April 13, 2021

53 Times Scammers Hilariously Messed Up And Were Shamed On This Online Group

53 Times Scammers Hilariously Messed Up And Were Shamed On This Online Group

Getting scammed and losing your money is one of the worst feelings in the world. First of all, there’s the financial loss. Then there’s the shame of having been tricked. And finally, there’s the lingering distrust for other people.

However, some scammers’ attempts to bamboozle their victims are so ridiculous, see-through, or just downright weird, they’re making the internet laugh. And people can’t help but shame these scammers on the r/Scams subreddit. With a community of over 237k people, the online group acts both as a way to educate internet users on how to recognize scams, as well as to provide entertainment. It’s a public service and educational fun rolled into one neat package.

Check out the posts from r/Scams below, upvote the ones that made you laugh (even though scams are never funny, the way scammers act can be hilarious), and be sure to visit their group for all of their latest posts when you’re done. One of the subreddit moderators was kind enough to have an in-depth chat with Bored Panda about their community, how it helps spread awareness about identifying potential scams, and what the most recent popular scams are right now. “Once you fall for a scam there is usually not much that can be done, but if you take a short amount of time now to learn more about scams you can save yourself money and hassle in the future. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Read on for the full interview.

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