All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shift codes and how to redeem them

Looking for some Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shift codes? Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands well underway and there are all-new Shift codes to redeem. There’s a big ol’ chest in Brighthoof, home of Queen Butt Stallion, and you’ll need a Skeleton Key to open it, which you’ll get from a Shift code. There’s no telling what loot is stashed away in the chest but rest assured, it’ll be some powerful stuff. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the latest Shift codes and how to redeem them.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shift codes 

None currently.

New Shift codes typically appear weekly, or even more frequently on some occasions, so check back here for new codes and keep an eye on Twitter. First place to check: Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s Twitter account. While your friendly neighborhood freelance writer might be frustrated at Pitchford’s tendency to drop codes on weekends, he’s been the initial vector for a lot of recent Shift codes. Also worth checking the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Twitter and the Borderlands official Twitter account, which had for a long time retweeted Shift codes as they appeared, though they haven’t done much of that lately.

Here’s how to redeem your Shift codes, once you’ve got them.

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How to redeem Shift codes 

There are two ways to redeem Shift codes: in-game via the Shift menu, or through the Shift website. To redeem in-game, open up the Social menu either from the start while playing and tab over to Shift. Input the code and hit redeem and voila, you’ve got a Skeleton key. You can collect it from the Mail tab in the same menu.

Alternatively, you can go to the Shift website and input it there. After that, head to the Mail tab in the Social menu to retrieve it. Once you’ve got the key, head to Brighthoof to unlock the chest and claim your reward.

