Andrea (An Tay) lifts the curtain behind the scenes of fashion shoots

Andrea (An Tay) lifts the curtain behind the scenes of fashion shoots

Thursday, September 9, 2021 11:08 AM (GMT+7)

Andrea Aybar is one of the most expensive models in lingerie and swimwear photography shows in Vietnam.

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Andrea Aybar is 1.75m tall with three measurements of 82-60-90cm.

Dad is supportive and gives the right advice

Andrea Aybar is a Hispanic model. But from a very young age, she moved with her family to Vietnam to live and work. Therefore, Vietnam is considered as the second home of the beautiful model. Her Vietnamese name is An Tay.

On her personal page, she often shares many sexy moments at home during the epidemic season. As a model pursuing a glamorous and liberal image, Andrea Aybar cannot avoid compliments and criticisms from the online community. However, before the multi-dimensional comments, she was not affected too much. Because, the model believes that everyone has the right to freedom of speech and she cannot forbid them to express.

“An will review the comments of the fans. If true, An is ready to amend because the comments help him better, then why insist. As for the offensive comments, An will quit. Currently, An feels lucky to be loved by everyone, giving An more advice than lashing out.” – Andrea Aybar is the type of person who has a positive lifestyle and always controls her emotions, so she won’t be affected too much by netizens’ comments.

In addition, the model revealed that her father “backs her” so she believes in her choice and direction in her modeling career. Andrea Aybar said that her father is a modern thinker, even catching trends with young people quite sensitively. Therefore, she always received the best support and advice from her father.

Working principles for image protection

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Long legs are chosen by many lingerie and swimwear brands to cooperate.

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Andrea Aybar is loyal to her beautiful and glamorous fashion style.

As a foreign model operating in Vietnam, Andrea Aybar receives certain incentives. In addition, the height of 1.75m and the three-round measurement of 82-60-90cm helps her always be the name that domestic brands “choose to send gold”. At the peak of her modeling career, she appeared continuously in many sexy lingerie and pajamas fashion pictures.

However, in order to preserve the image in the public eye and avoid unintended incidents when working, Andrea Aybar offers specific principles. She shared: “For example, a photo shoot with a bikini, An will inform the team that will work with An in advance on issues such as: will not be allowed to take pictures or record (phones, cameras) what is not in the work. The costumes will be agreed by both parties before taking pictures, and especially, those who are not related or not part of the team will not be able to participate in the shoot.

Each photography concept has different requirements. After agreeing on the job requirements, the two parties will determine the price of the sand. But almost, the amount of sand received by An will not differ too much.” – Andrea Aybar revealed that the salary depends on many factors.

As a potential model, right back at the time when the entertainment industry was “frozen” due to the impact of the epidemic, Andrea Aybar canceled many projects. However, she and the team had to change the job to fit the general conditions. Andrea Aybar adapted and worked from home for months following social distancing.

After the translation is over, Andrea Aybar still maintains modeling because it is her passion. Besides, she is also learning more about business and implementation in the near future, with the help of her father.

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The model maintains a healthy diet and exercises during the epidemic season to ensure her weight.


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