7 Best BioWare Villains

BioWare is a studio that needs no introduction, with this developer leading the charge when it comes to integrating narrative and gameplay together in a seamless combination that is a joy to uncover in many ways. The legendary presence of BioWare in the industry can’t be stated enough, with titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect being immensely successful for various reasons.

The sheer number of memorable characters that this studio has helped bring to life is truly astounding, and their villains are especially memorable for having believable motivations. Players who check out any BioWare game will find these characters to be absolutely despicable, which is a testament to the strong writing that this series has leveraged over and over again.

7 Corypheus (Multiple Dragon Age Games) Corypheus looking very angry at the player in Dragon Age Inquisition

No one expected a villain introduced in Dragon Age 2’s DLC to play such a focal role in the next game, but BioWare can’t really be blamed for using this villain’s potential to its fullest extent with the release of Inquisition. This vile character was a Magister who wasn’t evil at heart, but the fear of losing his power caused him to embark on a dark path.

Corypheus has no problem sacrificing people for his own nefarious goals, with the Inquisitor having to stand up against him after this villain refused to stand down. As a result, he was eventually killed by the main character near the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

6 Jon Irenicus (Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn) irenicus mosiac loading screen bg2

With Baldur’s Gate 3 coming sooner rather than later, there’s no better time to check out the first two games in the series and see what made them so special, to begin with. The second game is hailed by many as one of the greatest CRPGs of all time, with the amazing roleplaying aspects, incredible storytelling, and memorable characters doing a great job of making these games feel more engaging than ever.

The antagonist of this title is Jon Irenicus, a character that most people believe to be one of the best-written villains of all time. His quest to regain his lengthy lifespan after being shunned as an elf makes for a great source of motivation… even if the manner in which he tries to achieve his goals can be truly sickening.

5 The Illusive Man (Multiple Mass Effect Games) The Illusive Man approaches the camera with a lit cigarette in hand, a huge dying star burning red behind him.

The man at the top of Cerberus who gives Commander Shepard a new lease on life under certain conditions is a pretty riveting antagonist when his true intentions come to light in the third game. It helps that Martin Sheen really brings a ton of life to this character, with his one-track goal to save humanity above any other race making him pretty dangerous.

Fighting Cerberus operatives and facing off against him at the end of Mass Effect 3 makes for a very tense moment with many possible conclusions. It’s just a shame that his overbearing presence as a villain is somewhat dampened because of the sour taste that was left behind by this game’s ending.

4 Solas (Dragon Age: Inquisition) Solas conversing with someone

Many people felt that Dragon Age: Inquisition would crash and burn upon release, with the tumultuous development period causing many fans to worry. However, barring a few uninspired side quests, the game was pretty entertaining and ended up being a great hit for BioWare.

It helped that the story was quite riveting, with Solas’ reveal as the antagonist at the end of the narrative being genuinely shocking. While having to purchase DLC to experience the true ending is always an annoyance, the excellent writing means that most people gave Inquisition a pass in this department.

3 Darth Malak (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic)

Close up of Darth Malak in KOTOR cover art

Knights of the Old Republic is hailed by many as the greatest Star Wars game to date. This is hefty praise… and completely deserved, since the game’s narrative and characters are truly one of a kind. It helps that this game also features one of the greatest plot twists in gaming history that is executed beautifully.

Throughout the game, players have to contend with the oppressive force of Darth Malak, an imposing Sith Lord who can be pretty tough to deal with. It’s only fitting that he’s the final fight is against this character, who has a personal grudge against Revan regardless of which side of the Force she’s on.

2 Loghain (Dragon Age: Origins) The stern face of Loghain staring at something with a lightly furrowed brow.

There are many games that players attribute to be the reason why BioWare became such a massive player in the industry, and Dragon Age: Origins is certainly a huge part of this success. To this day, the unique origin stories are a joy to play through and really help the player-character feel like a unique part of the game world.

Throughout the game, players have to square off against Loghain, a high-ranking member in Ferelden’s military who betrays his liege and leaves him and the Grey Wardens to die. This makes him an easy antagonist to hate, even if his motivations are somewhat justifiable.

1 Saren (Mass Effect) Mass Effect Legendary Edition Saren Arterius

A rogue Spectre who joins the side of evil for mysterious reasons, Saren is a riveting antagonist whom players have to chase for the entirety of the first game. However, after a point, it’s revealed that the character had been indoctrinated by the Reapers and was brainwashed into performing his nefarious actions.

This is something that Saren can be made aware of, allowing players to skip the first half of the boss fight against him with enough Paragon or Renegade points. His fate may be a sad one, but Saren still makes players hate him even if the poor ex-Spectre was just being brainwashed.

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