Expired Shift codes 

9F6TJ-HBT3B-JTTBJ-TJT3J-RRWB5 – Three Skeleton KeysSF6JB-R333B-33BTT-3TB3B-RB3F3 – Three Skeleton Keys9F6TT-53BBJ-BTJJJ-TTJJJ-KJ5XR – Three Skeleton Keys9FRBT-TJ33J-33J33-TB33T-JK9TR – Three Skeleton Keys3BXTB-Z5CSB-F5355-3BJ3J-C69TK – Skeleton Keys and Golden Keys5ZWTJ-XXBT3-FXWRZ-XJJJT-96XZ6 – Three Skeleton KeysTJX33-CWWST-XWJWW-TJJ3J-CK6HJ – Three Skeleton KeysTTRT3-BK5ZT-XCJW5-B3JJJ-JXXXJ – Three Skeleton Keys3363B-9TC9B-RCBKC-TBT3T-F99FB – Three Skeleton KeysBJR3T-RBKZT-FCTCC-BJ3TT-ZJFFR – Three Skeleton KeysT3XBJ-53WSB-XK3C5-JJTTB-BRX3T – Three Skeleton KeysJB6JJ-JJWSB-R5JCC-TJ3T3-KZBXX – Three Skeleton KeysTTX3B-SH3SB-6KBWW-BJJBT-JCXT5 – Three Skeleton KeysJ3RTB-XHTHT-XW3WK-BJTTT-5KS3H – Three Skeleton KeysJJXTJ-5HBS3-FWTC5-T3JBB-KRFKW – Three Skeleton KeysBJRBB-T9TZJ-FKTKK-JJT33-9SB6C – Three Skeleton Keys3TF3J-RKZ93-93BFK-3TTBB-HXFXS – Red Hellion ShotgunJB6T3-5K9HT-ZTJ65-JBTT3-BT6WS – Crossblade Shotgun3JR33-RR39T-6WB5C-TJTB3-36C9H – Three Skeleton Keys3J6T3-5RB9T-6CBWK-BTTT3-W35CS – Three Skeleton KeysJJXTB-9WB93-6C3CW-B33T3-FBF9T – Three Skeleton KeysJ3R3J-FCJZT-R5JWK-TJ3B3-CJ6JB – Three Skeleton KeysTBXJJ-T5JHB-6K3CW-TJ3J3-656J9 – Three Skeleton Keys336TJ-3W9SJ-9J3FK-JT3JB-R33TF – Goblin Pickaxe WeaponT3FJT-SBZZT-93BFC-3B3TB-3BTRB – Liquid Cooling WeaponJ3R3J-Z9ZRT-6KBCK-33T3B-33CJS – Three Skeleton KeysJBRBB-HFW9J-XW3K5-3TT3J-TZ5CZ – Knights of Butt Stallion Armor & BannerJTRB3-WTZ9T-HB36W-T3JBJ-93TC6 – Frying Pan WeaponBJ6J3-RBHHJ-SBTF5-JJ3TB-HFHWX – Blue Cake Weapon3BXTB-JT9HB-9JB6C-JBTJB-ZFXSS – Live Wire Weapon TBF3B-KHSXT-FKJKK-T3T33-CT6JS – Three Skeleton KeysJ3F3T-3Z9XT-RWTW5-BT33J-ST55C – Three Skeleton Keys33XJB-C6KST-65TWW-JJJTJ-S36SW – Three Skeleton KeysJTX3T-WFZXJ-XW3CC-JTTBB-K3F56 – Three Skeleton KeysBTRJB-BFZXT-XW3KW-3JBTJ-HZ5WK – Three Skeleton Keys3TX3T-R9XST-933RW-3BBTT-WJBCC – Gluttony Weapon336BB-H3TFZ-W5BK5-3JT33-SBC5S – Three Skeleton KeysTTF33-K9XH3-ST3RC-TTJT3-RW66W – Reign of Arrows ShotgunJ3FBT-63JFS-KK35K-TJ3J3-JRJ6W – Three Skeleton KeysJJXTB-CJ3X9-WWTC5-3J3J3-ZHJ6T – Three Skeleton KeysJJRTJ-J9RZT-H3T65-BTJ3J-J3FTZ – Swordsplosion WeaponBTR3T-TJJXZ-WKBCC-BJTJ3-HXZ5F – Three Skeleton KeysJJRTJ-9HZCS-C53CC-BJBTJ-BXXSH – Three Skeleton KeysBBXTT-6HHWH-WW3KC-TJBJ3-3H9TX – Three Skeleton KeysBTRJ3-RWCH3-ZB3XK-JJJ33-K6H95 – Ye Olde Shimmy Emote 3TFJ3-SCC93-HJBRK-33JTB-F9XXK – Astral Body Armor Pattern T36B3-JRKST-HBT6K-BT33B-ZBSJC – Tank’s Top Headgear B363J-K6K9J-ZB36C-3TB3T-R9Z55 – Glacial Cascade Spellbook BTRB3-FRCS3-SBB65-JBTJ3-ZFKK3 – Five Skeleton Keys TBF3T-ZXW93-ZBJFW-JJ33B-3TF3Z – Ducal Diamond Armor Color TBFTB-JHC93-9J36K-3T3BB-Z6X99 – Cryo Swordsplosion J36TJ-WS5S3-STJR5-TJJT3-9FS9B – Pony Ride Emote BBX33-69CZJ-STTXW-T3J3J-BHXJ6 – Flower Wreath Headgear J3F33-9HCSJ-9TTR5-33BJ3-5XKBW – Fragment Rain SMG TB63J-WSH5H-CK3WW-BTBT3-TBXTC – Three Skeleton Keys JJ6T3-9CSRB-RKJ5W-JBJJJ-WRXRC – Three Skeleton KeysJ3FJT-BWKSJ-9JBXK-T33T3-RT966 – Five Skeleton Keys J36J3-K5WZJ-STBXW-3BJBJ-BR93C – Nightshade SMG3TFTB-XKHXB-F5BC5-JTJTJ-HK96X – Three Skeleton KeysTJRB3-CKZRB-F5JK5-B3BBB-3FZC9 – Three Skeleton KeysJTR3T-TCHR3-XK3W5-J33T3-TF6H5 – Three Skeleton KeysJT63T-TS9WS-W5TW5-J3TTJ-WB6RX – Three Skeleton KeysJBRTJ-S6ZCH-5WJWW-JTTJB-KFHFS – Three Skeleton Keys3BFBT-R6H5S-CKTW5-JBTBB-Z6FRR – Three Skeleton KeysBTXJT-5XZW9-WC3C5-TTJ3B-TCXWB – Three Skeleton Keys3BRBB-36HWS-CKJCC-3BTTT-K53HX – Three Skeleton Keys5H533-9XT3T-FXWFZ-RJTTB-6FXKJ – Ten Skeleton Keys3JF33-TCH5S-K5JW5-TJ3TJ-3SJH6 – One Skeleton Key3JF3T-H3ZKH-WKTWW-33TTB-THJJF – One Skeleton Key3BR3J-F39KH-C5B5C-J3JJT-RHBSB – One Skeleton KeyBBRBB-JBHCH-5WJCK-BJ3JB-JT96S – One Skeleton KeyTBXTT-9H6W9-KC35C-BBTJT-35CJ5 – One Skeleton KeyJJ63T-FS659-KWTKC-B33JT-3C663 – One Skeleton KeyTBRT3-KZ6C9-5KBCC-JBT3J-CKJRH – One Skeleton KeyBJR3T-THR59-CCJKW-TBJJB-BTZS5 – One Skeleton KeyJB6BJ-SR6WS-5WJ5K-JBBT3-FK9TK – One Skeleton KeyT3FJT-F6RCH-WWJKW-B33BT-KRRHB – One Skeleton KeyBBFJB-W665H-5W35C-JTB3J-55H6B – One Skeleton KeyBBF33-TFFWZ-KC3KW-3JJJJ-WCXZR – One Skeleton KeyJ3RT3-9W6W9-WCJ5C-333J3-5CJRF – One Skeleton Key3J6BT-6CFWH-W5T5W-BJJTB-RKZ3W – One Skeleton Key3BRTJ-5K659-K5355-BTB3T-633F3 – One Skeleton KeyTBRJJ-TW659-W5B5C-T3B3J-3BTBK – One Skeleton Key W9CJT-5XJTB-RRKRS-FTJ3T-BTRKK – Three Skeleton KeysT3R33-9BRWH-KKBKW-B3TTB-36TBF – One Skeleton KeyJJRJB-CS3WZ-WWTW5-33BJT-JZ9RJ – One Skeleton KeyB3F3J-3S3KZ-CWBWC-BTT3T-SHF5F – One Skeleton KeyBTX3T-6RTWZ-K5BW5-3BBB3-3TFCZ – One Skeleton KeyJBRTT-BZH6F-CC3W5-3TTTB-XB9HH – One Skeleton KeyBTFTB-RSJKZ-WWB5C-T3JJT-BS36S – One Skeleton KeyTB6BT-SWJCS-WKTK5-3B3B3-5BJW9 – One Skeleton KeyB36T3-KSZ6F-K5TKK-JJ3B3-B6B3J – One Skeleton KeyBJFBJ-9W9K9-KC3WW-TTBB3-WX5J9 – Three Skeleton Keys

Once there are more codes available, the expired ones will appear here so you don’t waste your time and efforts trying to redeem them. Don’t say I’m not good to you! If you’re just getting started with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, check out our guide on which is the best starting class.

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