employees are never blindsided; when everyone’s on the same page and knows the rules of the game, they can relax and focus on creativity, innovation, ambition, and social engagement.

On the flip side, when we feel threatened, we’re stuck in a perpetual fight-or-flight state, constantly anxious, and we perform worse. Or, as HBR says, “From a neuroscience perspective, making sure that people feel safe on a deep level should be job #1 for leaders.”

Here’s what some people have been saying about the post. Some even shared their own experiences with bad bosses

Meanwhile, in a follow-up post, this time on her blog, Brigette explained that employees don’t leave organizations, they leave bad bosses. “The worst place an employee can be, is stuck in an organization with a micro-manager who doesn’t care about their development and there are no opportunities for growth and advancement,” she writes.

“No matter how great a company’s products and/or services may be, if management is dysfunctional, that company will have serious problems. The typical ‘bad boss’ spends their time directing and monitoring employees rather than empowering them. Micromanaging is oppressive, fosters anxiety, and creates a high-stress work environment. Eventually, employees will become disenchanted and quit to work for another company.”

Nimmi’s PG | Official Trailer | Hungama Originals

Download Nimmi’s PG | Official Trailer | Hungama Originals Song

#Nimmis #Official #Trailer #Hungama #Originals Continue Reading Nimmi’s PG | Official Trailer | Hungama Originals

Audit raises concerns about wildfire risks at US nuclear lab

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — One of the nation’s premier nuclear laboratories isn’t taking the necessary precautions to guard against wildfires, according to an audit by the U.S. Energy Department’s inspector general.

The report comes as wildfire risks intensify across the drought-stricken U.S. West. Climatologists and environmentalists have been warning about worsening conditions across the region, particularly in New Mexico, which is home to Los Alamos National Laboratory and where summer rains failed to materialize last year and winter precipitation has been spotty at best.

The birthplace of the atomic bomb, Los Alamos has experienced hundreds of millions of dollars in losses and damage from major wildfires over the last two decades. That includes a blaze in 2000 that forced the lab to close for about two weeks, ruined scientific projects, destroyed a portion of the town and threatened tens of thousands of barrels of radioactive waste stored on lab property.

Watchdog groups say the federal government needs to take note of the latest findings and conduct a comprehensive review before the lab ramps up production of key plutonium parts used in the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

“The threat and risks of wildfire to the lab and northern New Mexico will continue to increase because of climate warming, drought and expanded nuclear weapons production,” said Jay Coghlan, director of the group Nuclear Watch New Mexico.

The audit released this month found that cutting back vegetation along power lines and other measures to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires were not always done, increasing the potential for another devastating fire like the Cerro Grande Fire in 2000.

Federal auditors said not all fire roads were maintained to ensure safe passage for firefighters and equipment responding to blazes on lab property.

The audit also cited federal policy that requires a comprehensive, risk-based approach to wildfire management — something the inspector general’s office said had not been developed by the contractor that manages the lab for the U.S. government. It also pointed to a lack of oversight by Energy Department field staff.

“Without documenting planning and preparedness activities, there was no assurance that all prevention and mitigation options were considered and that the site was fully prepared for wildland fire events,” the audit says.

The report included photos that depicted overgrown areas. In Los Alamos Canyon, for example, specialists indicated there were about 400 to 500 trees per acre. Auditors said the ideal number should be 40 to 50 trees per acre.

Lab spokesman Peter Alden Hyde said that since the audit was conducted in late 2018 and early 2019, the lab has adopted “an aggressive approach” to wildfire management on its 39-square-mile (101-square-kilometer) campus. That has included thinning vegetation along access routes, improving fire roads and recently removing thousands of trees downed by wind storms.

“We continue to review our wildfire and forest health plans and have already implemented most of the recommendations the Department of Energy offered to improve our efforts to protect the public, the environment and the laboratory,” he said.

It was not immediately clear how many acres were thinned during the last year or whether the lab had any major projects planned for 2021.



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LGBT+ History Month: Eudy Simelane – the international footballer murdered for being gay

LGBT+ History Month: Eudy Simelane – the international footballer murdered for being gay

Eudy Simelane's mother Mally (left) and father Khotso (right) sit on the bridge built in honour of their murdered daughter next to a mural of her face on the wall
Eudy Simelane’s parents sit on the bridge bearing her image that was built in her memory

Warning: This article includes references to sexual assault and violent crime.

An international footballer, coach and aspiring referee, Eudy Simelane dedicated her life to the sport.

She was one of the first openly gay women to live in her township of Kwa-Thema in South Africa and was a well-known LGBT+ activist.

But because of her sexuality, Simelane was brutally raped and murdered in 2008, aged just 31.

This is the story of her life and how the legacy of her death is still impacting South African society.

‘She was a diamond’

Simelane was born on 11 March 1977, in Kwa-Thema, a township in the Gauteng province, south east of Johannesburg.

Her interest in football started when she was only four years old, demanding her brother Bafana always took her to practice with him despite it not being a sport commonly played by women at the time.

Passion soon became dedication as she honed her skills daily.

“Five o’clock in the morning, she [would be] at the gym – football was her favourite and her priority”, her late mother Mally recalled at a memorial lecture in 2016.external-link

Nicknamed ‘Styles’ because she was left-footed, midfielder Simelane joined her local team, Kwa-Thema Ladies, now known as the Springs Home Sweepers.

Speaking to the BBC World Service in 2018 about Simelane’s popularity on the pitch, her father Khotso said: “Everyone came to the ground when she played, number six”.

Springs Home Sweepers has produced a number of stars including Janine van Wyk, South Africa’s most capped footballer and captain of the national team, known as ‘Banyana Banyana’, meaning ‘the girls’.external-link

Simelane played several times for the national side, coached four local youth teams and wanted to qualify to become her country’s first female referee.

A campaigner for equality rights and social change, she was one of the first women to come out as a lesbian in South Africaexternal-link.

In the 2020 Eudy Simelane Memorial Lectureexternal-link, her brother, Bafana said: “In sport she was a diamond, scoring beautiful goals. She was a marvellous person, intelligent, everything. It was a package. Everything you would find in Eudy. Jokingly she was playing, teasing others. That is what I miss about her.”

On 27 April 2008, Simelane’s body was found in a stream just a few hundred metres from her home in Kwa-Thema.

Reports stated she was approached after leaving a pub, raped and then stabbed repeatedly.

Despite her death shocking many, activists claimed many lesbians in South Africa were targeted for ‘corrective rape’, a crime where the perpetrator aims to ‘cure’ the victim of their sexuality, converting them to heterosexuality.

Thato Mphuthiexternal-link pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Simelane in February 2009 and was sentenced to 32 years in prison. The following September, Themba Mvubu was also found guilty of the crimes and was sentenced to life in prison. When questioned by reporters in court, he responded: “I’m not sorry.”

‘It opened the eyes of many’

Mally Simelane
Eudy Simelane’s mother Mally fought to change perceptions of LGBT+ people before her death in 2019

Simelane’s sexuality put her in a vulnerable position, something her mother recognised, telling the BBC, “the whole of South Africa knew Eudy was a lesbian”.

