528 Hz Singing bowl 13 minute sound meditation with an antique Himaylayan Mani bowl

528 Hz Singing bowl 13 minute sound meditation with an antique Himaylayan Mani bowl

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528 Hz Singing bowl sound meditation. This uses an old Himalayan singing bowl known as a Mani bowl and this type of bowl is also known as an Elephant Bowl because the shape resembles an elephant’s foot. The word ‘mani’ means jewel in sanskit and they are indeed jewel like with their sound which is clear and pure. “They originate in Baharampur in India and are usually louder than the average bowl” Frank Perry.

Love and Peace – Pam and Jurek

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Guidelines for your Meditation

Find a safe and comfortable place to sit and listen to the sounds using headphones or good quality speakers.
Sit in a position that feels good for you, straighten your back and feel your body supported by the chair, the floor
Rest your hands palm up on your knees, with your forefinger and thumb touching, while the other three fingers are open
When ready close your eyes
Take a few deep breaths noticing how your body naturally rises and falls with the inhale and exhale, feel that familiar rhythm of the body moving as you breathe in and out
If you’ve been feeling anxious try extending the out breath so you breathe in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 2 and then breathe out for the count of 7 and do this again three times and return your normal way of breathing.
Now you’ve begun to feel more relaxed with your breathing turn your attention to the sounds and listen to the different harmonics
If for any reason you become distracted by thoughts or a sound from outside then focus again on your body breathing, feel the familiar rise and fall of your body and when you feel settled return your attention to the sound of the bowl

When the meditation is finished take a moment to focus on how you are feeling, notice any thoughts, how your body feels and then gradually bring some movement back into your body perhaps rubbing your hands gently together, having a stretch by lifting your arms above your head, do whatever you need to be fully back in your space – drink some water

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