82 Funny Single-Panel Comics By Nate Fakes

82 Funny Single-Panel Comics By Nate Fakes

Nate Fakes, besides having an awesome name that sounds like a perfect pseudonym, also has a comic series with his own unique style. They mostly revolve around situational humor, ridiculous situations, gags, and puns, and involve anything from animals and humans to inanimate objects. His illustrations and captions provide a powerful two-punch combination in his punchlines, knocking you out with a good joke.

His comics are just the thing if you’re looking for a light break in serious matters, or a joke to brighten your day with. They’re harmless, inoffensive, and completely fantastic! And it isn’t the first time that he’s been featured on Bored Panda. Almost exactly a year ago, he made a successful post about cats, which you can find here.

He shared about his background in drawing and his key inspirations for his aspiration: “I’ve always drawn ever since I hit my first box of crayons. Naturally, I kept with them into adulthood. I just have a passion to keep doing them. I suppose my biggest inspiration was The Far Side and MAD Magazine.” He even gives courses to people that want to learn about making comics. So make sure you check him out on his website and social media linked below.

More info: Instagram | twitter.com | Facebook | nfakes.com

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