The unfortunate reality is Simelane’s story isn’t unique – she is one of many victims of similar, horrific crimes in South Africa.

A year prior to her death, Sizakele Sigasaexternal-link, a women’s and gay rights activist, and her friend Salone Massooa, were heckled outside a bar and called ‘tomboys’. The women were then gang raped, tortured, and shot dead.

Just a few years after Simelane’s murder, Noxolo Nogwaza, a 24-year-old lesbian, was found beaten and stoned to death in the same township Simelane lived.

However, as a country, South Africa was at the forefront of same-sex rights and became the first African nation to decriminalise same-sex acts in 1998.

The country also legalised same-sex marriage in 2006, seven years before the act was passed in the UK, and two years prior to Simelane’s tragic death.

Despite this, the country still has the highest number of recorded rape cases per capitaexternal-link. Within this, it’s young, black, lesbian women that often fall victim to violent ‘corrective rape’ crimes in South African townships.

According to data released in 2017,external-link 49% of black members of LGBT+ communities in the country are likely to know someone who has been murdered for being LGBT+, compared to 26% of white community members.

More often than not, the perpetrators of these awful attacks are not prosecuted for their actions.external-link

Human rights activists and supporters of Eudy Simelane in August 2009 outside the Delmas court in Mpumalanga, before the trial
Human rights activists and supporters of Eudy Simelane in August 2009 outside the Delmas court in Mpumalanga, before the trial

Simelane’s case has been an exception though. Her profile and story captivated the nation and brought the issue of ‘corrective rape’ to attention.

Following Simelane’s death, her mother Mally was instrumental in the fight to change her communities’ views on homosexuality, using her Methodist faith as a platform. She united with her local Pastor, Smadz Matsepe, in a fight to change attitudes towards LGBT+ individuals in society. Mally was fully committed to fighting prejudice until her passing in 2019.

“It opened the eyes of many and it challenged us to deal with the LGBT+ issue,” Matsepe told the BBC.

A bridge was built over the stream in Kwa-Thema, next to the football field where Simelane’s body was found. The bridge features her face imprinted on it and was built “as a reminder of the freedom, dignity and equality for all”, according to the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project in The Times.external-link

Another initiative set up with the aim of changing social attitudes, was The Eudy Simelane Memorial Lecture. This annual lecture, in partnership between the Ujamaa Centreexternal-link at The University of KwaZulu-Natal, The Other Foundationexternal-link, Pietermaritzburg Gay & Lesbian Networkexternal-link, the KwaZulu Natal Christian Council, and Simelane’s family, aims to change attitudes towards LGBT+ people, particularly within some religious communities.

These bodies recognised that for there to be a significant social change, religious communities needed to adopt a new outlook on same-sex relationships and marriage, so that individuals could not try to use religious grounds to justify violence against LGBT+ people.

Professor Charlene van der Walt from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Deputy Director of Ujamaa Centre told the BBC this year: “Eudy’s story is an example of what happens to a lot of families and a lot of faith communities, yet the issue of LGBT+ people in faith is often denied or invisible.”

The lecture is also an opportunity to stimulate conversations around LGBT+ communities.

Van der Walt added it was especially important to continue these conversation during the Covid-19 pandemic where LGBT+ people are “vulnerable” because they often are “in a family setting that doesn’t accept” their sexuality.

“We have made a massive leap in the right direction,” she said.

In the 2020 lecture, Simelane’s brother Bafana, said: “History repeats itself, so now, this lecture is eye opening to the community and other families that they must not take it as a curse if someone is gay, lesbian or transgender”.

Despite the tragic death of Simelane, it sent an important message across South Africa and was a catalyst for these projects and conversations to take place.

If you’ve been affected by issues raised in this article, there is information and support available on BBC Action Line.

Frustrated Owners Share Stories About How Hard It Is To Catch A Dog Once It Runs Away (52 Pics)

Frustrated Owners Share Stories About How Hard It Is To Catch A Dog Once It Runs Away (52 Pics)

If you have a dog, you know what it means to chase after them in the streets while your heart is skipping beats like it was an R&B song. Sometimes, all it takes to unleash your dog’s hyperactive double is a lone duck by the pond, sometimes it’s the neighbor dog, but most often, it’s your dog playing the game of their life. That game is called “catch me if you can.”

So when Brian, who goes by the Twitter handle @itsbriancuh, tweeted: “eff a break up, have y’all ever had to chase your dog down the street and they’re thinking it’s a game,” the tweet blew up on social media with 969.8k likes and 156k retweets, and it seemed that dog owners have totally found a safe space to talk about hard things.

Let’s see some of the best tweets about what it is like to chase those clueless and totally reckless four-legged creatures who care about nothing but trolling you. So get your sneakers ready, someone’s gonna run far and scream hard, and it’s not gonna be me, since I’m not yet a dog owner.

Image credits: itsbriancuh

Ras Ke Bhare Tore Naina | Full Lyrical Video Song | Satyagraha |Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor| T-SERIES

Download Ras Ke Bhare Tore Naina | Full Lyrical Video Song | Satyagraha |Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor| T-SERIES Song

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Louisiana governor at odds with Biden over oil, gas policy

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Gov. John Bel Edwards disagrees with President Joe Biden’s targeting of fossil fuel industries and wants the White House to reconsider its decision to pause new oil and gas drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, the Louisiana governor’s administration said Wednesday.

Biden’s approach to oil and gas strikes at one of Louisiana’s economic engines and an industry that is a chief financial backer of the state’s coastal restoration work, putting the Democratic governor at odds with a president within his own party.

The governor’s top lawyer, coastal adviser and natural resources secretary told state lawmakers that Edwards thinks Biden’s moratorium on new oil and gas drilling leases on federal land and waters is the wrong approach to combat climate change.

Environmental groups have lauded Biden’s approach, arguing that it is the kind of bold, urgent action needed to slow climate change, which has been linked to droughts, devastating wildfires and a rising number of hurricanes that have pummeled the region.

Edwards this week, however, voiced concerns about the moratorium to Biden’s energy secretary pick, Jennifer Granholm, according to Louisiana Natural Resources Secretary Thomas Harris.

“I know he’s arguing. He’s working it every day. He’s constantly calling me looking for new ammunition” to make his case to the Biden administration, Harris said.

But lawmakers on the state House and Senate natural resources committees pushed Edwards to make a direct appeal to Biden, noting that as the only Democratic governor in the Deep South he could have more sway with the president.

“We’ve got to do something, talk to somebody and make some moves,” said Sen. Mike Fesi, a Houma Republican who owns an oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance company.

While the Edwards administration talked of trying to negotiate with the White House, Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry intends more direct challenges to the Biden administration’s regulatory and executive actions.

“In cases where we can, we will litigate,” said Bill Stiles, Landry’s chief deputy.

States have little control or say in the management of federal lands and waters, however, leaving political pressure, appeals to Congress and suggestions for alternate policies among their options to reverse Biden’s policies.

Edwards has regularly refused to air his grievances with presidents, Republican or Democrat, publicly. Harris said the governor will continue that approach in this disagreement with the Biden administration.

“I think the best thing we can do is make the coherent argument that what they’re proposing is not the appropriate path forward,” Harris said.

