5 Minute Mindfulness Sound Bath | Gong Meditation Music | Reconnect with the Present Moment

5 Minute Mindfulness Sound Bath | Gong Meditation Music | Reconnect with the Present Moment

#Minute #Mindfulness #Sound #Bath #Gong #Meditation #Music #Reconnect #Present #Moment

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This quick 5 minute mindfulness sound bath will help you reconnect with the present moment. This healing meditation music features two traditional gongs, tibetan singing bowls/bells, crystal bowls, and gentle rain sounds. Gongs are commonly used for sound therapy purposes because of their incredible healing capabilities. Gongs help ground us back to nature and the earths natural frequency. Fundamentally, the gong heals and calms the parasympathetic nervous system (often called the rest and digestion system). Unfortunately these days, we are often in a state of fight or flight, which puts our body, mind and spirit under constant stress, and in turn deeply compromises our immune system. The vibrations of the gong help lower our stress levels and allow us to feel more relaxed, calm and at peace. This quick 5 minute sound bath relaxation meditation music is perfect for a quick time out anytime during the day. Let the vibrations of the gongs reconnect you back to the present moment and fully embrace the power of now.

If you have a bit of extra time then try our full length sound/gong bath meditation 🙂


For more information on the benefits of soundgong baths visit




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