40 Worst Things That Are Legal, Discussed In This Online Group

40 Worst Things That Are Legal, Discussed In This Online Group

Societies are built on the balance between right and wrong. Cliché as it may be, we all need something more than our personal moral compass to guide us along. After all, we all have different perceptions, but the law—outright and clear—allows us to navigate society.

Every child is taught what’s fundamentally good and what isn’t. But what happens when people start looking for loopholes? Well, people on Reddit raised an interesting question about what should be considered illegal from their point of view, even if the thing or action is not explicitly forbidden by the law. 

People jumped at the chance to criticize anything from laws to societal structures; children’s beauty pageants didn’t escape without scathing comments thrown their way and the governmental ruling sparked more than one discussion. Someone even raised a very valid question about Naboo’s blockade (if you know, you know).

The Reddit thread, started by user Musuhubber, caught the attention of more than 68K redditors, with 36K comments. And the issues that are being discussed are quite valid or, at the very least, the thread is a good place to vent after your day was disturbed by an unasked-for solicitor.

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditCongress members being able to trade stocks at the same time they are receiving intelligence and passing laws that could effect the performance of said stocks.

theclansman22 , Unknown Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditMarital rape and “honor killings” in countries like the one I live in (generally the middle east). Most of that stuff is in the process of being banned now (thank God)

FatherOfGold , Unknown Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditNot the worst thing, but it used to be illegal for commercials on TV to be louder than the actual show but not any longer suddenly.

ThisIsMockingjay2020 , Chris Report

“We’ve investigated ourselves and decided we didn’t do anything wrong”.

Pho-Cue Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditConversion therapy. “Hey, let’s make children hate themselves so much that they’ll either lie about who they are for the smallest crumbs of validation or just commit sucde! Either way that’s one less gay to worry about!” Now excuse me as I go throw up.

quietfangirl , Wikimedia Commons Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditBeing forced to fork up your personal data and access to EVERYTHING in your phone to use a stupid app that makes a picture of your dog sing. It should not be allowed at all

not-read-gud , Matt Moloney Report

Putting unrelated crap into bills to sneak it into law. I know they’re supposed to follow some kind rules related to germaneness, but they clearly don’t, and clearly need actual laws with actual punishments for pulling this crap.

Gr1pp717 Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditCollege book prices and practices.

Change a few words in a math book, that’ll be another $100 please.

Oh you realized that you can use the book from 10 years ago and succeed? Actually we require you get the new book.

Oh you realized you can get the book cheaper from a friend? Actually we’re doing online books now and you need the personalized code. We change it every year even though there have been no breakthroughs in this subject!

Knowing the college struggle i have no f****** clue how this is allowed to exist. It should literally be illegal.

WitlessMean , Bill Smith Report

Big businesses lobbying politicians in order to get bills passed in their favor.

Natrl20 Report

The-Worst-Legal-Thing-AskredditI’m just gonna have to say little girl’s beauty pageants. It just doesnt sit right with me. And not only because of the fact it’s creepy, but I feel like it’s stressful on the kid and on their body image.

kitty-cult , Wikimedia Commons Report

No-knock warrants. We’ve seen time and time again where Law Enforcement has the wrong address and some innocent person ends up dead because of a logistical mistake.

Mr-and-Mrs Report

Being penalized for calling out sick from work. Edit. Even while the whole world is trying to survive this pandemic, we’re still dealing with this major issue by employers. I work in health care, and I feel like I get shamed by my managers and coworkers when you call out. Especially when you work night shift.

pongomer Report

Robo Calls. Bothering someone with something THEY paid for

Klotzster Report

Our media driving a wedge between the populace to fuel division in order to satisfy ratings, purely for the purpose of entertainment and profit. Not facts.

IN547148L3 Report

Marriage. Specifically a 14 y/o getting married to a 40 y/o with the parents constent. Thats just wrong

chubbybottle002 Report

The troubled teen industry. Parents pay a company to kidnap kids while they’re sleeping and send them off to “therapeutic” boarding schools where they are abused in every conceivable way. It’s f******

MyDongIsAWiFiHotspot Report

Exploitation of nature, to the level that hurts everyone.

Tsukee Report

Pay-day loan practices. Technically not illegal, but hella predatory.

Bfd83 Report

Scam calls and solicitation calls. I swear they USED to be illegal at one point.

Rynie2121 Report

The fact car radio commercials are allowed to have police sirens or car crashes in them as a way to Get your attention

jagfanjosh3252 Report

Spice/K2/Synthetic Weed. This may have changed in the last few years but I found it embarrassing that our country locks up thousands for actual marijuana but allowed that s*** to be sold at every gas station and liquor store knowing damn good and well that it was hurting and killing people.

m0ndayisb0ng0day Report

Groom your stepdaughter for over a decade, then when she’s 18, divorce her mom and hook up with your stepdaughter.

paracho1 Report

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