Biden wants to shift the nation’s focus from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives, such as wind and solar energy, with a goal of eliminating pollution from fossil fuel in the power sector by 2035 and from the U.S. economy overall by 2050. The president suggests his directives will create jobs in renewable energy and other sectors that can offset the lost employment in oil and natural gas.

But Louisiana officials and industry representatives say Biden’s actions will cause massive job losses across the Gulf Coast, crater economic activity in the region and strip millions of dollars that Louisiana uses from offshore drilling to pay for coastal restoration projects.

Wednesday’s hearing at the Louisiana Capitol outlined those fears, with Republican members of the state’s congressional delegation, leaders of coastal parishes and oil and gas representatives predicting widespread damaging impacts.

“The Biden administration wasted no time launching a full scale assault on oil and gas that will send production overseas and further injure the economy,” said Republican U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins.

Oil and gas extracted from public lands and waters account for about a quarter of annual U.S. production. Extracting and burning those fuels generates the equivalent of almost 550 million tons (500 metric tons) of greenhouse gases annually, the U.S. Geological Survey said in a 2018 study.

Leading a state where tens of thousands of jobs are tied to fossil fuels, Edwards has argued the oil and gas industry should be involved in technological improvements and energy advancements that curtail greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the impacts of climate change.


Follow Melinda Deslatte on Twitter at

"Senorita Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" Full HD Video Song | Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol

Download Free "Senorita Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" Full HD Video Song | Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol Download

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We know that you love making different crafts and create something special and really useful! You will learn how to make different awesome crafts from plastic bottles. You can make a mousetrap, a suitcase, planters and a lot more. Let’s make a DIY door closer as it’s a very annoying problem when the door always opens. You will need a rope, two door hooks, and a plastic bottle. Attach the first hook to the door corner and the second one to the door frame near. Attach the rope to the hook on the door and put it from the first hook to the second one and attach the end of the rope to the plastic bottle that should hang.
Another collection of cool ideas is how to reuse lid from a pack of baby wipes. You will learn how to cover open sockets at home without special tools; make a helpful box for jewelry or valuables; create an educational game to learn different animals; make an underwear dispenser. Use dispenser for wipes to store underwear.
We prepared a collection of home remedies that work perfectly! You will love homemade sore throat gummies with ginger, lemon, and honey. Pour two glasses of water into a pan and put sliced ginger. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain sliced ginger and add lemon juice and honey to the ginger water. Next, add gelatin and stir. Pour the liquid into silicone molds and let cool. You can make essential oils to beat insomnia: mix 20 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of ylang-ylang oil and coconut oil. Cure blisters using tomato slices. Check out our tutorial! Use baking soda and water to reduce itching after a mosquito bite.

00:09 Homemade remedies
01:59 Essential oils for insomnia
04:54 DIY game for kids
07:53 DIY door closer
11:00 Reuse plastic bottles

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Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

The military government in Myanmar has increasingly used nighttime arrests, legal threats, a curfew and a ban on large gatherings to tame weeklong anti-coup protests that have spread from the cities to the countryside. Now, civil society groups fear that the military is preparing a new law that would further restrict online expression and limit the privacy rights of citizens.

One telecommunications company, Telenor, said Friday that it was aware of the proposal and was reviewing it. A coalition of 158 civil society organizations signed a statement raising concerns that the potential new law would lead to the widespread arrest of government critics.

Myanmar already has harsh laws restricting online speech, but opponents of the military say the proposed law is so broad that it would allow the authorities to arrest anyone who criticized the government online and imprison them for up to three years. Critics also said the proposed law would require telecommunications companies to cooperate with the government and provide information on their customers.

The military government declined to comment.

Concern over the proposal comes amid fears that the military could use greater force if the protests continue, as it has in the past. Two protesters have already been shot. But the proposal also suggests that the military may be searching for a variety of ways to rein in the demonstrations.

The military, which has ruled the country for most of the last 60 years, has a long history of using violence to suppress protests, including gunning down pro-democracy demonstrators in 1988 and 2007. The Myanmar Army, or Tatmadaw, has never been shy about showing the depths of its brutality, killing monks in the street and launching a murderous rampage against the Rohingya, leading to an exodus of the Muslim minority in 2017.

But a violent response to largely peaceful protests that have swept the country after the Feb. 1 coup could further isolate Myanmar at a time when military leaders want to maintain normal economic relations. Aside from a nationally televised speech Tuesday evening by the coup leader, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, the generals behind the junta have largely been silent as the civil disobedience movement has grown.

On Thursday, Gen. Min Aung Hlaing posted a statement on Facebook saying that coronavirus vaccinations were proceeding and repeating his call for “disciplined multiparty democracy.”

Since seizing power, the military has shut down the internet at times and blocked Facebook to disrupt communications among protesters.

Over the last 10 days, a civil disobedience movement against the military takeover has seeped into nearly every aspect of society. Many bank employees, rail workers, civil servants, doctors and nurses have refused to work, reducing the availability of medical care, slowing financial transactions and halting rail transportation.

A walkout by rail employees earlier this week prompted the closure of the Myanmar Railway, which under coronavirus restrictions was serving only several thousand commuters near Yangon, the country’s largest city. There was no indication of when it would reopen.

In Yangon, where hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets in protest earlier this week, actions were more muted as smaller impromptu demonstrations popped up in different neighborhoods. On Friday, thousands of protesters staged demonstrations at foreign missions in the city, including the Chinese and Russian embassies.

Demonstrators also have become more creative since the restrictions on gatherings were announced Tuesday. Some have paraded in horse-drawn carts or dressed in ball gowns. One group of animal lovers brought their dogs, another their snakes and lizards. Musicians played on the streets, weight lifters bared their chests, and a few young women wore bikinis while holding anti-coup signs.

“It’s wonderful to see all kinds of people joining in protest,” said U Wai Zin Thant, a private company manager in Mandalay who watched them online. “I never thought that I would see a fashion show, a music concert and a historical protest against the military coup at the same time.”

The protests have even come to the placid Inle Lake in central Myanmar, where the inhabitants seem to live in a bygone era. They dwell in houses built on stilts, grow vegetables in floating gardens and travel in long, narrow wooden boats. The fishermen are renowned for standing on one leg while rowing with the other.

But the community is not so remote that it has been bypassed by the protests. On Thursday, more than a thousand Inle Lake residents gathered by boat in a floating protest, with anti-military slogans written on their wooden paddles and placards spelling out words in English such as, “Get out dictators.”

“Maybe people think we live a peaceful life because we grow our vegetables for food and make our own boats for transportation,” said Ko Ngwe Toe, an Inle resident. “But we can’t neglect that the country’s democracy is being raped by the military.”

At several demonstrations earlier in the week, police officers crossed over to the protesters’ side to large cheers from the crowd. In the city of Loikaw in Kayah State, at least 40 male and female officers joined in chanting, “No dictatorship” and “People’s police” after switching sides.

But in the capital, Naypyidaw, two protesters were shot by the police on Tuesday, apparently with live ammunition. One victim, Mya Thwate Thwate Khing, 19, was shot in the head. She is being kept alive by a ventilator, said Dr. Wai Yan Kyaw at Naypyidaw Thousand-Bed General Hospital, where she is being treated.

