9X Quang Ninh in a camisole attracts 10 thousand likes, revealing “protective weapon”

9X Quang Ninh in a camisole attracts 10 thousand likes, revealing “protective weapon”

Saturday, August 21, 2021 03:58 AM (GMT+7)

Pursuing a sexy image with a bold fashion style, Da Thao also has to face objections.

From a person whose appearance is not very beautiful, Da Thao has changed her impression.

Nguyen Thi Da Thao, born in 1998 from Quang Ninh, once caused a stir in social networks thanks to her successful weight loss story. From a chubby, black girl, Da Thao has changed with a sexy body, impressive measurements of 89-59-93 cm. This helps her have more opportunities with modeling, advertising as well as lingerie business.

Da Thao shares pictures of sexy camisole on her personal page.

She said this outfit is very attractive, so she likes to wear it.

Recently, a hot girl 9x posted a picture of a camisole on her personal page, attracting more than 10,000 thousand likes. Sharing about this sexy photo shoot, Da Thao said: “I find it very sexy. Normally I wear it at home with silk pants”.

Affirming the boldness of the outfit, when wearing the above outfit, Da Thao said that it should be noted that it should not be revealing or offensive.

She uses chest stickers to be more discreet when taking pictures with bibs.

There are some opinions that wear underwear when wearing bibs, others say that the camisole is an unnecessary underwear that needs “protective gear”. Da Thao shared, she used a breast patch instead of wearing underwear and a camisole and said it would not look good if she wore lingerie.

When wearing a bib down the street, Da Thao shared: “Currently, there are many variations of camisole-like clothes that can be combined with wide-leg pants or jeans to look impressive and strong.”.

Da Thao pursues a sexy style but still tries to create a diverse image.

She is in the lingerie business because it suits her image and also loves this style of clothing.

Following Da Thao’s personal page, it can be seen that she pursues a bold image with flattering outfits. She often chooses the right clothes for herself, not following trends or anyone’s style.

Da Thao shared: “In addition to the sexy style, I still try to create a diverse image for myself. Normally I take pictures like that, but when I go out, I will dress politely, in the right place, in the right place.”.

Da Thao said that she doesn’t follow anyone’s style, usually wears what she wants.

Pursuing a sexy image caused her to be opposed by her family.

Hot girl 9x added: “At first, my family opposed my style, but after seeing that my work is right and knowing everything I pursue without judging the person inside, my parents also let me do what I want. And to That’s how I fought and proved a lot.”.

Besides modeling, Da Thao also has a fashion business.

Another image of Da Thao in a schoolgirl dress.

Of course, building a seductive image makes her inevitably uncomfortable with objections and solicitations. Facing it, Da Thao just quietly blocked the above people to avoid being disturbed.

In addition, Da Thao also agrees with the point of view of women wearing beautiful, sexy clothes not for men to look at, simply because they know how to love themselves.

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Nguyen Thuy Quynh impresses with her mature image and charming fashion style.


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