9 Actionable Blogspot SEO Tips To Gain Traffic


I keep receiving DMs on Instagram that has queries related to Blogspot SEO. This article contains my own Actionable Blogspot SEO Tips that I have implemented to generate organic traffic to my blog when I used Blogspot platform.


Blogspot is a free blogging platform from Google. But, it comes with a lot of limitations. In almost every other videos about Blogspot vs WordPress on YouTube, you’ll find 90% of them prefer WordPress over Blogspot.

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Just Migrated from #blogger to #wordpress . Lots of changes to be made on almost all pages. Must say, it’s laborious, but #fun . PS: All links are now under process. I will be demoted in #serp for sure.

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I have myself migrated from Blogger to WordPress.

When I started blogging back in 2017 I came across multiple SEO Hacks, Guides, Tips for Blogspot bloggers on the internet. Most of them deal with the modification of xml codes in Blogger templates.

WordPress, on the other hand, has multiple plugins dedicated to solve this issue of SEO. With these you don’t have to be an expert in coding and a little knowledge suffices momentarily.


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Is Blogspot good for SEO?

This is a very common doubt that keeps pinching your thought process. Be it Blogspot, WordPress, Squarespace, etc they are all blogging platforms. None of them is but default favourite to Google Search Engine.

You’ll have to put it not equal, similar efforts in every platform that you blog. I have always focused on providing quality content on my Blog. If they are not something unique they why do you think visitors will dwell on your site?

There are some technical differences in every blogging platforms that make such platforms unique from each other. Blogspot, even after all these years, finally gave a UI revamp. There is however no hints about any plugins implementation in the near future.

WordPress, on the other hand, keeps pushing new updates frequently.

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Which one’s better Blogger or WordPress?

I won’t write every point to point the pros and cons of both Blogger and WordPress here, I would cut short to the conclusion that I can infer from my experience.

If you only wish to write your contents on public domain for the sake of publishing and not make any money out of it, then go for Blogger.

But, if you wish to make a business out of your blog, turn your blog into a money-making machine, Blogger is not the right platform to reach out to.


If you need a step-by-step guide on how to create your free blog on Blogspot then do follow this post: Start a New Blog in Google Blogspot

If you have made your blog already, then you shall head over to the next part of this article. Whenever you’re writing a blog post there are certain things that need to be followed to get the work done at one shot.

It is worth mentioning, just writing and publishing a blog post won’t complete everything that falls under SEO. You will have to pay attention to a lot more stuff like promoting your content.

But for now, we shall focus on knowing about the Blogspot SEO Tips for absolute beginners.


9 Actionable Blogspot SEO Tips

Any site can achieve its SEO via On-Page and Off-Page optimisation. On-Page SEO includes optimisation of the article we write, the keywords and other associated stuff. And as the name suggests, Off-Page SEO is everything that doesn’t involve writing your content. These include steps to do after publishing content.

For now, let’s head over to the 9 Actionable Blogspot SEO Tips:

  1. Optimize Blogger Post URL
  2. Optimize Keyword Density
  3. Use of Blogspot Labels
  4. Optimize Blogger Post Title
  5. Add Meta Tags
  6. Optimize Blogger Images
  7. Add a no-follow attribute to External Links
  8. Moderate the Comments Section
  9. Add Internal Links

We shall now leap into the depth of every point mentioned above.


Optimize Blogger Post URL

Post URL or the permalink plays a vital role in terms of SEO. There are some tips that one should follow to gain a higher ranking in Search Engines:

  1. Limit the number of characters in the post title to less than 60.
  2. Remove any stop words. They are neglected by search engines and thus affect Search Engine ranks.

Blogspot allows you to opt between Automatic and Custom Permalink.

The Automatic Permalink is generated from Post Title. The Custom Permalink is the one you can edit. It is preferred to add keywords in permalink instead of stop words.

You’ll love this tool: Permalink Generator

custom-permalinkCustom Permalink

As you can see, the right section of a post editor window in Blogspot contains options for choosing between Automatic and Custom Permalink. After you edit the permalink, click Done.


Optimize Keyword Density

If you’ve ever checked your blog’s SEO score from any website, you might have seen a criterion that affect/improve your website SEO score. That factor is Keyword Density.

