10 best secondary characters from the Life Is Strange series

Life is Strange has brought many fictional characters to life in various story-driven titles, where fans essentially make up the narrative themselves. With incredibly important choices to be made, every playthrough of a Life is Strange game is different, whether it’s a massive coincidence of actions or a simple newfound detail in the game’s background.

It’s important to recognize the well-developed characters that are the cherry on top of Life is Strange stories. The main characters are obviously of utmost importance when it comes to these games, but without the amazing secondary characters, the entire plot and narratives of the Life is Strange games would feel dry.

10 Cassidy (Life Is Strange 2) Cassidy looking at the camera

Life Is Strange 2 puts players on a full-scale adventure as they try to escape the United States to Mexico. During this adventure, Sean and Daniel, protagonists of the game, encounter a group of outlaws who walk across the United States.

One such outcast is Cassidy. Cassidy is a rebellious teenager who Sean shows romantic interest in after staying with the group for a while hiding from the authorities. Cassidy brought a sense of freedom, security and a unique mindset to Sean and the players.

9 Gabe (true colors) Life Is Strange True Colors Decisions Gabe Tell

Life is Strange: True Colors, also known as Life is Strange 3, has a wide variety of deep characters that leave a lasting impact on fans. Gabe Chen is one such character.

Brother of the main character, Alex Chen, Gabe has a big brother feel that helps both Alex and the player get used to their new surroundings. Although Gabe’s fate was sealed in Life is Strange: True Colors, his importance as a character remains throughout the game.

8 Ryan Lucan (True Colors) Life is Strange True Colors Screenshot of Alex behind Ryan

All Life is Strange games have at least a short focus on at least one romantic interest in their narrative. In True Colors, Ryan Lucan is introduced as a potential love interest early in the game. Ryan Lucan, who caters to fans as the attractive and romantic ranger, is also best friends with Gabe Chen.

With what happens in the plot of True Colors, Ryan and Alex are thrown together, seemingly woven together by fate. This isn’t forced, however, as players can easily disregard Ryan. Still, there’s no doubt that Ryan Lucan is a great supporting character in Alex’s emotional narrative.

7 Karen (Life Is Strange 2) Karen looking at the camera

Life is Strange is no stranger to complicated characters. These complications propel the characters into the story, furthering character development and supporting the depth that builds them. Karen is one of the best examples of this idea in the series.

Karen Reynolds is the mother who abandoned her two sons, Sean and Daniel, when Daniel was a toddler. Throughout Life is Strange 2, players need to delve deeper into Karen’s backstory and individual story to understand the choices she made and what motivated her character.

6 Rachel (Life Is Strange) Life is Strange Before the Storm Rachel and Chloe in front of brick wall

This character never appears in person in Life is Strange 1, but is the founding sense of a suspenseful story due to the dialogue surrounding his character and his ‘missing’ posters on various walls. Rachel Amber is one of the most important characters in Max’s story. There are many things that make Rachel one of the best supporting characters.

Rachel’s character is dramatic (in a good way) and complicated, leaving many to wallow in the lore that surrounds her. Though her fate is a sad one, Rachel’s character in Before the Storm and the first Life is Strange remains an enduring purpose to ground the story.

5 Kate (Life Is Strange) Kate Marsh crying in the rain during Episode 2 of Strange Life Remastered

If there were a list of the most embraced characters in video game history, Kate Marsh would easily appear on that list. Kate Marsh is introduced as one of Max’s classmates at the beginning of Life is Strange. From the start, fans can tell that Kate is going through a rough patch in life. While Max can’t do much about it at the moment, it’s already an important observation that Kate has left a lasting impression on players’ minds.

And then Kate has her scene with the school roof, which marks one of Max’s most important ones in terms of his development. It’s also a wake-up call that players won’t be able to rely entirely on Max’s powers.

4 Chris (Life is Strange 2) Chris in The Incredible Adventures of Captain Spirit

Chris Eriksen was such a beloved character in Life is Strange 2 that he received his own playable DLC that imagined him as a superhero. Chris is one of the few souls in Life is Strange who exude pure innocence and embody the meaning of childhood.

Even Daniel, who was the same age as Chris, was forced to face mature issues that alienated him from Chris. Chris being a point in Sean and Daniel’s (especially Daniel’s) story is crucial for the two main characters to understand separate histories in order to determine their own.

3 Brody (Life is Strange 2) brody at the gas station

Life is Strange 2 has many characters that Sean and Daniel meet on their journey across the United States. While shopping at a gas station, Sean meets Brody Holloway. Brody is a freelance journalist who writes for various websites that hire him. He also has his own blog where he writes about his road trips.

While on the run from the gas station owner, Sean and Daniel escape with Brody. Brody ends up being the nicest, most compassionate, and one of the most influential characters in the entire game. It highlights important themes that the player can absorb as they propel Sean’s story forward.

2 Esteban (Life is Strange 2) esteban working on a car

No Life is Strange character is complete without a tragedy that accompanies them on the path they take. In Life is Strange 2, that tragedy was the death of Sean and Daniel’s father, Esteban Diaz. Esteban Diaz is instantly presented as an incredibly caring single dad who legitimately listened to his kids and enjoyed being with them.

This father of the year raised Sean and Daniel to be the wonderful people they aspire to be, even if they are influenced by the decision the players make. Esteban’s character is a consistent person that Sean and the player will reflect on in Life is Strange 2.

1 (Life is Strange) Best Friends Life is Strange Max and Chloe

Chloe is known as ‘the’ minor character when referring to the Life is Strange series. Not only was she the original supporting character in the first Life is Strange game, but she remains one of the most influential and memorable characters in the series.

Chloe, who has been clearly preoccupied since the beginning of Life is Strange, has tons and tons of background knowledge that players can delve into if they so choose. Chloe is even the main character in a previous game, Before the Storm, where fans can learn more about Rachel Amber and Chloe Price.

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