April 17, 2021

85 Of The Best Parenting Tweets This February

85 Of The Best Parenting Tweets This February

During this whole worldwide pandemic that’s been going on way longer than anyone could have ever thought, parents have turned into somewhat super-fueled parents on duty. Juggling multiple tasks at once, from working from home to teaching their little ones things they know little about themselves, they are now the official pandemic-era transformers.

No wonder parenting tweets of the month are getting more and more hilarious, painful, and totally relatable. So this Bored Panda compilation of February is dedicated to those who count LEGO while trying to finally fall asleep and have some rest, and those who keep our little munchkins happy when the world is put on freeze, and those who share their humorous parenting tales for everyone to laugh at. This big round of applause goes out to you.

And when you’re done upvoting your fave tweets, be sure to check our most recent posts from January, December, and November.

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