Baldur's Gate 3: How to Enter the Seized Inventory in Reithwin Tollhouse

The town of Reithwin lies deep within the Shadow-Cursed Lands of Baldur’s Gate 3, and its Tollhouse is the personal domain of Gerringothe Thorm. Players can deal with her by talking or by fighting, and, after she’s gone, the party can gather all kinds of gold and loot from the Tollhouse.

For instance, there’s a stuck safe near where Gerringothe likes to wander, and several other rooms in the Tollhouse contain piles of gold and magic items. However, one room, in particular, may catch the player’s attention: Seized Inventory. The only problem is how hard it is to get inside.

The Problem (BG3 Seized Inventory Vines) Baldurs Gate 3 Seized Vines

The doorway leading to the Seized Inventory has no door, but instead, a set of Shadow-Cursed Vines blocks the way in. Like other doors and objects in the game, players can target the vines, but these vines have the trait Medium Toughness.

Medium Toughness means that the vines will take no damage unless a damage source deals at least 22 damage. The vines take the full damage amount from these hits, but they also have 160 hit points. At this point in Baldur’s Gate 3, the ability to deal 22 damage from a single blow is hard to come by, and players may have to sacrifice several spells to smash through this barrier. Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to get inside, although it has its own downside.

The Solution (How to Get Inside the Seized Inventory in Baldur’s Gate 3) Baldurs Gate 3 Seized Planks

Instead of bothering with the vines, players should ascend the ladder that sits right in front of the Seized Inventory room. Some of the planks acting as a roof to the room are loose, and the game will highlight them if the party passes a Perception check. These planks have four hit points and no toughness, so any kind of attack from any character will break them.

The only trouble is that the jump from the roof to the Seized Inventory will cost 9 or 10 hit points. Party members will also need to jump out of the Inventory room to the ground below, which costs another 10 hit points. Players can use Feather Fall as a potion or a spell to avoid this damage, so it’s still a better option than trying to battle through the vines. Entering turn-based mode will help players make the most of the spell, and using the overhead camera view will make it easier to aim a jump into the room.

Another option is to cast Mage Hand into the room and use it to throw the inventory out of the window. A flying familiar or party member can also get into the room, either from above or from below, and a character with a very good jump can leap in from below.

The shelves in the Seized Inventory have several items worth taking. A Greataxe +1, Scroll of Color Spray, Crystal Ball, and Selunite Prayer Book sit on one set of shelves, and players can also get a set of valuable bowls from a second shelf. Finally, a locked chest in the room contains Fireheart, a necklace that gives the wearer Heat whenever they take Fire damage. Heat deals 1d4 damage to the character each turn, but the character can consume Heat to deal extra Fire damage during their next Fire attack.

The Seized Inventory in Reithwin Tollhouse has nothing absolutely essential inside, but it’s harder to reach than the rest of the Tollhouse loot. Players may need to spend a little time and some resources to get it, but the extra gold they’ll get will be worth the effort.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on macOS and PC.

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