10 Best Skyrim NPCs

Highlights Skyrim is filled with diverse and memorable characters that add depth to the game’s world and story. NPC characters like Nazeem, Brynjolf, and Delvin Mallory have distinct personalities and traits that make them stand out. Characters like Ralof, Heimskr, Babette, Neloth, M’aiq The Liar, Sheogorath, and Astrid have become fan favorites for their unique qualities and role in the game.

In the vast and wonderful land of Skyrim, danger can lurk at every turn of the corner. With hundreds of characters waiting to be discovered, each journey the player takes with an NPC adds even more depth to an already incredible world and story.

Whether players are running errands for an NPC, or helping them complete a long and arduous questline, Skyrim is full of an extremely diverse range of characters that will leave long-lasting impressions on every player. With so many characters in the game, not every one can be a follower, but even those who do not aid the player on their journey can provide the most memorable of experiences.

10 Nazeem skyrim-nazeem-dead-missing

“You don’t get to the cloud district very often, do you?” is perhaps one of the most frustrating quotes players will hear as they travel through the streets of Whiterun. Nazeem is an iconic character that many players share a deep sense of hatred over, and this is a universally held notion for most die-hard Skyrim fans.

As he saunters around Whiterun with a snobby, self-important attitude, players must find restraint in holding back as they hear his snide remarks, or save their game before they find creative ways to murder him.

9 Brynjolf

Introducing himself with a stealthy mission where the player must frame another character, Brynjolf immediately sets himself up to be a mastermind thief, and players quickly realize the holding power of the organization they’ve been pulled into.

With quick wit and a silver tongue, Brynjolf has the gift of the gab, and he utilizes this to form tight connections with various high-ranking authorities and people in power. He also forms sweetening deals with the local guards to make them turn a blind eye to the Thieves Guild’s antics, further proving the extent of his charismatic prowess.

8 Delvin Mallory

With a deep, masculine voice that sounds like it belongs to Jason Statham, just being in the presence of his dialogue can sometimes feel like a breath of fresh air compared to many other characters in the game who have the same voice actor. Delvin Mallory proves himself to be a thief fiercely loyal to the Thieves Guild, and equally as dedicated to his craft.

While very prideful about the Thieves Guild and its legacy, he is no stranger to a good jibe, often throwing lighthearted remarks at the player and other characters. With stellar voice acting and a quick-witted and likable personality, it’s easy to understand why Delvin Mallory is so widely admired.

7 Ralof Image from Skyrim showing Ralof during the

Being the first character players ever see in the opening sequence of the game, it’s easy to see why Ralof has a place in the heart of many Skyrim fans.

Ralof in recent years has become a bit of an online sensation, being iconically known in popular culture through various Skyrim memes. With his efforts to aid the player in the game’s starting act should they decide to follow the Stormcloaks, Ralof cements himself as a beloved character that many players will continue to associate with the game.

6 Heimskr 10 Unpopular Reddit Opinions About Skyrim Heimskr not annoying

Found most commonly in prayer at the Shrine of Talos in Whiterun, many players become familiar with Heimskr’s loud and preaching antics, and find he is quite a pleasant character to have around.

Seemingly or partly inspired by Confessor Cromwell in Fallout 3’s town of Megaton, Heimskr similarly proclaims his gospel far and wide for all to hear. As players walk around the city, they’ll come to find the atmosphere isn’t quite the same without hearing Heimskr’s continuous preaching, and killing him just isn’t worth the guilt that would follow after.

5 Babette Babette vampire

Initially assumed to be a young child living under the watchful eye of the Dark Brotherhood, Babette’s youthful identity is nothing but a ruse for what truly lies under the surface.

Being over three hundred years old and maintaining a youthful appearance, it’s no surprise that Babette has little trouble getting killing done. She’s also a master of alchemy, where she sells potions and ingredients to the player. She even tells stories of how she utilizes her youthful appearance to deceive and lure victims. It’s really no wonder she has lived so long.

4 Neloth Neloth From The Elder Scrolls V Dragonborn

As a wizard lord and leader of House Telvanni, Neloth is as wise as his years, with swift expertise on heart stones and further aptness for enchanting. While he does come across as arrogant and condescending, he has some brilliant quotes that will leave many players quietly laughing to themselves.

It can be argued that Neloth has mellowed over the years, as he is certainly not as harsh as he was in previous games, which shows how well-defined and fleshed-out his character is. Many fans love how brutally matter-of-fact Neloth is, as his no-nonsense approach to life makes players realize that this noble wizard takes pride in all he does.

3 M’aiq The Liar M'aiq the liar - encounter

M’aiq is an unusual, frequently recurring character from previous games known for his humorous quips and comments. He is an intentional easter egg character that provides a running commentary on the Elder Scrolls series, a way for developers to communicate messages and ideas through a humorous fourth wall break.

Some of the statements made by M’aiq are quite absurd in nature, but many players enjoy the gimmick of a Khajit that can provide such a humorous conversation, as it adds a sense of uniqueness to his character.

2 Sheogorath Sheogorath standing with his hands on his hips looking at the player in Skyrim

Found in the mind of Emperor Pelagius Septim III as part of the “Mind of Madness” questline, the Daedric Prince of Madness is everything the player can expect, and more. With an accent that intermittently switches between a mixture of Scottish and Irish, his unpredictability makes him truly live up to his Daedric title.

Not everything meets the eye with Sheogorath, as he is the Daedric Prince of Madness after all. His excitable, energetic personality intentionally lulls players into a false sense of security as he toys with them. Players should not feel any sense of ease, as Sheogorath’s persistent chase for entertainment comes from the suffering of mortal beings.

1 Astrid Skyrim Astrid Abandoned Shack

Found in the corner of the room after kidnapping the player and waiting for them to wake up, Astrid immediately sells herself as a character the player should not meddle with, and she is a ruthless leader willing to take any steps necessary to fulfill the Brotherhood’s contract-killing ambitions.

While she has a ruthless side, she is also fiercely loyal to her companions, and she shows this time and time again with her various efforts to protect and keep her found family safe, eventually at a great cost.

Skyrim is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

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