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Minor cuts and burns occur all the time in the kitchen while you are slicing vegetables or frying something. Fortunately, we prepared a lot of home remedies to soothe and heal the burns with common household and kitchen items. If you accidentally cut yourself, cover the cut with ground black paper to stop bleeding. You can make a cold pack from a kitchen sponge. Soak it in water and put in a plastic bag. After that place into freezer. Cure bruises using apple cider vinegar.
Check out these helpful tips:
– Remove a splinter using a band-aid
– The banana peel works perfectly to cure insect bites
– Lip balm works as a perfect cuticle softener because it contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients and oil. Apply a small amount of lip balm and massage with your fingers
– Take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes. Cold milk soothes tired eyes
– Try to make a bath with oats. Yes, it sounds crazy, but you should try! Place the oats in an old pantyhose and attach to the faucet to let the water pour through the pantyhose. The oatmeal bath helps to ease irritated skin
– Prepare a very effective cold remedy from ginger and Coke. Slice ginger and put into the pan, pour Coke and boil. After that pour into a cup and add some honey and drink
– is to put onions in your socks. Cut an onion in circles and place on the bottoms of your feet and put on a pair of socks. Leave the socks overnight and you will wake up healthy.
– You will love homemade sore throat gummies with ginger, lemon, and honey. This is a very easy recipe! Pour two glasses of water into a pan and put sliced ginger. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain sliced ginger and add lemon juice and honey to the ginger water. Next, add gelatin and stir. Pour the liquid into silicone molds and let cool

00:09 Remove a splinter easily
00:45 Use lip balm for cuticle
02:18 Oatmeal bath
03:30 Ginger and coke cold remedy
06:51 Use clove for toothache
14:03 Camping knots

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