Apple Has Plans For Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

It looks like Apple has plans for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the company apparently has a large team working on the projects.
According to a number of reports, Apple is building a larger team that will be working on Augmented Reality and Virtually Reality.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently mentioned VR in the company’s latest earnings call, here is what he had to say about VR, ‘I don’t think VR is a niche…It’s really cool and has some interesting applications‘.
The news comes in a report from the FT, who said that Apple were looking into VR back in 2000 under the late Steve Jobs, although the project was abandoned at the time.
Apple has made a number of acquisitions of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company’s since 2013, the latest one being a company called Flyby Media which has developed technology for mapping spaces using smartphones.
The company also recently hired Dough Bowman who is a top Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality researcher.
There are no details on exactly what Apple’s plans for VR are at the moment, although we suspect it could have something to do with a future iPhone, as soon as we get some more information on what Apple are working on, we will let you guys know.
Source 9 to 5 Mac

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