Apex Legends' Highest-Ranked Player Gets Banned


The highest-ranked player in Apex Legends, Facilitatur, was unexpectedly banned during a Ranked match. Facilitatur, a notorious player in the Apex Legends community, has a history of cheating and was previously accused of using hacks on Xbox before moving to PC. The ban of Facilitatur during a Ranked game shows that the developers are willing to penalize even the highest-ranked players, addressing concerns about cheating in the game.

During a recent Ranked match of Apex Legends, the highest-ranked player in the battle royale was unexpectedly banned mid-fight. While cheating in Apex Legends is nothing new, having the number one ranked Apex Predator on PC be a cheater is doubtlessly concerning to many. Fortunately, this player will no longer occupy the top of the game’s leaderboards.

The player in question is Facilitatur, who has been a notorious name in the Apex Legends community for several years. In fact, the player first ascended to near the top of the ranks on Xbox. However, he and his duo partner, Invulnerable, moved to PC after being accused of using hacks. Since then, Facilitatur has climbed back toward the top of the rankings, even becoming the highest-ranked player in the game recently. However, their ascension has spurred increased scrutiny from the community and has led Respawn Entertainment to take action.

As indicated by a recent video shared by Apex Legends News, Facilitatur was banned from Apex Legends during the middle of a skirmish during a Ranked game. This is significant news as the player was the highest-ranked player in the battle royale on PC, signifying that the developer is not afraid to penalize players at the highest ranks. The video of the unexpected ban was shared by the content creator RealLegendJuice.

In the clip, RealLegendJuice and their squad were in a battle at a cluster of buildings outside Production Yard on the Broken Moon map. After RealLegendJuice was knocked, their death recap revealed that Facilitatur, who was playing the newly reworked Revenant, had downed them. They then watched as their last teammate took on the highest-ranked player. While it looked like they were going to die, suddenly Facilitatur’s Revenant disappeared, and a message appeared in the kill feed, noting that the player had been removed from the game.

It is worth pointing out that some players have been calling for Facilitatur to be banned from the game for a while. Specifically, HisWattson, a popular content creator and former pro, had previously made posts highlighting the player’s questionable rise to the top of the PC rankings. According to HisWattson, Facilitatur was impossible to sneak up on, claiming he had never been able to surprise the now-banned player.

While the removal of cheating players from the competitive playlist is a good thing, only time will tell how the Ranked mode adapts in the weeks ahead. In addition to cheaters, difficulty balancing the Ranked system in Apex Legends has been an issue for a while, with Respawn Entertainment struggling to find a solution that satisfies most players. Hopefully, the game’s top ranks will be occupied by those who play the game fairly moving forward.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Dexerto

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