A Day Trip In Georgetown

A Day Trip In Georgetown

Last week, I had the day off from work, and instead of doing the same old activities, I enjoyed a nice day trip to Georgetown. While the drive was a few hours long, I split up the trip by meeting up with some of my favorite people and spending my time with them. They wanted to show me around Georgetown, especially since it was close to their home, so I gladly agreed to visit. Within a single day, I was easily excited by the millions of options in the city, and I hope to return again soon!

We began by driving around the city, traveling down random side roads until we finally found a parking space. We ended up close to hundreds of adorable shops and restaurants, so we took a trip into some of our favorites. Lululemon, Athleta, Nike, and Urban Outfitters were just some of the many highlights! Each store housed items unique to Georgetown, and some even had limited-edition items that you could not find anywhere else. Searching through these stores comprised the majority of my day, but I was thrilled by the variety of stores.

Once we spent our energy searching through stores, we stopped at an amazing little restaurant called Good Stuff Eatery. Their fries were absolutely delicious, and the hand spun milkshakes and floats just topped it off. I would highly recommend this place, especially because of the surrounding environment. Upon finishing our food, we stopped at Georgetown Cupcake to get our hands on some of the most popular (and delicious) cupcakes in the area. We devoured each one!

To complete the day, we went on a walking tour of the city. We followed the waterfront and explored little side streets throughout the area. We stopped at some swinging benches to enjoy the view of the river alongside the busy city. Overall, I was impressed by the sheer beauty of the area, and I cannot wait to return again soon.

I hope you enjoy a nice day trip in Georgetown — just like I did. Safe travels!!!

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