April 17, 2021

30 Comics To Sum Up My Teaching Experiences During COVID-19

30 Comics To Sum Up My Teaching Experiences During COVID-19

My name is Mojo Rose, and I am an elementary school teacher who draws comics about what life is like in the classroom. Lately, I’ve been drawing comics about what it’s like OUT of the classroom (thanks, Covid…).

When the pandemic first hit the United States and they closed down schools, they said we only needed to hunker down and quarantine for 2 weeks. I thought I was a realist and didn’t really believe them. A month of school closures sounded more likely. 11 months later, and it turned out I was actually an optimist.

As we approach the one year mark of the pandemic and online learning, I wanted to share these comics about what teaching during Covid-19 is really like. From the magic of the “mute all” button to the horrors of brown sink water, take a look at life in a school from the people who are trying their best to run the show as normally as they can (or at least not add more trauma to the children).

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