8 makeup trends and stay ahead of your challengers

8 makeup trends and stay ahead of your challengers

Makeup is the most imperative tool in the beauty armory of all people. It serves a crucial role in changing or enhancing the way we look so as to feel more confident. While wearing a certain type of makeup, packaged in makeup boxes, it is important to follow the latest trends that make you look unique. Dark lipsticks, humble contouring, smokey eyes, and a lot of such looks are getting abandoned. In this era, people are embracing their natural beauty, and heavy makeup has become a needless thing. For keeping our readers up to date, we have devised a guide of the 8 latest makeup trends.

Expressive eyes:

In these tough times of Covid-19, masks have become extremely necessary to wear on the faces all the time. The people are now compelled to use their eyes to showcase their emotions and feelings. Eyes surely play a central role in the way we communicate with one another. It is, for this reason, the trend of expressive eyes is prevailing all across the globe. Make use of slick lashes, colorful liners, and textured shadows to look bold and feel confident.

Frisky lips:

The shades of dark lipsticks are the favorite of numerous people, but they are now being replaced by softer tones. Pink and peach tones are taking the place of bold lipsticks now. Wear these lipsticks for more playful lips that would get immediate attention. The warmer tones for lipstick provide a more natural and beautiful look to your lips. The best part is that they are suitable to wear on regular occasions as well as special parties.

Thick eyebrows:

If you ever thought of growing your eyebrows, it is now the time for practice because it is a new norm for beauty lovers. The trend of precisely plucked or too thin eyebrows is now a past thing and is rendered as a cliché. The thick and brushed-up eyebrows really look gorgeous and add to your personality. After growing your eyebrows, make sure that you shape them perfectly for a more genuine look.

Dolphin skin:

Dolphin skin is a dewy makeup look that makes your skin glow even more. It impersonates the look of a dolphin that it is fresh out of the water. While the concept was given a long time ago, it has gained popularity in recent times. To get this look for you, apply skincare products and highlighter together. Just like you get a fresh face look after dipping in a pool, dolphin skin is also the same.

No more contouring:

Contouring is basically the creation of an illusion of shadows on the skin of people to remove imperfections and restructure the face. Along with the foundation, contouring has remained the go-to choice of makeup lovers, but now it is a thing of the past. The highlighted cheekbones and unrealistic appearances of a nose on the face are not attractive. Follow this trend and put an emphasis on your unique face line and imperfections to explore real beauty.

Colored eyeliners:

Black eyeliner is an important makeup fundamental, but it is not the only color that you can use. It is ideal for defining the eyes, but it does not offer the depth and sparkle that other colored liners can provide. Furthermore, the use of black eyeliner is also too common, which is why wearing it would not be a wise option. Brown eyeliners are gaining a huge reputation nowadays and make your eye color appear richer. Apart from these makeup trends, packaging design trends are also important. It is the packaging that captures customer heed, not the product, so look at the following design trends for makeup boxes wholesale.

Less is more:

In quest of attractive packaging, the product manufacturers often make use of needless design elements. The addition of unnecessary elements compromises the visual aesthetics of the packaging and makes it look cluttered. In the marketplace these days, the trend is to go with a minimalist design concept. The idea behind this concept is to restrain yourself from adding colors with audacity and high-impact graphics into the design. The use of funky typefaces that hinder the readability of the printed text is also avoided for best results. A simplistic approach for the custom printed makeup boxes bring an instant focus to your products. It makes the displayed information understandable and looks pleasing to the eyes.

Go transparent:

Customized makeup boxes with a transparent design are highly popular in different market segments. There are some product manufacturers that never abstain from deceiving the customers only to get some sales. The transparent box design is a blessing for the buyers because it lets them get a preview of the product placed inside. The idea is to embrace die-cut technology and introduce transparent windowpanes on any side of the box. The windows are replaced by translucent PVC sheets that permit the customers to see and judge the quality of items.

Making a bold statement with your looks has become more important than ever before. Expressive eyes, lively lips, dolphin skin, and dense eyebrows are some of the makeup trends that can revolutionize your appearance. Just like the makeup trends, the ongoing trends in makeup boxes also matters a lot.

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