“According to her injury, this must not be a rubber bullet,” the doctor said. “This must be a real bullet.”

A second patient, a man who was shot in the chest, has been released, he said.

The young woman’s sister, Mya Tha Toe Nwe, said the two of them had taken cover at the protest to avoid the spray from a police water cannon and were leaving when she was shot.

“There is no hope even with an operation,” she said. “I am deeply sad.” But she said she would not be deterred.

“We participated in the protest against the military coup because it’s not only for one person or one party,” she said. “We need to eliminate the military dictatorship from our country, and I will keep fighting.”

Many protesters applauded the decision by President Biden on Wednesday to impose sanctions on the generals behind the coup that would prevent them from gaining access to $1 billion in funds that their government keeps in the United States.

Mr. Biden, who has demanded that the military release the civilian leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, from house arrest, said he would announce additional actions against the military leaders and their families. The United Nations Human Rights Council was scheduled to meet in a special session on Friday to consider taking action.

In recent days, the military has rounded up prominent leaders aligned with Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, in midnight raids, including the chief ministers of 14 states, the popular mayor of Mandalay and her Australian economics adviser.

Among those detained were the chairman and a member of the Union Election Commission, which oversaw the November elections that the National League for Democracy won in a landslide. The military justified its coup by claiming electoral fraud. The authorities also raided the party’s headquarters in Yangon, seizing financial records, computers and data storage devices.

A doctor active in the civil disobedience moment in the southern Myanmar township of Ingapu was arrested and dragged away by plainclothes police officers Thursday afternoon while he was in the middle of stitching up a patient, his family said. He has not been heard from since.

The military announced on Friday that it would release more than 23,000 prisoners under an amnesty in honor of Union Day, a national holiday commemorating a 1947 independence agreement. Such mass amnesties are not unusual in Myanmar; the civilian government released nearly 25,000 inmates in April.

But democracy advocates expressed concern online that the junta could organize some of the prisoners into mobs to attack protesters, a tactic that critics said it has used in the past.

Hannah Beech contributed reporting.

43 People Share How They Accidentally Conditioned Their Pets To Do Something Unusual

43 People Share How They Accidentally Conditioned Their Pets To Do Something Unusual

Training an animal is hard work. You have to create a fun, interesting, and stimulating environment for it, constantly monitoring the animal for desirable and undesirable behaviors, reacting to each accordingly. You also have to arm yourself with patience. A lot of the time, the process can seem to be going in circles too. One step forward, two steps back… Or it can happen on a whim without you even noticing it!

“We’re all unknowingly training our pets all day long,” Samantha Bell, cat expert for Best Friends Animal Society, told Bored Panda. “Every time we interact with them, we’re training them. The reason for this unintentional training is ‘operant conditioning’ – behavior leads to a reward which leads to a repeat of the behavior.”

Here’s an example of this unintentional training Samantha has experienced first-hand: her cat Yohan jumps on the counter while she prepares his food. Samantha never wants to stress him out, so she talks sweetly to him and gives him a little kiss on the head as she sets him on the ground. Since Yohan loves attention and head kisses, he sees them as a reward for jumping on the counter. So, Samantha accidentally trained Yohan to jump on the counter when she thought she was teaching him to get off it.

“And I’m a cat behavior expert. It happens to the best of us,” she said.

Curious to find out more about this phenomenon, Redditor u/shoonpo submitted a question to r/AskReddit: “What have you accidentally conditioned your pet to do?” As of this article, the post has nearly 64,000 upvotes and 13,000 comments, many of which are fun stories like Samantha’s!

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI take baths with my cat by letting her float in a plastic box. I keep the box in my closet. I only started doing this about a month ago, but now when I turn the bathwater on she runs to the closet and jumps in her box.

aquickcupofcoffee Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI talk to myself constantly so my cat thinks it’s normal to walk around making chatty noises all the time. If he’s awake, he’s talking. I think it’s adorable but it drives my husband nuts, which has resulted in my husband yelling at him a lot (don’t worry, the cat doesn’t get upset). Now the cat thinks that’s just how my husband talks, so whenever he sees him he yells at him really loudly in order to imitate him. My husband will walk in the room and my cat will stop whatever he’s doing and just meow SO LOUDLY right in his face. It’s absolutely hilarious, dude got exactly what he deserved.

Sonja_Blu , Jennifer C. Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsOur cat had impacted anal glands for awhile. We had to bribe him with treats for him to let us look to make sure he was doing alright. Now when he wants a treat he comes up and sticks his butt in our face.

dipdipbeantot , INTVGene Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsWhen I was little I would constantly carry around one of my cats, Feist. Since my hands were full with her I would use one of her outstretched paws to turn on lights whenever we entered a room.
Now the little bastard switches them on and off for fun.

Kayleiighm , Nick Amoscato Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsSomewhere along the way, my dog learned ‘get your toy’ means to pick up his nearest toy. I didn’t purposely train him to do it, but it’s good for when he’s about to leave one of them outside and I want him to bring it in. If there’s no toy around and I say this he’ll grab the nearest soft thing, usually some piece of clothing laying around. One time he tried to pick up the cat.

Pile_Of_Cats , Andrew Bone Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI would playfully grab (not hard, really light) my dog’s snout whenever we’re playing. He somehow figured out it’s my favorite thing to do when ever he comes over to me. So now, everytime he senses that I’m upset or sees that I’m crying, he would come up to me and gently put his snout in my hand.

FiendishLobster , montillon.a Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI picked my kitten up a few times to kill some spiders up high for me. So now whenever I pick her up she looks up at the ceiling and looks for spiders.

C8H10N4O2Addiction , Tamsin Cooper Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI had a dog when I was younger. When I put my shoes on, I would often pet him (he used to hang out in the coat room). He learned to bring shoes to me in exchange for head pats.

racoonTowel , rpavich Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy cat meows twice (like “bless you”) when I sneeze and I say “thank you” back. She stared doing that on her own.

I stopped saying thank you a few times and now she won’t stop yelling at me until she knows I’m okay.

VeryAgitatedEngineer , Francis Bijl Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy dog barks at any animal on the TV so I always told him whether he could actually take the animal or not and he’s learnt that if I tell him that a polar bear will f**k him up then he shouldn’t bark at it, but if there’s a rabbit then he’s got a shot of winning so he can keep going.

Now he barks then looks at me for approval to find out his odds before continuing.

RugbyAndDragQueens , Dineshraj Goomany Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsSomehow we taught our dog the concept of trading. When we eat something she really wants she will go get one of her bones or toys, and if we carelessly take them from her she will casually try to take what we are eating, as if we shook on an exchange.

theshizirl , Bailiwick Studios Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy niece loves to FaceTime my mom to talk to her dog. When the dog was a puppy, my mom used to pull her onto her lap when she would get FaceTimed.
Now the dog is 80 lbs and will jump in your lap if your phone or tablet starts making the default FaceTime ring.

theshizirl , Seth Vidal Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsBring me dirty laundry.
One day my cat brought me a sock and it was so cute so I petted him and praised him. That started a cycle of it and now he’s constantly bringing dirty laundry to me.

ijflwe42 , schmilblick Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy dad has our pets trained pretty well. Since our Labradoodle was a puppy, he would tell him: “It’s time for all the puppies in all the world to go to bed.” His bed time has always been 9pm. Now we just say “all the puppies” and he goes downstairs and into his kennel. If we forget, he puts himself to bed. 🙂

My dad works from home and will take a break to let the animals out into the backyard. He says “time for recess!” And they all come running, cats included!

