An open letter to the country I loved

An open letter to the country I loved

I’ll start off by saying I’m a millennial, weird right? But guess what, I’m an “old” millennial. I was raised in a time where life was still simple and being an American was a privilege.

I have many childhood memories, but very few vivid memories of those years. My first was Disney, but can hey, can you blame me? But my second is the day I felt what being an American and loving your country was like.

September 11th, I know this is such a big part of our history, but it was a time I will never lose sight of. It’s honestly the only thing that keeps me hopeful for our country.

I was in elementary school. I remember my teacher, the exact classroom, and even details of the lobby entrance to the school — which has since been remodeled a time or five.

I was young yes, but I knew the difference already about tears of real sadness. Everyone had them that day, but at that point I didn’t understand.

My parents picked me up from school that day, it was weird but not that uncommon of a thing. When we got home they sat me down and explained.

They were divorced you see, but day they were united. Not just for me, but for a country in sorrow. I don’t remember the exact words but they told me, “awful, hateful people do terrible things sometimes. Our country was hurt, but don’t worry, we are strong.”

The next couple days I snuck peeks at the TV. Slowly putting it all together. I was so confused at how someone could hurt all those innocent people and how they could hurt our beautiful America. How they could hurt themselves by flying the planes and losing their lives as well.

After that time, I was the most patriot girl, and probably annoying at times. I celebrated every Fourth of July like it was Christmas. I sang proudly every time our National Anthem played. I went out of my way to thank our veterans who had served in the past, and after high school that turned into thanking my some of my close friends and classmates for their services.

I can’t tell you when our country let hate blind the fact of having country that offered all and more to its people, but I can tell you when we started being open about it.

When the younger generation started taking over the political world. We elected former President Obama. Yes, we he was the first president of color, but most of us saw past that. He was kind and hopeful for creating a thankful nation again.

I’ll be the first to admit, we totally suck at picking presidents, but when we’re not given much of a choice, we picked what would benefit us the most.

We still our figuring out how to make an America for the future. An American our children will love, and they can choose hate for themselves. I think we believe we owe them the proof of what success can be despite our struggles

So if you hate our country, great, that’s fine. But you need to remember, the times and country that wronged you and made you filled with the dark disgust, is not the country or any of its people now. That was an old America, not our America.

We’re still the same kids fighting the same battles.

But wait, I’m an old millennial remember? I don’t want my daughter, or any of yours to clean up a mess we didn’t have to make.

Let them decide if our country is beautiful.

And most importantly, let them figure out what my parents taught me, “awful, hateful people do terrible things sometimes. Our country was hurt, but don’t worry, we are strong.”

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