Are we living in a simulation?

Are we living in a simulation?

It obviously has become very trying times since the start of this pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and their will to keep going in life. There’s been numerous cases of COVID-19 widespread, with people falling ill and dying, falling into a deep dark void away from their family and friends.

COVID-19 is nothing new at the moment. It is still the same virus that caused a pandemic a couple years ago, almost making us think that we are in fact living in a simulation. A simulation that was designed to have us suffer and contemplate life.

☆ A simulation can mean that we are all stuck in a void time and place, where we are possibly being “watched”.

☆ It can also be telling of the fact that we are in trying times and need to practice more compassion within ourselves and each other.

☆ Just because we “feel” as if we are in a simulation, doesn’t necessarily always mean that we are in one.

Simulations are scary. That’s a fact. We don’t know who is controlling us and the events that are happening in a simulation and we also don’t know what we are being controlled to do. It’s almost as if the people who are watching us, are “enjoying” us while in our pain and misery as we try to get through our lives, as if nothing is holding us back. Scientists have started hypothesizing that we may actually be living in a simulation since 2019, and that we were being “watched” since then. They have provided mathematical and scientific evidence and reasoning as to why this may be the case.

As the years go by, we are getting more and more closer to the “end” of the world. The fact that there are different scary possibilities coming into existence may prove that, the world isn’t as “early” in destructive possibilities and “what-ifs” as we may think.

If we look at the fact that we are struggling within a pandemic, this wasn’t something that existed a while ago, before 2019. Ever since 2019 and 2020 came, things started to change and feel more like a simulation. It almost started feeling as if there is someone constantly trying to test us and see what our limits are.

If we think hard about it, we didn’t really have the same circumstances at the moment in the years previously. Climate change wasn’t as big of a problem back then as it is currently. Although the Earth’s climate is bound to change and constantly alter itself, climate change and the glaciers haven’t really been something on our radar until the last couple of years. We keep wondering if this is all a sign that we are getting near to the “end” or doomsday.

We can do whatever it is that we are doing now, but we have to be conscious of the fact that there are different “wake-up” calls being brought to us by the world. Climate change, the pandemic, are a few things that can remind us that we need to start being more mindful about our environment and how this world is going to change.

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