Among Us Reveals New Map


Among Us, a once-obscure indie game, gained immense popularity in 2020 and continues to receive updates and improvements due to its rise in internet pop culture. The latest update introduces a new map called “The Fungle,” set to be released in October, featuring a fungus-ridden alien planet and unique tasks for crew members. Many fans eagerly anticipate exploring The Fungle, hoping to uncover hidden secrets.

The developers behind the massively popular party game Among Us have revealed a brand-new map, known as “The Fungle,” which is set to release sometime in October. The team at InnerSloth has been consistently updating and improving Among Us since the game’s meteoric rise in popularity in 2020, two years after its initial release.

Among Us launched in 2018 as a relatively obscure indie title, receiving very little mainstream attention until 2020, when it suddenly and dramatically surged into the center of internet pop culture after a wide range of content creators started playing the game on streams and in videos. Since its meteoric rise, Among Us has seen significant updates and improvements, as well as new versions ported to various consoles, mobile devices, and even VR platforms.

The latest major update to Among Us was announced in September’s Nintendo Direct showcase, where it was revealed that a new map called “The Fungle” will be added to the game sometime in October. The announcement includes a brief clip of the iconic armless astronauts crashlanding on a fungus-ridden alien planet, hence the name “Fungle,” a portmanteau of fungus and jungle. This mushroom-laden natural environment stands out from other Among Us maps, which tend to lean more heavily toward sterile, high-tech sci-fi themes.

The narrative segment of the video is followed by some gameplay footage from The Fungle, giving fans a sense of what they can expect from the new map. Based on the short clips that are shown, it looks like the fungal environment will feature a variety of new tasks for crew members, as well as several new fungal-themed methods for impostors to sabotage and horribly kill their fellow players. Various features common to all Among Us maps appear to be present in new, thematically appropriate forms, such as a massive pair of binoculars that seems to function similarly to the security cameras found on other maps.

Although the Nintendo Direct announcement did not disclose an exact release date for The Fungle, the fact that the map is going live in October means that fans will not have to wait long in any case. It remains to be seen whether the new map will contain any hidden secrets, Easter eggs, or hints of any upcoming crossovers with other games or franchises, but it is reasonable to expect that players will be scouring the environment for any such secrets as soon as they get the chance.

Among Us is available for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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