A Christmas Song For Every Situation This December

A Christmas Song For Every Situation This December

There are lots of joys that come with the Christmas season. With looking at all the pretty light displays, decorating a tree, baking cookies, I mean the list could go on for a while. But one of the biggest joys, at least for me, is Christmas music. The main reason for this is that there is a Christmas song for every single mood you could possibly be in this holiday season.

Is seasonal depression hitting a little too hard? Phoebe Bridgers wrote “If We Make it Through December” just for you! And me, that is my go-to Christmas sad song, and it is honestly a little embarrassing. Did your boyfriend dump you on your front porch while the light-up snowman decoration was awkwardly sitting beside you? Do a dramatic performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” around your bedroom – that snowman decoration is cheering you on from outside! Are you missing the joy that you used to experience when you were a child opening gifts on Christmas morning? Go for a drive and listen to “Christmas Lights” by Coldplay! That song will bring out emotions in you that you didn’t even know you could feel (as will any Coldplay song, let’s be honest)! Need to pregame the family Christmas party? Turn on “Jingle Bell Rock” – no better way to soundtrack your poor choices than some jingle bells chiming! Helping your Grandma cook her famous holiday dessert? The one that the whole family either loves or PRETENDS to love? ANY Christmas song by Frank Sinatra will do the trick. Forget about your grandpa. Frank will always have a piece of your Grandma’s heart.

To sum it all up, there will always be a Christmas song there for you, even when your family, or your Jake Gyllenhaal-esque boyfriend isn’t it. Take comfort in this season! And please, belt “All I Want for Christmas is You” at least one time in your car, for me.

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