Bella Hadid’s few outfits

Bella Hadid’s few outfits

Monday, August 16, 2021 19:53 PM (GMT+7)

With a combo of see-through clothes and no underwear, Bella Hadid once caused controversy when promoting this bold fashion.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 1

The latest photo was posted by Bella Hadid on her personal page.

On the personal Instagram of the beauty who is considered to have the most perfect face ratio in the world – Bella Hadid has just posted a picture of her wearing a see-through wet dress made of thin fabric and accompanied by a fashion without lingerie. Because the outfit is thin, see-through like an illusion, it is easy to see that Bella Hadid did not use chest stickers or extremely bold lingerie. Although it has only been posted for a few hours, Bella Hadid’s photos have received nearly 2 million interactions and nearly 6,100 comments.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 3

She wore a see-through skirt combo and no underwear to attract attention.

When it comes to Hollywood daring, few can beat Bella Hadid. Because she dares to conquer the fashion that many beauties hesitate, in which, 2 fashion items that are difficult to wear and difficult to wear are see-through and no-bra.

Whether appearing on the red carpet or walking on the street with friends, even wearing home, Bella always impresses with unique designs. With the style of skirt and shirt as thin as dew, she cleverly showed off her round 1 fit when she didn’t need the appearance of lingerie. This is considered the perfect combination for glamorous and outstanding girls. However, this item is also considered risky because if it is not subtle, you will easily fall into an offensive incident or be considered to show too much skin.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 4

It seems that Bella is very fascinated with the see-through style without underwear.

But if you do not choose lingerie because it loses elegance or for some other reason, experts also recommend choosing breast pads. Because you can let go of your chest, but you should not show your nipples. It just doesn’t “fit the eyes” of the opposite person and makes you lose points in an outfit that is too perfect.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 5

At first, the beauty used to shock when actively promoting this bold fashion. Many people think that the beauty born in 1996 is deliberately showing her body too much.

Bella Hadid's few outfits - 6

But she gradually proved the level of a top stylish lady when wearing revealing but still beautiful and sexy.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 7

Still faithful to the no-bra fashion, but sometimes Bella cleverly uses the patch to cover the appearance of the first round sensitive spot.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 8

Bella Hadid also loves bold sexy fashion and has been seen many times when she appears in public.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 9

Bella Haidid owns a “extreme” body with a height of 1m74 with measurements of 86-61-86 (cm), so she does not hesitate to ask for fashion to show her better body.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 10

Bella’s fashion style creates mixed opinions in the online community. Many people commented, the 25-year-old beauty is sexy but still young and elegant.

Bella Hadid's outfits that few dare to wear - 11

Many people say that this is a stylish and classy fashion style of one of the world’s leading long legs.


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