A Saturday in My Life as a College Freshman

A Saturday in My Life as a College Freshman

11:00 am- My roommate and I woke up around this time because we had quite the late night but it was all fun.

12:00 pm- I changed into a comfy sweatshirt and met up with some friends at the coffeehouse on campus for brunch.

12:30 pm- Tried to work on a paper for my meditation class but ironically enough I could not concentrate at all

1:30 pm- Since my concentration was lacking, I decided to go on a run in the neighborhood behind my school. I went about two miles and then my mom called me and we talked the rest of the way back.

2:00 pm- Next I showered and changed into a tank top and jeans. I did some light makeup and then ate some fruit and a protein bar for a snack.

3-5pm- I spent the next couple hours cleaning up my dorm room and doing laundry.

5:30pm- Got Hibachi for dinner with some friends and we walked around the mall

6:30pm- Went to our schools soccer game to watch some friends and they won so that was fun

10:00pm- We got back around 10:00 and decided to just have a chill movie night because everyone was still exhausted from Friday.

1:00am- Finished our movie, said goodnight and honestly I crashed after that. I knew I would need to wake up at a decent time tomorrow to finish up some homework.

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