30 Celebs Who Are Well-Known Cat People

30 Celebs Who Are Well-Known Cat People

What’s more adorable than a pic of Ed Sheeran, unofficially known as the cutest guy on earth? If there’s anything, it must be a pic of Ed Sheeran gently holding a tiny kitten in his hands.

It turns out, celebrities are people like you and me, not because they’re down to earth or eat Frosties for breakfast. It’s because we are all inevitably bonded by our love for cats. And in a world increasingly divided over views, politics, and whatnot, cat people all stand on the common ground that makes everything except felines less important.

So we compiled a list of celebrities that turned out to be cat people, which suggests that if we ever met them, we’d have a lot to talk about. Like, how our furry munchies love bouncing off the walls like a tennis ball, or how they cover their tiny faces with a single paw and unknowingly, they just made your day.

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