Actions & Words Both Matter​

Actions & Words Both Matter​

I was thinking about the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” While I understand the idea behind it, I think that words speak just as loudly as actions. Words and actions go hand in hand with one another.

When you say something to someone, what are your intentions in using words? Words can be used to give someone reassurance, or to tear them down. A lack of words can do the same thing. Words are the abstract, intangible way of expressing how we feel, and what we are thinking. We find solace and peace in words, while other times it has us questioning ourselves and others.

Actions on the other hand, are the tangible form of expressing ourselves and feelings without the necessity of words. We also use actions to give someone reassurance and hope, or to tear them down. And like words, actions are used to silently express how we feel and show what we are thinking.

I think words are important because they provide clarity, but actions are equally as important because they provide evidence. Sometimes “clarity” is inaccurate, and “evidence” doesn’t always provide clarity.

SO my dear friend, here’s a gentle reminder to be mindful of both your words and actions today, because they do make a difference.

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