An Open Letter to my Love

An Open Letter to my Love

For anyone who may not have the delightful gratification of knowing Will on a personal level, allow me to introduce Will and his beautiful, kind soul. He is an amazingly talented, remarkably fearless, chicken nugget-loving, compassionate, free spirit. Will is the kind of person who will attentively listen to your problems, and he will not rest until he finds a solution. Will is a gentle, sensitive, delicate treasure. He is a once in a lifetime person— he is the sun shining through dreary, sorrowful clouds; he is the harmony in your favorite song; he is a breath of fresh air— Will is an absolute blessing.

My Dear William,

I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you. I am so happy that I was able to watch you flourish and thrive, and I’m even happier that I was able to grow with you. There are approximately 171,476 words in the English language, but there isn’t a single one capable of describing the way you make me feel— the joy you bring me is unmatched. You truly bring out the best in me, and for that, I am forever grateful to have you in my life.

I was just thirteen when I met you, and right away I knew that you were something special; I knew that I could be vulnerable around you, and six years later, I still have yet to meet another soul like yours. From the start, I knew I needed you in my life, and my love for you has not stopped growing since. The greatest part about it is that I got to fall in love with you not once, but twice, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

One of the things I love most about you is that I learn a new thing about you every day, and that is the absolute joy and excitement of being your girlfriend. It is literally so much fun being with you; every time I am with you, there is never a dull moment. Your presence truly lights up a room. The countless laughs, the stuffed animal wars, trying to play Xbox when we both know I’m terrible at it are the moments I love the most with you. They are, without a doubt, the most valuable, unforgettable moments.

You inspire me. You motivate me to be a better person— not just physically but mentally— not for you or the other people in my life but for myself. Because of you, I have a new outlook; smiling feels better; happiness is more valuable; the storm has finally stopped and the rainbow began to shine. You make the bad days good and the good days even better. You have given me hope—you are my safe space, my joy, and the one I love most.

Without you, Will, I don’t know who I would be. You enlighten me; you make me feel special, important, and loved. The love and admiration I have for you is overwhelmingly enchanting. You make me excited for the future, not scared of it; you have taught me to embrace and accept the past, not run away from it. You are always by my side, especially when I need you the most. You’re the one I can trust and rely on the most— the one I go to when I need advice, when I need to rant, or when I just need to laugh. You have taught me what it’s actually like to be happy, and I can never thank you enough for it.

Every time I’m with you, I feel safe— I am blissfully secure— and when I am with you, I feel like I am at home; I feel like I am accepted for who I am. I can shamelessly be myself around you without the fear and anxiety of being judged. I love who I am because of you; I have finally learned to accept my flaws and embrace who I am. I love the warmth and comfort you give me and the way your heartbeat sounds when I sleep— the way it feels when you squeeze my hand, the way it feels when you kiss my forehead, the chills I get when you whisper that you love me. When I’m with you, I am in paradise.

I am in love with loving you, and the blissful serenity that comes along with loving you. I love sharing my passions and goals with you; I love the dynamic and the foundation of our relationship, where we connect and share our regrets and insecurities with each other, our fears and our doubts, and that we are able to learn from our mistakes and grow from them. Your compassion is valued more than you will ever know, and your efforts never go unnoticed. Being in love with you is such a beautiful, exciting sensation, and I cherish every second of loving you.

You are so unfathomably patient, but on the contrary, you are extraordinarily driven and ambitious, and I greatly admire that. You do things that no other person would do— you aren’t afraid of taking risks— and I am not only amazed but inspired by you. You embody so much strength yet so much empathy and delicacy. You’re fierce yet sensitive, bold yet gentle. You fight for what you want and with so much ease. Your grace and ambition are fueled by passion and positivity.

When I see you, I see nothing but potential. There isn’t a single thing you aren’t capable of; you are absolutely brilliant, and you never cease to amaze me. You really are such a wonder— no matter what happens, you remain positive— you never fail to impress and inspire me, and I am so incredibly proud of you and the person you’ve become. You deserve the world and all its happiness.

Happy birthday, William; I love you so much.

Love always,


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