A very low Keyword Density will reduce Blogspot SEO and extra use of Keywords make the content look spammy. Search engines avoid such spammy posts.

Want an actionable guide to Keyword Research? Follow this guide.

It is a good practice to keep a 2% per post ratio with LSI Keyword. You can look for this tool to find out related LSI keywords with your keyword.

Worry not! Check this awesome list of FREE SEO tools that will make your work much easier.


Other tools like Fraze helps in content optimisation with respect to keywords. Always remember, too much stuffing of keywords make your post look manipulative to search engines and they neglect such posts in their search results.

Use of Blogspot Labels

You might have noticed at the top of the right pane of the post editor window contains Labels. They categorise posts into different themes.

blogspot-labelsBlogspot Labels

In WordPress, we have Categories and Tags separately. That helps in extra SEO. But in Blogspot, we have only these Labels.

One can include more than one label by adding commas(,) in between them. These Labels also help in grouping similar posts and thus attracts the visitors to go through just one post.

Knew about these Blogspot SEO tips? how about the next one?


Optimize Blogger Post Title

How can one not take care of Post Title? When we use any custom template or few default templates in Blogspot, they are coded in a manner that the Website Title appears before Post Title.

And that definitely is not a healthy practice when it comes to enhancing SEO on a website.


The search results of such websites appear like this:

But what is desirable is:

Question is, how to fix this?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and reach out for Themes.
  2. Next, click on Edit HTML.
  3. Hit Control+F on the code box. This will open a search field within it.

Now find:

Replace it with:

Then, save your theme. After all the above changes are made, visit any post in your blog. You’ll find the title bar reflect the change.


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Add Meta Tags

Meta tags are areas in HTML code that contain information about a website. The information cannot be seen on the website itself.

Search engines access certain meta tags so they can, for instance, display a page title and description in the search results.


Though meta tags now make a slight influence on SERP, still a new blogger should make it a habit to write a proper title, description and contents.

Also make sure, you have added your keywords in them. That helps search engines identify the contents of the post.

Optimize Blogger Images

Ever wondered how Blogger images can have an impact on your website’s SEO!

To understand that, try putting any keyword on Google Search and look for the image results. For example, take a look at the image below:

image-optimizationImage optimization

As you can see, those images have links back to the website where they are uploaded. Such images have one thing in common.

The filename has exact or related keywords that were searched. Our friend Harsh has a wonderful guide on this.

This now brings us to the last of all Blogspot SEO Tips in the list.

Add Nofollow attribute to External Links

Links can be provided in HTML code together with a no-follow attribute. This attribute ensures that search engines cannot follow the link and therefore:

  1. the link will not be classed as a backlink for the linked website.
  2. if no-follow backlinks are used exclusively, the linked website will not be included in the index.

add-no-follow-attributeAdd no-follow attribute

Nofollow backlinks will not improve a website’s position in the search rankings. Nevertheless, they are necessary. They ensure that search engines perceive a site’s link building structure to be ‘natural’.

In addition, nofollow backlinks contribute to visitors of other websites being forwarded to your site.

Moderate the Comment Section

This tip follows from the same nofollow attribute. To avoid spammy comments from getting indexed, add nofollow attribute to blogger comments. Also, don’t unnecessarily add keywords from blog post.

This might sound as not necessary one from Blogspot SEO tips, but it is.

Add Internal Links

Internal Links are an awesome way of promoting your own blog posts. They pass juice to less-visited blog posts and thus lift that post’s SERP.

Internal linking lets the viewers to understand any topic in detail, if they lack knowledge about it. You have seen that any post on Wikipedia has so many internal links in every single paragraph. Those direct visitors to know more about the hyperlinked word or phrase.

This way, the major criteria of ranking, “dwell time” increases and “bounce rate” falls a lot.


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I hope this guide will help you put things in the right place and help you earn traffic. Follow these 9 Actionable Blogspot SEO Tips to gain more and more organic traffic to your blog.

Have you got any other Blogspot SEO Tips that worked for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

If you have read the entire article and want more information regarding the topic, come hang out with me on my private community.



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