Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra

Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra

Monday 9/11/2020 05:30 AM (GMT + 7)

With boundless creativity, believers can turn everything around with a unique fashion breath.

Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra - 1

Lyy Lee’s sexy body with a dangerous, sexy swimsuit is hard to take her eyes off.

The trend of turning objects around life into clothes is being applied by many fashion followers around the world. There are people praised for their creativity, and others criticized for being offensive. Recently, a female model with the stage name Lyy Lee showed off the image of turning banana leaves into a swimsuit, creating an effect on social networking sites.

Thanks to the reasonable arrangement, the model showed off her sexy and delicate “snow pear” pair. The green color of banana leaves brings a half-hidden beauty, and at the same time brings out her flawless white skin. To make her circle more full, she revealed to fans that she used a makeup brush to create blocks. Because if you don’t wear a bra, your bust is usually small, not full of sexy. This is also the “trick” of many girls when the first round is modest.

Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra - 2

The image of using banana leaves as a bra has received a “storm” like by Lyy Lee.

Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra - 3

On her personal page, she often shows off her hot figure with swimsuits. She is a swimsuit model that receives quite a high interaction on social networking sites.

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Contrary to Lyy Lee, many girls who turn masks into swimsuits receive a lot of criticism. Especially at the time when the whole country was working together to fight the epidemic, masks were considered as a luxury and scarce item to protect health. Many people even design swimsuits from masks for business.

Asian beauties use banana leaves as bra - 5

Many people believe that using masks to make bikinis, taking sexy photos at this time is not appropriate. But there are also opinions that should not be too strict and sensitive to mask images or the ideas of photographers …


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