Apex Legends: How to Create a Private Match

Apex Legends is an action-packed title where players fight each other in a battle royale format to be the last player/squad standing. The game features 60 players divided into 20 squads. Players choose a legend at the start of the match, each with their own special abilities. The game combines combat skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking, and the ultimate goal is to outlast the opponent squads.

While Apex Legends has many exciting game modes to choose from, sometimes players want to play with their pals in a private match. Like most battle royale titles, Apex Legends also allows gamers to create a room. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a private match in Apex Legends.

How to Host a Custom Match in Apex Legends custom lobby apex legends

First things first, the private match feature is available on all platforms. And since Apex Legends supports cross-platform, players on different platforms can play together in the same room.

To create a room in Apex Legends, players can follow these simple steps:

Launch Apex Legends. In the main menu, go to the ‘Game Mode’ option found right above the ‘Ready’ option. Here, players will see two options on the top of the screen: public match and private match. Players can either join a private match or create their own. They can click ‘Create Match’ to make a room or select ‘Join Match’ to enter someone else’s custom match. Gamers will see a ‘Join Code’ at the top right corner of the screen. They can click the ‘Reveal’ button right next to it to view this code and then share it with their friends. Similarly, those who want to join someone else’s room will have to enter the code in order to access the private match. custom match settings apex legends

During the joining process, the private room owner can change match settings, such as the game mode and map. The game has five maps as of now, and players can choose any map for a private match. Furthermore, using the self-assign feature, the room owner can decide whether players can choose their squads or not. Even if this feature is disabled, the owner can assign a player to any squad by selecting their name and then dragging and dropping it into the team they want them to join.

Lastly, the room owner can start the match only when there are enough players in the lobby. To begin a classic Battle Royale match, players will need at least 30 players in the lobby, while a private Team Deathmatch requires a minimum of 12 players.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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