ARMY Check This Out, BTS To Perform At UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

ARMY Check This Out, BTS To Perform At UN’s Sustainable Development Goals




We can all agree that BTS is a group of bonafide-style icons. The record-breaking septet doesn’t simply follow trends; they create them, and we’ve been more than glad to keep up with their every fashionable move for quite some time.


From the concept photographs for Map of the Soul: 7 to RM’s blue hair during the “Dynamite” promotions, BTS always delivers not just on music but also on design.


According to a statement on the SDG Moment 2021 initiative, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a “blueprint for battling poverty and hunger, facing the climate catastrophe, attaining gender equality, and much more.”


BTS tweeted about their struggle for one of the Movement’s goals last week, stating, “If we feel there is hope, we will find the way.” We oppose racial discrimination and hate speech. To learn more, visit Make a commitment to join us. Choose your pledge to contribute to the achievement of the #GlobalGoals. Let’s do this as a group.”


Blackpink, a Korean female pop band, has been designated as an ambassador for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2020.


Blackpink stated in their mission of encouraging young people: “We strongly believe in the necessity of collective action,” about taking climate action and bringing good change to the globe. We will only be able to make a difference if we all work together for the greater good. Now is the moment to take action to ensure a safer tomorrow and a brighter future.



Buddy K-pop megastars Blackpink have also been decided to name as Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, joining an illustrious list of advocates that includes actor Forest Whitaker, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, human rights advocate Malala Yousafzai, director/screenwriter Richard Curtis (Bridget Jones’ Diary), youth activist Valentina Muoz, and teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

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