Baldur's Gate 3: 10 Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes

Players used to traditional RPGs might find Baldur’s Gate 3 a bit challenging, especially with the game giving them quite a wide range of options for combat, exploration, and even dialogue. With the D&D adaptation providing both lore and mechanics from the iconic TTRPG, fans may be surprised at the depth Baldur’s Gate 3 offers in terms of overall gameplay.

However, unsuspecting newcomers may find themselves committing mistakes early on in the game that can drastically affect their initial playthroughs. While it’s easy to reload saves, getting far into the game and realizing certain things they could’ve avoided may lead to some frustrating moments.

10 Don’t Hesitate To Save Scum Many Save FIles

With how difficult certain encounters in Baldur’s Gate 3 could get, it’s normal for players to end up creating multiple save files. This isn’t bad behavior in the RPG, especially with the many instances of branching decisions both inside and outside conversations. Players shouldn’t hesitate making many save files to accommodate multiple decisions they may have regarding their characters.

However, it would help players to also name save files appropriately to make it easier finding which ones to load at any given time. This method of responsible save-scumming maximizes each save file and can help avoid confusing players.

9 Don’t Skip Obvious Solutions Attacking multiple foes at once

Despite Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay offering players with many opportunities to pull off crazy stunts, this isn’t the immediate course of action for every single task at hand. When faced with a dilemma, players shouldn’t immediately resort to a complicated set of actions, as the game likely has a solution in store that doesn’t require too much effort.

For instance, meeting Karlach in Act 1 needs crossing a broken bridge. The obvious solution is to Jump to the other side of the bridge, but the cursor doesn’t seem to allow the Action. While there’s a way to jump to the bottom of the bridge to climb up a rock formation, this puts players at the risk of being prone. Instead of risking the jump to the bottom, players should check if the very edge of the bridge has space enough for the Jump Action.

8 Don’t Ignore Experiments Experimenting with an attack

Players trying to make the most out of their Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough may focus less on building characters and more on breezing through encounters and the story. Multiclassing seems like a lot of work, and being able to shuffle between characters means there’s a person for every role, right? However, players might be missing out on one of the best parts of D&D gameplay: experimentation.

Each level gives players option to tinker with their respective Classes, be it to select new Feats or even switch up their roster of spells. Players shouldn’t hesitate experimenting with things they want regardless of the result, especially since the game offers a chance to respec when players want to switch things up or return characters to their previous builds.

7 Don’t Abuse Camp The Camp in Baldurs Gate 3

Thanks to Camp in a game like Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s become easier for players to abuse its Long Rest and get rested up almost every after combat. However, players should be more mindful of the game’s invisible “in-game” clock as a lot of the events in the game world are causal, wherein the action of one creature can affect entire questlines even if the player isn’t there to witness them.

For instance, telling Minthara about the Emerald Grove’s location will have her and the other Goblins arrive there as soon as players complete their Long Rest. This can interrupt a player’s exploration, as returning to the Emerald Grove the next day will have all NPCs disappear and be in a state of panic due to the impending attack. So it is best to think carefully before taking a Long Rest, as this can have potential consequences.

6 Don’t Hold Back On Cheesing Deciding on efficient builds to cheese

Players enjoying their Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay may sometimes feel as though the best way to maximize the experience is to fight enemies fair and square. This isn’t always the case, as players who do this often end up bundled so close together that spellcasters and long-ranged combatants can’t get to a proper vantage point, while stealthy Rogues and other melee DPS can’t make their setups properly.

To avoid these kinds of setbacks, players are advised to take full advantage of the game’s features to secure the advantage all the time. If they know they’re about to face combat in a crowded location, it could help to find ideal “starting” locations before they even start the conversation that may trigger combat.

5 Don’t Neglect The Map The Map of Baldurs Gate 3

Players fully immersed in their Baldur’s Gate 3 character playthroughs would likely not realize they’re not fully exploring the map because of the RPG’s narrative sending them from one side quest to the next. However, players need to retrace their steps as soon as NPCs start talking about things characters haven’t encountered, or if their characters start responding in ways that seem unnatural. There’s a high likelihood players have missed an encounter in the map that prompts the acquisition of this knowledge.

For instance, players in Act 1 who unlock the Emerald Grove Environs and get to the Grove proper will be instructed to infiltrate the Goblin Camp to save Halsin the Druid. It’s easy to just go westward to the Blighted Village via the bridge and be on their merry way. However, it would do good for players to explore this immediate area, as it’s easy to miss important scenes such as the one with Scratch the Dog and True Soul Edowin.

4 Don’t Skip The Environment Taking advantage of environmental benefits

The environment remains a crucial feature in Larian Studios games, with DIvinity: Original Sin 2 showcasing just how crazy fights could get with the usage of the right interactive elements such as barrels and crates. Players can find a similar experience in Baldur’s Gate 3, with many D&D spells being able to interact with much of the environment.

Aside from explosive barrels and crates, players can also drop potions and substances on the ground to create reactions when hit with spells. Surfaces such as fire on candles, actual fire, and even poison could be used as dips to create dangerous arrow-tips and laced weapons for additional effects.

3 Don’t Ignore Storage Options The Inventory of all party members in Baldurs Gate 3

Players who love looting everything they see in Baldur’s Gate 3 playthroughs may soon learn how easy it could get to Encumbering them, slowing their characters down and imposing various Disadvantages. While a quick solution to this situation is to sell items, some players may find themselves in possession of Magic Items they don’t want to easily let go.

Instead of selling them players should take advantage of the many inventory locations in the world. Burlap Sacks, Backpacks, and other storage means exist all around the world for the player’s perusal, allowing them to store various items inside. The game also offers an exclusive Camp Storage that can be a player’s repository of items they want to keep for the time being.

2 Don’t Hesitate Creating Rotations The Prepared Spells list can dictate rotations

While it’s fun to experiment with builds and attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay, players shouldn’t hesitate creating rotations and attack patterns with their party. Although initiative order may occur differently per encounter, players should at least have some idea how to deal with enemies in various situations.

For instance, a Wizard should have attacks that can accommodate both long-ranged and short-ranged combat, be it Proficiency with Versatile Weapons or an emergency shortbow. Likewise, a Cleric should be able to have a long-distance spell or two that can either affect enemies or allies, as this dictates their combat role relative to the distance of their party members.

1 Don’t Hog The Inventory Encumberance in Baldurs Gate 3

Since it’s the player’s chosen character that gets to interact with most NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay, it makes sense to always have that character selected in exploration. However, when players start collecting items from chests, things can become heavy quickly and hinder movement through Encumberance.

This problem can be remedied quickly through splitting items across inventories. Players should ideally have the character with the most Strength as the looting character, especially since equipment tends to be heavier compared to most items.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC and is expected to release on September 6th for PlayStation 5.

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