Baldur's Gate 3: Best Cloaks (& How To Get Them)

For a game with amazing possibilities regarding customization and incredible itemization, in Baldur’s Gate 3, the cape category pulled the short stick for some reason, especially considering that Baldur’s Gate 2 and even Baldur’s Gate 1 had many more options. The reason Larian studios might have chosen to forego the category is their experience with capes in Divinity: Original Sin 2, where it was a massive clipping issue.

What the real reason is, only they know. Despite that, players do have the option to dye their cloaks, so there is some level of personalization in this category. Even though the quantity leaves everyone wanting more, here are the best options in BG3.

7 Cape Of The Red Prince Baldur's Gate 3 Cape Of The Red Prince

As a nod to their highly acclaimed game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Larian Studios decided to include this piece of armor equipment within the game for people that got the Digital Deluxe edition. The Cape of the Red Prince is a nod to the character of the same name from DOS2, a royal lizard with a legendary destiny.

While it has no stat enhancements or any type of benefit, players can be sure that their characters will at least get style points with this gorgeous flowing cape, whose intricate embroidery features two dragons and a burning crown. Sadly, it is categorized as a common item, and can only be accessed for the Digital Deluxe edition owners. Then again, players can still use dyes on it, so that is something.

6 The Death Stalker Mantle Baldur's Gate 3 The Death Stalker Mantle

What could be considered the most useful cape in the game is sadly facing several problems. Firstly, it is apparently not working, at least after the latest update. Secondly, only players that decided to choose the background of the Dark Urge can actually access it. That might be the reason why it is considered a “Very Rare” item.

This cloak was actually quite overpowered (at least before the latest patch), as gives the player the ability “The Shadow Itself.” This gave players expertise in stealth checks, and once per turn, when the player would kill an enemy, the cloak would shroud said player in “primeval darkness,” thus making the player invisible for two turns.

To access the Dark Urge background, players have two choices. They can make friends with Alfira, who then asks the player to join them, and then kill Alfira during a sleep. At the next long rest, and NPC will gift the player the cloak. Another option is to knock Alfira out non-lethally, and the player will get the next scene with a different bard called Quill Grootslang. Anyone wanting to get the cape this way should consider that Alfira might be a little cross with the character that knocks her out, so they should use a character that will not be talking to her in the future.

5 Cloak Of Cunning Brume Baldur's Gate 3 Cloak Of Cunning Brume

The Cloak of Cunning Brume is beautiful, with a star on its back. It can be found in the shop of one called Mattis in Act 2, if the player made sure that the thieving Tieflings survived their little escapade.

While the cloak might be useful to any character, rogues will find it the most useful due to the ability the cloak provides. It creates a foggy cloud with a 2-meter radius around the character wearing it as soon as the character disengages from combat. The cloud sticks around only for one turn, but it provides more than ample time for the player to act on it.

4 Cloak Of Protection Baldur's Gate 3 Cloak Of Protection

This cloak makes a return, as it is also available in both Baldur’s Gate 1 and Baldur’s Gate 2. The benefits might not be anything to write home about, but it still is extremely useful to any class. It’s also fantastic for classes that should not be wearing armor, such as barbarians.

The cloak improves the player’s armor class by +1 and additionally offers +1 saving throws. If the player is keen on finding it, it can be purchased from Quartermaster Talli at the Last Light Inn in Act 2 of the game. Do consider, however, that some players report getting bombarded with different cloaks in Act 2, as loot.

3 Vivacious Cloak Baldur's Gate 3 Vivacious Cloak

The Vivacious Cloak is one that any spellcaster must consider wearing. The cloak offers the ability “Arcane Vivaciousness,” which grants the wearer 7 temporary hit points after the wearer casts a spell while being in melee.

Whether the player’s character is a glass cannon, just wants to stay on the safe side, or get themselves out of a pickle, this one can really come in handy. The cloak can be found in a chest at the Grand Mausoleum at coordinates (X-260, Y-881).

2 Cloak Of Elemental Absorption Baldur's Gate 3 Cloak Of Elemental Absorption

The Cloak of Elemental Absorption will come in handy to any wearer as it offers the ability “Absorb Elements.” The ability makes the wearer absorb elemental damage once per short rest, and take half damage from the next elemental attack targeting the player. The wearer also deals an additional 1d6 damage of the element type they absorbed on the next attack the player makes.

At this time, it is still unsure whether this cloak has a designated spawn place or can be found as random loot.

1 Derivation Cloak Baldur's Gate 3 Derivation Cloak

The rare Derivation Cloak grants the wearer an ability called “Deadly derivation.” This ability heals the wearer by 1d4 hit points when said wearer poisons a foe.

While not everyone might find it useful, any player that heavily depends on poisoning their foes will definitely not regret having this cloak in the allotted slot. Sadly, this is another cloak whose location is not entirely clear.

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