Affiliate marketing with SEO tactics for search traffic.

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1 Affiliate marketing with SEO tactics for search traffic.

1.1 Using SEO video marketing with YouTube.

1.2 Affiliate marketing and title suggestions with SEO secrets.

1.3 Affiliate secrets to create video thumbnails.

1.4 Non SEO friendly characters and ranking capability.

1.5 Successful affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.

Google SEO Secret Affiliate Marketing techniques with Blogging Tips 2018. I know I may be sounding like a broken record, but keyword placement is the one SEO “Trick”. And it’s not all about page rank as much as search result position. Bringing us back to that First Impression as discussed in previous posts. Valuable Blogging Tips 2018 and Google SEO Secrets is exactly that. A quick rundown of the crucial elements to proper SEO.

By now you should have a pretty good idea of Proper keyword Research and Keyword Placement. The Google SEO Secrets discussed is the exact SEO methods you will still be using many years from now. Because it works.

Using SEO video marketing with YouTube.

YouTube have an average of 5 Billion Video Views per Day. With Vlogging (Video Blogging) on the rise it’s now much more than just on page Beginner SEO. Converting Blog Posts into Video Content is a great way to generate Traffic to your Blog. And with an SEO Plugin Installed you can create separate Videos for Each Post.

This is a perfect tactic to highlight the Keyword Phrases and Key Point to Your Compelling Content, allowing both Google and Your Visitor/Viewer the assurance that it is what they have been looking for. We will get to how you should Search for these Free Video Creating tools, so continue Reading.

But as with every other affiliate marketing secret tactic to make money online. Only Compelling Content will attract the Right Visitors/Viewers. Always pay attention to Video View Duration, that’s the perfect indication to Audience Preference.

You want to use a simple YouTube Search to determine Your Video Direction. And take your Blogging to the Next Level. Now there are many free video creation tools out there. But please be cautious and ensure the tools you use are in fact Secure. Use Secure Sites (SSL Certificate Registered) to keep your Information Confidential.

Affiliate marketing and title suggestions with SEO secrets.

Google is the most Powerful Tool we could’ve ever asked for and clearly designed by a Genius. First decide what you’re looking for (Free Video Creation Tools) and type that into your browser for a search. You will have a huge list to work through and find what works for you, so I hope you love Researching.

There’s a similarity between video title and blog post title. Much the same thing because your Video Title is the first thing the YouTube Software picks up. When analyzing your Video after Publishing. Target a Specific interest based on a common Need within your Blog Niche. Leveraging affiliate marketing secrets to your advantage will require a lot of research. And offering value to satisfy a targeted need.

You want to use the Keywords or Search Phrase you wish to target at least once in the Video/Blog Title. And Twice in the First Line of the Video Description. Also leverage the option of changing the Video Thumbnail to display the Exact Search Phrase you’re targeting.

For that you will need to do another quick keyword phrase search like “Royalty Free Image Downloads”. Again you must check the options and decide what works for you.

Affiliate secrets to create video thumbnails.

Use another simple Free Tool Called “Paint” or any other Image Editing Software to edit images you have chosen relevant to your Video Title. Make sure the Search Phrase will fit in One Line on the Video Thumbnail. Set image dimensions to 900 x 500 Pixels which is a great size for a Video Thumbnail. This way the YouTube Software can identify your best Audience. And actually have people watching your videos because they want to know more.

The Blog Post Body on the other hand should have the Search Phrase more frequently without rendering your content annoying. Which will only increase your Site Bounce Rate. It really is as simple as telling YouTube and Google exactly what your Blog Post and/or Video is all about.

You have Billions of YouTube Views and Google Searches to leverage each and every month. But Patience and Persistence is among the best kept secrets of affiliate marketing to actually succeed. It’s a sequence of Planned Search Phrase and Keyword Placement and then tracking results and Online Popularity results.

Non SEO friendly characters and ranking capability.

Never use any Non SEO Friendly Characters in your Post Meta Description (And Please No Meta Keywords) which are any Characters you enter by using the Shift Key on your Keyboard with exclusion to Capital Letters.

Same goes for the Video Title and Blog Title, never use Characters like – $%&#@?!() + – for example. It will largely influence your Blog SEO Score and ultimately search ranking capability. And all you have to do is be Specific.

Remember that High Ranking Sites like Hub Pages for instance with Millions of Monthly Searches. Require at least Two Videos and Three Images with 1250 Words to have your work featuring on their site. This indicates the obvious importance of Video and Graphic Content as Online Marketing Evolve.

Successful affiliate marketing and search engine optimization.

With Blogging Tips 2018 we’re highlighting the Key Factors but not the only ones, just the most important ones. You will be on a Whole New Level of Traffic Driving Skills and Knowledge to Share with your Audiences.

Which brings us to the conclusion of some Blogging tactics. That will have you kicking off your SEO in the New Year on a whole Different Level. It all comes down to Research and Proper Search Phrase Placement, concentrating on High Search Volumes with Low Competition Levels.

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