4 Netflix Shows That Will Be Perfect For A Lovely Weekend

4 Netflix Shows That Will Be Perfect For A Lovely Weekend

To keep it current, we’ve included new releases, Netflix originals, and series we’ve just discovered. We’ve also included shows we can’t stop promoting to our friends.

There are lists of the finest TV series on Netflix, and then there is our list. Would other sites like Arcane, based on the computer game League of Legends, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex, Love & Goop be included? No way.

Warrior Nun

Warrior Nun season 2
may come out soon on Netflix and before that, you should plan to finish season 1 soon. Simon Barry is in charge of the direction. The comic book series Warrior Nun Areala, created by artist Ben Dunn, serves as a vague inspiration for the series. Taking the major part of Ava, a 19-year-old who wakes up in the morgue and learns that she has an angelic halo implanted in her back is 22-year-old Portuguese actor Alba Baptista. It is not simply the halo that cures Ava’s paralysis, but it also grants her supernatural abilities. As a result, she is saddled with the responsibility of being a powerful Warrior Nun.


League of Legends, a famous PC computer game, has now officially made the transition to mobile devices. In Arcane, the game’s playable characters Jinx (voiced by Ella Purnell) and Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) are given a new lease on life by delving into their pasts as petty thieves in both the underground city of Zaun and the tech-heavy city of Piltover, respectively. Arcane could have taken the easy way out and produced a cookie-cutter TV adaptation with hollow characters and flashy action sequences, but instead, it has created a series with wonderful characters, a compelling tale, and stunning motion-capture animation that jumps off the screen at you. For this to be enjoyable, you do not need to know anything about League of Legends or be a fan of anime.


Mythomaniac, a French family drama, begins as a reversal of Breaking Bad when a neglected mother fabricates a cancer diagnosis in order to garner more attention. As she is pushed to box herself into a corner and her falsehoods are exposed one by one, she is compelled to reevaluate her life in Season 2 in order to regain her family’s trust. This is by no means a flawless drama show, but the convoluted messes it generates had me going back for more, and the family’s troubles equal those of any of the worst television families when it comes to juicy entertainment and melodrama, which is exactly what I was looking for. Despite this, there is a sweetness to it all, as the family is just as drawn to one other as they are repelled by each other. And with only six episodes every season, it’s a quick and simple binge-watch.

Locke & Key

The TV show with the most keys per minute is back and better than ever. After a cautious first season, Locke & Key let wild in Season 2, with the Lockes truly enjoying Keyhouse after banishing Dodge through the Black Door. No. Dodge (Griffin Gluck) is now directly in front of them. In the end, what will Kinsey (Emilia Jones) do?

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