Apple Developing New Wireless Charging Technology For iPhones

Apple is apparently working on a new wireless charging technology for future iPhones and this new technology could apparently charge devices from a a further distance than current technology.

At the moment the majority of wireless charging works when you place your device on a wireless charging mat, Apple apparently has plans to allow you to charge their iPhones further away from the power source.

The further you are away from the power source then the charging becomes less efficient, this is one of the hurdles that Apple is looking to overcome with their new technology.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple could be ready to launch their new wireless charging feature in 2017, this would probably be introduced with the launch of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus next year.

As soon as we get some more details on exactly what Apple has planned for wireless charging on their future iPhones, we will let you guys know.

Source Bloomberg

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