Artist Sums Up Life With A Cat In 30 Comics

Artist Sums Up Life With A Cat In 30 Comics

Nick Filippou’s simple but accurate comics are about his life with his cat Minnie and their day-to-day interactions. Those who own a cat already know what pleasure felines bring to their lives. But there’s no harm in reminding everyone. And for those of you who don’t know, now you may know.

The comics are called “I iz cat,” spelled in the vein of “cat-speak” similar to “I can haz cheesburger,” a meme that was viral in what would seem like ancient times of the internet. Though the comics have a very rudimental drawing style, they’re not about showing off the skills of the artist, but about showing how great his life with his cat is.

From classics like a cat in a box, and their undying hunting instincts, to Minnie’s psychedelic escapades on catnip, and other things, the comic covers just about everything in the spectrum of feline life with its beloved owners. But what’s more, they add a dash of humor and cuteness that every cat owner (and not only them) may relate to.

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