Last but not least, when my dad plays the piano, the dog sits next to him and “sings”. It’s the world’s most obnoxious bark/yowl combo. My dad has a way with animals.

serenwikity , Cheung Jonathan Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy wife and I have pretty set sleep schedules during the week. If we stay up later on the weekend or w/e, our dog gets VERY huffy/offended and will sigh passive-aggressively at us until we go upstairs to bed.

Oh, and if one of his bowls is empty he licks it (also passive-aggressively) and then makes direct eye contact.

FretfulMemo7 , N1NJ4 Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy cats love blanket caves or anything along those lines. One day I was wearing a pretty long dress and as a joke I covered one of my cats with my skirt. She sat right down and started purring like a motor. Now, anytime I have a long skirt on and crouch down to their level, she will dash under my skirt, make herself comfortable, and start purring. I worry about the day that she comes across another person in a skirt and dashes in like some pervy creep.

Wren1101 , Dubravko Sorić Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI conditioned my cats to use the scratching post with treats and pets and lots of “good boy, good boy.”

For the last 7 years, whenever I have to tell my one cat to stop chewing on something or anything like that, he goes to that post and scratches furiously looking at me like “but I’m a good boy!!”

unknown , Tamsin Cooper Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy dogs know the sound of the drawer the cheese is kept in the fridge. They could be asleep in a completely different area, but if you open the cheese drawer they come running and sit like good boys for their cheese. They are herding dogs and will also herd the cat away if she won’t stop meowing at me when I’m busy or if she tries to scratch anything.

Meggs8bacon , Alan Levine Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy dog knew he would always get some ice to chew when I went to the fridge so any time he heard the ice machine on the fridge start he would come running in. Once he became deaf he would feel the vibrations in the floor from it and knew it was ice time!

tstock415 , Laurel F Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsEvery morning when I wake up I rub my dog’s belly. Now whenever I say good morning she will lay on her back for belly scratches.

not-whoyouthink , Eileen Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy cat knows my bathroom schedule. When I have to pee after getting home from work, she’ll dart into the bathroom and wait for me to put her on the counter. Then I turn on the tap and she drinks the water. I have no memory of how this started.

ladyanonymous15 , Michel Curi Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsGet wet food at 4:00 am every day. I wake up early during the week and feed him wet food right away. Of course he doesn’t care that it’s the weekend. His internal alarm clock is down to minute with precision. And because he’s a cat, and an asshole, if we don’t get up and get his food, he howls loudly through the house, opens shutters, walks on our faces, nudges our noses with his nose….he’s so relentless it’s not even funny. But we love him.

gymmama , Lisa Zins Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsOne time, my cat spotted a spider on my wall, since he was staring so obviously I was able to notice too. Grateful, I gave him treats and cuddles. He did it again a week later, same thing. Then one time he looks around frantically and I jump up to go check but I don’t see a spider. He looks at me expectantly. After a few times like this I realized he learned that looking around intensely at stuff means treats, love and attention.

It’s now been 4 years and he will still look at me then pointedly look around the apartment, then back at me, expecting a reward. Has it resulted in him spotting the occasional bug? Yes, especially since over the years I’ve learned the slight difference between his real expression and the fake “I want treats” one. Still, even if I know it’s all a lie, it throws me off and sometimes I give in and look anyway. Maybe I’m imagining it but he always looks so satisfied afterwards, the fluffy jerk.

TwistNothing , Vladimer Shioshvili Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsEvery time I open the veggies draw in the fridge my guinea pigs begin to squeal with excitement, thinking it is food time even if I just fed them…lll

spaceylacy82 , Matt Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsOne of my cats has a favorite toy that he brings me sometimes, and when he does I praise him for his catch. Now either I’ve trained him into thinking he has to bring it to me to receive affection or he’s trained me into recognizing when it’s OK to give him affection. Or a little bit of both and it’s just a little nice communication tool

hypo-osmotic , Lisa Zins Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy ex had a parakeet with the most personality I have ever met in a bird.

The birb used to mimick the sound that ‘beeboop’ sound that an android maked when you plug it in the a charger, and knew that meant it was time for bed.

So, whenever the bird was tired, it would make that noise, because that meant it was time to sleep. It mimicked it so perfectly that I found myself checking my phone whenever it was naptime for the birdy.

I miss you Pistachio!

UpsideDownwardSpiral , Al Tassano Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-Things“Stop eating your face.”

He has floppy jowls that sometimes get stuck in his teeth. I used to just casually say “dude stop eating your face” when it happened. On the occasions that he just happened to lick his teeth and spring it loose, I would give him a pat on the head and call him a good boy. Never any intentional training but now that he’s an old man he’s 100% responsive when I tell him. He’ll clear his teeth out and present himself for his congratulatory head pats.

HoopOnPoop , nathanmac87 Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy one dog sleeps under a blanket. I know he pretty much only gets a decent sleep that way, so every time he’s laying down I cover him with one.

So whenever he wants to have a nap, or it’s time to go to sleep at night, he jumps up onto the couch, or bed, or really wherever I am, and just sits there starring at me, until I grab a blanket and drape it over top of him – to which he then lays down and falls asleep.

The funny part is that he’ll often sit there in that position waiting for minutes on end. Sometimes he’s not even facing me when he does it which is the funniest. He’ll get up on the bed, put his ass in my face, sit, and just wait. He knows he doesn’t even feign loving me to get what he wants, he just knows it’s going to happen so why put up a facade? He’s become very entitled about it.

2) Whenever I bring my dogs in from a walk or from the back yard, I give them a treat, which I keep in the kitchen. So whenever we come in, they run to the kitchen and get in the sitting position (‘sit’ is always the first command in a string of commands that I use when giving them treats). If I forget, they’ll sit there for however long it takes for me to circle back around and give them a treat – sometimes this takes 5-10 minutes if I’m distracted; but they’ll just sit there waiting.

They have trained me well.

unknown , anneheathen Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsIf he hears me on the phone with my sister it’s automatically time for a walk. We usually chat when I take him out and he is now very aware of that.

Also outside clothes and putting on makeup means I’m going out probably without him. If I take my backpack- I won’t be back until after work (he’s happy that hasn’t happened in awhile)

gallanttalent , Philip Bump Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsWhen my dog was a puppy my dad used to give her the last bite of his breakfast sandwich every morning so she learned to sit next to whoever was at the head of the table eating at 8 am every morning. Sadly my father passed from brain cancer a few years ago so I feel bad to see her sit there and wait for the sandwich that isn’t coming

Thekamcc19 , John M Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsUpon hearing the Windows 7 sonata log-off sound, she jumps up and starts running around the room since I always locked my computer before leaving. And when I’m leaving, that usually means she’s going to daycare (i.e. my Mom’s house).

