April 17, 2021

6 SEO Hacks for Local Business Owners in 2020 – SeoGuruji



Search Engine Optimization is a must-have feature for all the businesses present on the World Wide Web. The only way to ensure that your website will be exposed to the searchers is via the search engine optimization techniques. It works wonders for all types of online business. The idea is to use the specific features of search engines so that the website gets easily recognized and picked to display on the top of the result pages. The approaches change every now and then due to the dynamic feature of the search engines. The latest techniques to make sure that your website will be search engine optimized are listed below.

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6 best SEO hacks for your business

  1. Enroll your business in Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is an open source tool that can be used without any charge. The technique is to familiarize your business with Google My Business so that your online portal gets easily recognized by the search engine. Google is the highest-used search engine all over the world. Listing your business in the Google domain will give you an extra edge to stay ahead of the competition.

All you have to do is to verify your account, claim your listing in Google My Business, and update the specific information about your business demanded by the tool. The listing will also ask for images of your business. Get the best images to describe your products and services. Google prefers the internal images of your business. Give it a thought. Fill the criteria needed by the tool as much as possible to avail the benefits. Provide your website link to avail a necessary UTM tag so that you can track down the clicks. Urge the customers to put reviews so that your business gets more used to with the Google tool.

  1. Earn more reviews from the customers on local listing

This is considered to be one of the best ways to avail an edge via SEO hacks. The more your website gets reviewed by the customers, the position of your business in the listings get fortified. All you have to do is to keep your services benevolent and maintain a proper reputation. The rest will be taken care of by the Google SEO hacks. Just ask the potential customers for reviews. If you find an unhappy customer then solve the issue immediately to avoid any unhealthy situation for your business. Divert their bad reviews to your professional email and solve the issues right away. Google also counts the response of the business owner. Answer all the reviews so that you can build goodwill and also get noticed by the search engine.

  1. Voice search

Voice search is the future of the search engines. You cannot deny the fact that someday the typing method will be vanished as the voice searching tools will be available in every home. You need to make sure that your business can be found via a simple voice search performed by a user. The rise in demand of the voice search devices makes it a mandatory SEO hack for the online presence of the businesses. Create an FAQ section so that the answers can easily availed by the prospects. Anticipate voice search and introduce the features to earn more points from the search engines. Stay ahead of the curve by introducing the feature and get ready for a brighter future.

  1. Google SERP features

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features are those results that are not counted as a traditional result. The common features for Google SERP are rich snippets, paid results, knowledge graph data, and universal results. These are the basic features that can be added to the website so that the online presence becomes more recognizable. The advanced form of SERP features have now evolved and can be utilized to make your business portal more efficient. For an instance featured snippets, Adwords (Top and Bottom), Image Pack, Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Local Teaser Pack, tweet, site links, reviews, video, shopping results, etc are the leading SERP features that need to be introduced in the website to make it more prominent to the search engines.

  1. Website loading speed and accelerated mobile pages

The online platform should be fast enough to load on the devices used. No one sticks to the website that takes too much time to load. On the contrary, the search engines will not feature your web page to the users too. The portal will become invisible eventually. You need to improve the web page loading speed by improving server time, decrease the number of redirects, optimize the size of the images, and compress the files as much as possible to reduce their size too. You can also ask the web developers to reduce the amount of coding.

The majority of the internet users are mobile owners. They like to surf the internet on the go. Your website should be dynamic so that it can fit any device used to surf and find your services. The loading time should be reduced. To meet the growing user expectations, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) should be designed so that the loading time of your online business portal reduces to a minimum. Eliminate the non-essential features of the web page for AMP. This will aid Google to load web pages very fast.

  1. Using researched and relevant local keywords

This is where the smartness of your business website can outsmart the competitors. You need to concentrate on the formation of the proper content for your website. In fact, writing product and service descriptions should be done very carefully by introducing researched keywords. Adding local keywords will enable the business to get easily recognized by the search engine when someone uses the same set of words to find.

Amp up your online business

These 6 SEO hacks will take your business to a new level. The website will be properly recognized by the search engines as the added features will make it prominent. Use these hacks by availing a professional SEO service and enjoy a wonderful prospect in the future.


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