Apple is putting a shrink into your Watch, says mental health is important

Apple, during WWDC 2023, said that mental health is as important as physical health and announced new features that will allow users to keep track of their emotions and even take some regular mental health assessments, if needed.

By Divyanshi Sharma: The Apple Watch has often been credited to saving its users’ lives. The watch continuously monitors an individual’s heart rate and alerts the user in case something is amiss. Customers have often said that their Apple Watch detected irregularities in their heartbeat which ultimately saved their lives. But Apple doesn’t want to restrict the concept of health to just physical health. The company, during the WWDC 2023, put strong emphasis on the importance of mental health and announced new health features of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10. Thus, you Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad will do much more than just physical health tracking.

Thus, Apple, in a way, is putting a shrink in your watch so that you can keep tabs on your health at all times.

Apple announces new health features

Apple’s mega annual event, the WWDC 2023, was held on June 5 this year. Tech enthusiasts from across the world had their eyes glued to their screens in order to find out what the tech giant has in store for its customers. And during the event, Apple announced the iOS 17 that will be rolled out in the future. New health features of the iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and watchOS 10 were also announced.

Going forward, Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone users will be able to record their emotions and moods in their device and also get access to some insights by experts and other resources.

“Mental health and vision health are important, but often overlooked, and we’re excited to introduce features that offer valuable new insights to provide users with an even better understanding of their health. These insights help support users in their daily decisions and offer more informed conversations with their doctors,” Sumbul Desai, MD, Apple’s vice president of Health, said in a press release.

Talking specifically about the Apple Watch, the Mindfulness app in watchOS 20 will let users record how they feel by interacting with ‘engaging, multidimensional shapes’. These feelings can range from Very Pleasant to Very Unpleasant. Choosing how they feel will allow users to recognise the feeling and reflect upon their emotions. Not only this, Apple Watch users will also be able to select the possible reasons behind these feelings.

Moreover, the Health app will allow users to identify why they are feeling the way they are and help them make associations with lifestyle factors like sleep or exercise. We all know how our lifestyle impacts our health and Apple claims that users, by accessing these insights, will be able to manage their health better.

The Health App will also have depression and anxiety assessments that users can take in order to determine the next course of action. These tests can be exported via a PDF and can even be shared with doctors.

“These new features enable iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users across the world to better care for their mental health, and in doing so, help raise awareness and acceptance for this important topic,” Apple says.

The company also said that all the health and fitness data will be encrypted to ensure user’s privacy isn’t compromised in any way.

Apple unveils new Safari features at WWDC 2023

Apple also introduced new features for its web browser, Safari, that will make it possible for users to turn their favourite websites into instant apps. Apple’s new feature is similar to what Google’s Chrome offers as ‘Shortcuts’.

In Apple’s Safari, when a user turns a website into an application, it will be available straight from the Dock and all the user needs to do will be to click on the icon to access the website in the form of an instant web application.

Turning websites into apps was not the only feature announced for Safari. Apple also announced that users will soon be able to create profiles, to keep their browsing data separate for work and personal use.

The company also claimed that Safari search results are also getting an upgrade and will be ‘more responsive than ever and will show easier-to-read and more relevant suggestions’.

Apple, during WWDC 2023, said that mental health is as important as physical health and announced new features that will allow users to keep track of their emotions and even take some regular mental health assessments, if needed.

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