It’s been 3 or so years since I switched to Windows 10, but just playing the sound on YouTube still gets a reaction out of her.

TheMidnightScorpion , Wonderlane Report

The budgie had a broken leg in a little splint. He would climb to the roof of his cage with just his beak and good leg, then let go of his beak and hang by one leg then just stare at me. He knew I would stick my hand in and he could just fall off into my hand. He only did this when I was around because I was the only one who would stick my hand in.

spaceship4parakeet Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-Thingsmy cat drinks out of a glass on my nightstand rather than a bowl. a couple of years ago, she was having some pretty serious dental issues (all fixed now), and was being reluctant to eat and drink. she had always wanted to drink out of the water cup i had for myself, and at that point i just wanted her to drink anything, so i let her.

that was my mistake and now she refuses to drink out of a bowl on the ground, and will only drink out of cups. she has a permanent cup on my nightstand, to this day. oh well, at least it’s easier for me to monitor her water intake.

notlisapizza , Mira Mechtley Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy kitten will aggressively headbutt my face every night before bed, for top of head kisses before she goes to sleep.

kellieowns , I am R. Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy cat knows to come over for the last bits of my yoghurt every night. She can tell from another room by the sound my spoon makes how much there is left ie when it’s worth it to run on to me.

Our dog never learned any commands except to come back from outside when you mimicked loud eating sounds.

BarbaraMerkin , Daniel van den Ouden Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsI used to work from home which included talking on the phone a lot. My dog would always bark when I was starting to talk to someone so I’d give her a treat to shut up, this turned into her following me around and barking anytime I put my headset on.

I don’t work for that company anymore, but I kept the headset on a shelf. Now when she wants treats she’ll go over to it and bark at it and then look at me.

definitlynotddevito , grantlairdjr Report

Pets-Condition-Owners-Do-Funny-ThingsMy pup knows “skooch” means for him to get on his side of the bed.

After my ex husband left, ex’s side of the bed became dog”s side of the bed. Dog knows “off” and would jump off the bed when I said “skooch,” too, and then ask to be let back up on the bed. Eventually he figured out that “skooch” isn’t the dame as “off”- he doesn’t have to get put of the bed, just out of my side of it.

that-1-chick-u-know , Mackenzie Kosut Report

I know somebody whose dog runs when he points his ass at it. Apperently he blasted it once with a heinous fart and it remembers.

phormix Report

Pehle Pyaar Ka Pehla Gham (AUDIO)Jubin, Tulsi |Javed A, Rajesh R | Khushali, Parth | Manan, Rashmi

Download Pehle Pyaar Ka Pehla Gham (AUDIO)Jubin, Tulsi |Javed A, Rajesh R | Khushali, Parth | Manan, Rashmi Song

#Pehle #Pyaar #Pehla #Gham #AUDIOJubin #Tulsi #Javed #Rajesh #Khushali #Parth #Manan #Rashmi Continue Reading Pehle Pyaar Ka Pehla Gham (AUDIO)Jubin, Tulsi |Javed A, Rajesh R | Khushali, Parth | Manan, Rashmi

Suspect, 95, charged with murder in assisted living shooting

A 95-year-old resident of an assisted living facility accused of shooting and killing a maintenance worker has been charged with first-degree murder.

The suspect, Okey Payne, appeared in court in Boulder on Wednesday to be advised of the charges filed against him. According to court records, Payne was also charged with two counts of menacing with a weapon in addition to the murder count.

Police have said Payne shot Ricardo Medina-Rojas in the head on Feb. 3 after confronting him about $200 he claimed Medina-Rojas had stolen after he arrived for work at Legacy Assisted Living in the city of Lafayette. Payne then waved his handgun at two people who tried to help Medina-Rojas, authorities said.

Payne only has partial hearing and had to read a live transcript of the court proceedings on a laptop in court. He spoke loudly at times as the judge heard another case and the judge told him not to read the transcript aloud when his case was called.

According to the affidavit, Payne told police that workers at the facility had been stealing from him since October 2019 and that he also confronted another man about $200 he said he noticed was missing from his wallet two days before the shooting.

During an interview in which investigators had to write down their questions, Payne recounted he was sitting in the lobby thinking about ways to get attention and stop the thefts when saw Medina-Rojas arriving for work and decided to shoot him, police said in the affidavit.

According to the affidavit, Payne told investigators he also suspected that he was being drugged by staffers because of needle marks he found in his big toe and that his ex-wife was working with someone else to steal money from him. Investigators did not find any evidence of the claims of theft made by Payne, the document said.

Payne is represented by two public defenders, Kathryn Herold and William Bode, who are not allowed to comment on cases under the policy of the Office of the State Public Defender.

Payne has not been asked to enter a plea yet. A hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to put him on trial is scheduled for May 5.

Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Video Song (OFFICIAL) Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor | Yo Yo Honey Singh

Download Free Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Video Song (OFFICIAL) Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor | Yo Yo Honey Singh Download

#Dheere #Dheere #Meri #Zindagi #Video #Song #OFFICIAL #Hrithik #Roshan #Sonam #Kapoor #Honey #Singh Continue Reading Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Video Song (OFFICIAL) Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor | Yo Yo Honey Singh



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Let’s start from a collection of crazy tricks with banknotes. You will learn how to build a money printer. Yes, it sounds crazy and your friends will be surprised but it’s a very easy trick to do. You will need cardboard, two pencils, glue, and black paper. Follow our instructions: cut one piece of cardboard to make a base. Next, cut two other pieces of cardboard with 2 holes on each. Glue them to the base using a hot glue gun. Insert 2 pencils into the holes. Attach black paper like it showed in the video and watch the rest of the tutorial in our video.
One more amazing trick is balancing forks. You will need a tall glass, two forks, and a coin. Hook two forks together and secure with a coin and place the coin on the edge of the glass, watch the full tutorial.
Find out how to make coin balancing on the side of the banknote. This magic trick is really easy! Fold banknote in half and place a coin on it. Next, carefully stretch the banknote. Voila! This is a cool trick to entertain your friends at the party!
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01:51 Cool optical illusions
08:00 Smiling banknote
09:20 DIY money printer trick
13:10 Tricks with rubber bands

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The famous Hollywood legend died at the age of 92

The famous Hollywood legend died at the age of 92

Information about the death of Christopher Plummer is mass media attention, actor of classic films The sound of music Oscar winner died after a stroke at home.

The departure of Christopher Plummer made those who admired and watched him regret it. Lou Pitt, a manager and a close friend next to the actor for the past 46 years, said Christopher Plummer is an extraordinary man, passionate and respectful of work, elegant and humorous to all. people. His career will forever be an example to the next generation.

Events - The famous Hollywood legend dies at 92

The third wife – Elaine Taylor next to the actor in the last years of his life.

According to Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer’s co-star: “World I lost a perfect actor today and I lost a respectable friend. I cherish the memories of working with him as well as remember the humor we shared over the years. “

Christopher Plummer was born on December 13, 1929, in Toronto, the great-grandson of John Abbott – Canada’s 3rd Prime Minister. He grew up in Montreal, Canada, before moving to the US to live and work.

