April 12, 2021

50 Pics Showing Missing Dogs Returning To Their Homes That Might Get You Teary-Eyed

50 Pics Showing Missing Dogs Returning To Their Homes That Might Get You Teary-Eyed

Annabel went “missing” March 26 this year. She was just in the yard playing with the neighborhood strays but would always come when I whistled. That very week I was planning to use my taxes to fix my back fence and get her microchipped and new tags. When I went to get her back inside she was gone. I walked the neighborhood, put up flyers, posted to every local animal group I could think of, put an ad in the paper, everything to look for her. No dice. All these months my son and I mourned thinking someone either stole her or killed her, neither is uncommon around here.

Then a couple days before Halloween my ex-husband found me on Snapchat. I blocked him but a mutual friend asked me to hear him out. So I did, thinking I was getting tired of holding a grudge and if he was truly apologetic for all the crap he pulled we could maybe be friends. That lasted into the next day until I ask if he’d seen the dog. I’d been told I was crazy for thinking he could have taken her, but she was the only thing we butted heads on “custody” of. March 26 was the day the divorce papers were signed and filed, so legally she was mine, but I had suspicions.

He told me the truth: he took her that day. Meaning he drove 4 hours here, took her out of my front yard, then 4 hours back to his mothers’. He’d had her the whole time.

I convinced him to bring her back. I got her back Halloween night (luckily it was pouring rain so trick-or-treating had been moved to the day before). I had him meet me at a public place, because when he figured out I wasn’t going to continue speaking to him he wasn’t too happy… he physically pulled her away from me and I had to hold on to her collar and loudly insist that what he had done (and was trying to do again) was theft.

BUT. I GOT MY GIRL BACK! My son is so happy and she’s happy and sweet as ever. She remembers my house, my son, the cat, and all her old tricks. She’s a little jealous of the dog I recently adopted, but we’re working on it and I’ve already seen a good amount of progress.

If you’ve read all of this, thanks. I guess I just wanted to share. It feels like a small miracle. I’d given up. My son couldn’t even hear her name without crying. Every time I see her now it’s like “surprise! I’m back and I love you!”

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