Amazon Prime Gaming Adds 8 Surprise Games for May 2023

Amazon Prime Gaming is offering subscribers eight more indie games as part of the May 2023 deals. Each month, Prime Gaming offers a batch of 10-15 titles available for subscribers to download and purchase for free. Once in the blue moon, the service adds additional titles for subscribers to pick up for free.

This month we’ve already seen fifteen games available to Prime Gaming subscribers, including Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D, Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition, and Lake, among others. With the popular and critically acclaimed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor released just under a month ago, Rogue Squadron 3D was perfect for fans looking to get an extra dose of Star Wars this month. Another standout from May’s baseline lineup is Lake. The cozy indie title sees players driving through a quiet little Pacific Northwest town, delivering mail and packages to its many residents, making friends and developing romantic relationships along the way. Now, with the month of May starting to wind down, Prime Gaming is adding an extra side of indies to this month’s already solid offering.

Eight more indie games are being made available for Prime Gaming subscribers to claim through June 26th. As with all free Prime Gaming titles, subscribers will own these games forever once they are claimed. Headlining this new batch is the humorous Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, which allows players to solve puzzles, grow crops and face vile beasts, all as a turnip boy evading taxes in a charming Zelda-like world. A sequel titled Turnip Boy Robs a Bank was revealed last year and is set to release in 2023. This Prime Gaming offering is a great opportunity for interested players to enter the crime-obsessed world of Turnip Boy and prepare for the after the bank robbery earlier this year.

featured carrot turnip boy trailer Beasts of Maravilla Island Calico DKO: Divine Knockout Double Kick Heroes Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King Tiny Robots Recharged Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Nabo Boy commits tax evasion

Another highlight of this new free batch is Calico. This cat-themed sim lets players build and furnish their own cafe with decorations, furniture, and tons of cute animals. From wolves to polar bears and, of course, tons of cats, Calico allows players to grow an environment teeming with their favorite animals. The game even allows players to fly around the island on broomsticks or even birds, Hogwarts Legacy style.

Even if this eight-game offer runs through June, it’s unlikely to replace June’s new batch of free Prime games. Speaking of which, Prime Gaming’s June schedule is probably just days away from being announced.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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