In 1956, he was given the first lead role in the play Henry V at Stratford Festival 1956 in Ontario, Canada. After the good effect of the play Henry VPlummer received many other important roles. In 1973, Christopher Plummer won the Tony Award for his role in the musical Cyrano.

Although constantly taking the lead role and having good performance, in the years 1980 – 1990, the quality of male artist roles on screen started to decline. He then took a short break to gain momentum, going back to the track with some impressive roles in the film. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), Malcolm X (1992), 12 Monkeys (1995), The Insider (1999)…

Especially noteworthy, in 1965, when the film The sound of music released, the actor’s name quickly emerged. The role of Captain George Von Trapp is extremely popular with the audience because of Plummer’s handsome and acting ability.

Facts - The famous Hollywood legend dies at the age of 92 (Figure 2).

Pictures of actor Christopher Plummer strong in The Sound of Music.

During the 70 years of Christopher Plummer’s art, he maintained a career in musical and film theater, something many artists could hardly maintain. Until his death, he appeared in more than 200 films, television and cinema, hundreds of musicals.

By 1982, for her role in Beginners, Plummer set a record when becoming the oldest artist to receive an Oscar in the Supporting Actor category. He then went on to set a new milestone at the age of 88 when he became the oldest artist nominated for an Oscar for his role in All the money in the world.

Nguyen Anh (Source The Sun)

Airplane passenger demands a window seat on a flight to Cairo — then meets his future wife

Airplane passenger demands a window seat on a flight to Cairo — then meets his future wife

(CNN) — If everything had gone according to plan, they would probably never have met. But Mafalda Feliciano’s original British Airways flight from Brazil was overbooked, so she was bumped on to another — and then fate played its hand.

Traveling with her sister and brother in law for a vacation in Egypt in September 2004, the group was re-routed via London.

After they lost their original seats, Feliciano ended up on her own, in the middle of a row, between two strangers.

By her own accounts, Feliciano, a then-37-year-old medical physicist from Brazil, is naturally shy and introverted. She had no intention of making conversation with the passengers on either side of her. Instead, she settled in for a quiet flight across Europe.

About two hours into the journey, bored of napping, Feliciano went to turn on the inflight entertainment. She reached for what she thought was her remote, built into the armrest, and hit the on-button.

It was the wrong remote. She’d accidentally turned off the screen belonging to the guy in the window seat next to her.

“He was like, ‘Excuse me, but I was watching a movie and you just stopped my movie,” she recalls. Embarrassed, Feliciano apologized. “Oh, I’m sorry, sir,” she said.

Laughing at the formality of her apology, he replied: “I haven’t been knighted by the Queen.”

They started talking.

The window seat passenger was Sameer Sah, a 38-year-old, Indian-born Londoner who worked for an international charity. He was a frequent BA flier and — as he jokingly puts it — “basically threw a tantrum at the airport and said, ‘No, I want a window seat.'”

It was kind of his fault that Feliciano and her family had ended up sat in different rows.

He was traveling to Cairo for work, she was traveling for vacation. They spent the rest of the journey in deep discussion.

Sah was taken with Feliciano right away: “She was pretty,” he says. He thought she looked much younger than her 37 years.

As for Feliciano, she wasn’t fluent in English at the time, so not all his jokes landed, but she knew she enjoyed his company.

When the flight started to descend over Cairo, Sah hedged his bets. He asked Feliciano if she’d like to get dinner together during her week in Egypt.

Feliciano hesitated, she was keen, but this wasn’t how she’d envisaged this vacation going.

She was recently divorced, and, in a strange coincidence, she’d actually met her first husband on an airplane, on an internal flight in Brazil.

What were the chances of another romance beginning in the air, and would this one work out?

Serendipitous meeting


Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah in Cairo, Egypt, right after they met in 2004.

Courtesy Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah

Right before Feliciano set out for her Egypt vacation, a friend had offered to do a tarot card reading.

Feliciano didn’t believe in fate, or divination, but she indulged her friend anyway.

She recalls her friend shuffling the cards and then looking at her, knowingly.

“She said, ‘The cards are telling me you’re going to meet someone on this trip.'”

Feliciano just laughed in response. “I’m not going to meet anyone,” she insisted.

Now here she was, making an unexpected connection on a flight before she’d even touched down in Cairo.

Feliciano agreed to dinner with Sah, but requested that her sister and brother-in-law accompany them.

She hastily explained the situation to her family when they were reunited at Cairo Airport.

“They were like, ‘You just met him on the flight, but he’s coming for dinner?’ They were a bit shocked.”

But the evening was a success. “We had a very good time, all of us together,” says Feliciano.


The couple, pictured right, with Feliciano’s sister and brother-in-law in Cairo, Egypt in 2004.

Courtesy Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah

The group ended up spending most evenings together. Sah would work during the day and Feliciano spent her time touring the city’s sites with her family.

Then, in the evening, the couple met for dinner — at first with Feliciano’s sister and brother-in-law in tow, then later, on their own. They also did some sightseeing altogether, including to the pyramids of Giza.

The connection didn’t fizzle out when the week ended. Feliciano and her family moved on to the next leg of their vacation in Istanbul, but she continued to chat to Sah on the phone most nights.

Before long, he visited her in Brazil and they decided to begin a long-distance relationship.

Globe-trotting romance


The couple embarked on a long-distance romance, meeting across the world. Here they are in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Courtesy Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah

Feliciano says her friends were astonished — a few joked they should start flying more.

But her friend who’d read the tarot cards just said she’d told her so.

Over the next couple of years, Feliciano and Sah met every three months or so for two-week vacations. They reunited in London, Brazil, Brussels, the Netherlands, New York, and the Dominican Republic. Both love to travel and say exploring the world with one another was an unforgettable experience.

“I think it was meant to be. Me, a person from South America, meets a person from India, flying over Europe, going to Africa.”

Mafalda Feliciano

But as the two-year-anniversary of their fateful airplane meeting rolled round, the couple had reached a deadlock.

“Either we split up or we get married.”

As fun and as glamorous as it was to travel together, it was hard being apart from one another in-between.

Plus, it was expensive, Sah says he was racking up credit card debt.

The couple decided to go all in — they’d get married, and Feliciano would move to London.

Their wedding celebrations took place in Brazil. A night to remember, lasting until the early hours of the morning.

“A big party, a lot of drinking,” laughs Sah.

Making it work


Feliciano and Sah settled in London after two years of meeting on vacation, including on a train to Casablanca, Morocco, pictured here.

Courtesy Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah

After the exhilaration of the wedding and the whirlwind romance of the last few years, the reality of their decision sunk in.

Some of Feliciano’s friends had told her relocating for love was a mistake — she was leaving an established job in Brazil.

“My boss said, ‘I’m sure you’re going to be back after a month, your job is here,'” says Feliciano.

Sah’s friends were excited for him, but the situation with his family was difficult. He was also divorced, with two children, and his parents and siblings refused to recognize Feliciano as his wife.

Within two months of arriving London, Feliciano got a job at a hospital, but it was a lower rung on the ladder than she was used to.

She’s since risen the ranks and is now Head of Brachytherapy Physics at Colchester General Hospital, southeast of London, where she treats cancer patients.

