Best Games By Remedy Entertainment, Ranked

Remedy Entertainment is known for its story-driven, stunning, and thought-provoking titles. Many of Remedy Entertainment’s games push the boundaries of narratives, with an almost David Lynch-inspired combination of storytelling. However, Remedy Entertainment stands on its own two feet as a successful developer, filled with talent worthy of recognition for producing some of the best games on the market.

The best games by Remedy Entertainment come in many different forms. The talent of Remedy has been shown in many different games, and the action that they create, and the thrills that transpire, are all part of the charm. Whilst players wait for titles like Alan Wake 2, it’s best to look up their previous and best work.

7 Death Rally Death rally remedy video game

Remedy does things a little bit differently with Death Rally. The game doesn’t feature the usual third-person action that fans would expect, and instead, takes them to a classic top-down racer, which features more carnage and viciousness than players might be used to.

The objective of Death Rally is to win the race, but also to watch out from literally exploding. Death Rally features car combat, where players will lock and load against each other, or AI enemies for some intense and explosive action.

6 Crossfire X Crossfire X

Crossfire X has a strange and somewhat upsetting lifespan. The game came out, and then mere months later, went away. Crossfire X shut down in 2023. The main problem with Crossfire X came from the fact that not many players had heard of it. However, Remedy is not to blame, as they were only in charge of the single-player mode for this free-to-play FPS game.

Crossfire X simply fails to offer players anything past mediocre and bland combat, as well as story campaigns that just don’t hit the same beats that Remedy Entertainment is so great at. The studio behind such iconic games cannot be blamed for Crossfire X, but it’s still on their record.

5 Quantum Break quantum break jack joyce enemy encounter

Perhaps the most cinematic of Remedy’s library is Quantum Break, a game that brings a blockbuster to the triple-A scene. Quantum Break was extremely ambitious, but that could be a testament to its downfall as one of Remedy’s best titles. The game was part gameplay, part live-action, and plenty of cutscenes to keep players confused and attempting to dissect the narrative.

Quantum Break is a fairly decent experience, but it’s not a very memorable one. Remedy Entertainment has such a solid library of games that it often leaves Quantum Break discarded for the superior toys.

4 Max Payne Max Payne One Shooting Sam Lake's Face

With nothing to lose, Max Payne comes in hot with a smoking barrel in Max Payne. The game features a post-Matrix world, in which “bullet time” is the new and best thing to hit the gaming scene. Max Payne did a lot of things right for its entry into the gaming scene, and many long for its return thanks to Remedy Entertainment’s style and charm.

The game itself follows Max, who is hunted by cops and mobs alike. As an early and ambitious title in Remedy’s portfolio, it makes sense that the game lacks somewhat in story, but more than makes up for it with its exciting and somewhat evolutionary gameplay that set a standard.

3 Control Control protagonist Jesse Faden preparing to bind the Merry-Go-Round Horse Object of Power in the Astral Plane

Visually stunning, completely confusing, and thoroughly entertaining; Control was a hit for Remedy Entertainment and showed just how far they had come as a studio. The narrative of Control is perplexing, leaving players on the edge of their seats as they try to uncover the mysterious and shady dealings of this new and exciting world that they have entered themselves into.

What makes Control shine is its gameplay, where players can combine their guns and powers to great effect. With satisfying combat, players can find themselves addicted to each gunfight, and the puzzles that wait outside of them.

2 Max Payne 2 Max Payne 2 Gunfight

Learning from the previous entry, Max Payne 2 is bigger and better than the original for some fans. Remedy Entertainment outdid itself by including a deeply personal and emotional story about love and action, providing players with a thrill ride for this film-noir-inspired tale. Max Payne 2 takes the combat and character that fans enjoyed and elevates it once more.

Not only is the story superior to the previous game but Max Payne 2 highlights what worked about the first by making some truly great gameplay. From the stylish set pieces to the exhilarating slow-motion gunplay, Max Payne 2 does a great job of propelling Max Payne’s journey.

1 Alan Wake alan_wake_xboxsale

Alan Wake is perhaps the game that Remedy Entertainment is most famous for. Alan Wake was Remedy at its finest, combining elements of mystery, intrigue, and thriller to create a riveting story within a video game. The game itself follows Alan Wake, a writer who finds himself in a mystery involving the town of Bright Falls and his missing wife.

Alan Wake could be the first entry for new Remedy Entertainment fans to experience how the studio tells its stories, with convoluted means adding to the addiction of their narratives, as well as overwhelming odds that makes mastering the combat all the more fun and challenging.

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