The couple also had to adapt to living together full time.

“There were a lot of problems in the beginning,” says Feliciano.

“It took us, I think, a year, to calm down. It was two different people, two different cultures — completely different as well — living under the same roof.”

Sah was frustrated that he had to do all the cooking, and Feliciano wasn’t a fan of Sah’s dishes.

Plus, Feliciano was dealing with the stresses of living in a new country and attending language classes.


A recent photo of Feliciano and Sah with their dog, Ziggy.

Courtesy Mafalda Feliciano and Sameer Sah

But after a year of being at odds, the couple sat down and talked candidly about their relationship and its future.

“We reached a point when we thought it wouldn’t work out at all,” says Sah. “But then we sat down, spoke, then made an effort — both of us — and turned our lives around. And here we are after 16 years.”

Now the two live happily in the historic town of Colchester, in the southeast of England with their dog, a cocker spaniel called Ziggy who Feliciano calls their “beautiful boy.”

Feliciano, who used to be suspicious of serendipity, now thinks their meeting was fate.

“I think it was meant to be,” she says. “Me, a person from South America, meets a person from India, flying over Europe, going to Africa.”

But right now, with flying curtailed and social distancing and mask-wearing the norm, it seems very unlikely two strangers on a plane would strike up a conversation and make a connection.

It’s been a surreal year for Sah and Feliciano. She’s continued to work in the hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic, treating cancer patients with radiotherapy and trying to stay safe.

Meanwhile, the tuberculosis charity Sah had been working with for the last few years folded last year, and he’s now working as a freelance consultant.

Sah says 2020 was also the year he hoped to make it to 100 countries, he’s currently stuck on 95.

But they’ve been there for each other throughout the stresses of the pandemic, just as they have throughout their marriage.

“First of all, it’s a belief in the other person,” says Sah. “And secondly, there’s a lot of perseverance. If you want to make things work, there is never an easy part. You really have to work hard to make it work.”

Two Friends Show How The Same Outfit Looks On Their Different Body Types (36 New Pics)

Two Friends Show How The Same Outfit Looks On Their Different Body Types (36 New Pics)

Every time we come back to Denise Mercedes, her following seems to have grown by hundreds of thousands of people. And it’s largely due to her TikTok challenge.

The premise of the series is as follows: the plus-size Dominican model and Maria Castellanos, two friends with different bodies, try on the same outfits. And the results are awesome.

Denise and Maria have not only proved that your size doesn’t have to dictate your wardrobe, but have also started a movement called #StyleNotSize, which has inspired other friends with different sizes to come up with and share their matching looks online, redefying what the fashion industry and society believe to look good on whom.

For more of Denise and Maria’s combo looks, check out Bored Panda’s earlier articles on ‘Style Not Size’ here and here.

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Maria: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

Powell stresses commitment to full employment and low rates

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday underscored the Fed’s commitment to reducing unemployment to multi-decade lows, where it stood before the pandemic, while signaling little concern about the risk of potentially high inflation or financial-market instability.

Powell stressed during a webcast to the Economic Club of New York that the U.S. job market remains weak despite having improved from the depths of the pandemic-induced recession.

And he signaled that the Fed isn’t considering any increase in its benchmark short-term interest rate from its level near zero. He also said the central bank is not currently considering any reductions to the size of its $120 billion in monthly bond purchases, which are intended to keep longer-term interest rates low.

The chairman did not refer to the surging stock market or to recent signs of market froth, like the explosive volatility in the prices of GameStop and other stocks targeted by ordinary day traders.

He emphasized, as he frequently has before, that the loss of millions of jobs has fallen disproportionately on the least-advantaged households.

“Despite the surprising speed of recovery early on, we are still very far from a strong labor market whose benefits are broadly shared,” Powell said.

Powell’s language “would sound remarkable to an earlier generation of central bankers,” said Krishna Guha, an analyst at the investment bank Evercore ISI, in a note to clients. His speech “placed restoring a strong labor market at the heart of the central bank’s agenda to a greater extent than perhaps ever before while playing down concerns about potential excess inflation.”

He noted that roughly 4 million people who are out of work have stopped looking for jobs, which means they aren’t counted as unemployed. If they were, the unemployment rate would be closer to 10%.

And while the job losses among the highest-earning one-quarter of Americans have been just 4%, job losses among the poorest one-quarter have been “a staggering 17%,” Powell said.

The Fed last year refined its definition of maximum employment as a “broad and inclusive” goal that includes consideration of the unemployment rate of Black and Hispanic Americans as well as overall joblessness.

President Joe Biden is pushing a $1.9 trillion economic rescue package that has raised concern among some economists about potential inflation, in part because millions of Americans who have been fortunate enough to keep jobs have accumulated significant savings. Once vaccines are more widely distributed, those savings could fuel a burst of spending beyond what still-decimated businesses could handle, spurring higher prices.

Powell, however, showed little concern that such a dynamic would occur. Last month, he suggested that any high inflation that resulted would likely be temporary.

Powell was also asked by Peter Blair Henry, an economics professor at New York University, how Biden’s proposed rescue plan compares to estimates issued by some analysts, such as the Congressional Budget Office, of the gap between the economy’s current output and what it would be if it were back to full health. Most estimates of that gap are much smaller than Biden’s $1.9 trillion package.

The Fed Chair said that questions about the amount of economic aid should be determined by Congress and the White House. But he also suggested such calculations are imprecise and may not be helpful guides for policy.

Powell also highlighted the fact that just before the virus intensified, inflation remained low even when unemployment fell to 3.5%.

“There was every reason to expect that the labor market could have strengthened even further without causing a worrisome increase in inflation were it not for the onset of the pandemic,” he said.

For now, there is little sign of rising prices. Consumer prices rose just 1.4% in January compared with a year earlier, the government said Wednesday.

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You, Will, Learn The New Lifehack that could help you in a more critical stage view and share the article with your friends.


There is nothing like growing a human inside of your body that’s why pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments ever. In this video, you will find moments every pregnant woman will understand: you run to and from toilet about hungered times a day; life brings you challenges every single day like you can’t pick up keys from the floor because of the big belly, it’s really hard to wear your favorite sneakers; you need a special pillow to sleep or even several pillows; people pay a lot of attention to your belly.
Another collection of moments is about what’s it like to be a Mom. Every Mom faced the next situations: toys are everywhere and the biggest disaster for your legs is Lego; you may clean your kid’s room 5 times a day but toys again will be everywhere; you simply don’t have time to take a bath; you are always exhausted simply don’t have time for entertaining as you fall asleep after a glass of wine; you don’t have time for yourself; your bag is full of toys and other things your kid needs.
The next selection of scenes will show you how it’s cool to live with a Mom because always cook tasty dishes you love from childhood and you are never hungry. Mom always cleans home and it’s perfectly clean. Mom always has the best remedies for any illness and will take care of you while you spend time in bed. Your clothes are always clean and ironed without asking. Mom is always ready to help you with any difficult decision and solve any adult problem. Mom is the best person ever!

00:15 Mom problems
02:16 Living with kids
03:10 With mom vs/ without mom
04:52 Pregnancy problems

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